Rick Sanchez Apologizes to Jon Stewart and Does the Idiot Walk of Shame

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Former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez became the latest celebrity to engage in the Racist Celebrity Foot in Mouth Walk of Shame today as he issued a formal apology to Daily Show host Jon Stewart for calling him a bigot. Sanchez said in a statement, “I had a very good conversation with Jon Stewart, and I had the opportunity to apologize for my inartful comments from last week.”

Here is the former host of Rick’s List statement from TVnewser, “On October 4th, I had a very good conversation with Jon Stewart, and I had the opportunity to apologize for my inartful comments from last week. I sincerely extend this apology to anyone else whom I may have offended.”

Sanchez also thanked Stewart for pointing out on his Monday show that Sanchez had spoken out previously against bigotry, “As Jon was kind enough to note in his show Monday night, I am very much opposed to hate and intolerance, in any form, and I have frequently spoken out against prejudice. Despite what my tired and mangled words may have implied, they were never intended to suggest any sort of narrow-mindedness and should never have been made.”

He followed it up by massaging his dismissal from CNN, and trying to repair some bridges, “In the aftermath of these comments, CNN and I have decided to part ways. However, I want to go on record to say that I have nothing but the highest regard for CNN and for my six wonderful years with them. I appreciate every opportunity that they have given me, and it has been a wonderful experience working for them. I have tremendous respect for everyone there, and I know that they feel the same about me. There are no hard feelings – just excitement about a new future of opportunities.”

He concluded his apology the modern way, by plugging his book that no one will read now that he is not on television, “I look forward to my next step with great anticipation. In the meantime, I will continue to promote my book, Conventional Idiocy, in the hopes of broadening the discussion to get a better understanding between all Americans, regardless of race, creed or religion.”

This certainly explains why Jon Stewart went out of his way Monday night to express his opinion that Sanchez is not a bigot. I thought yeah, right, when I read Sanchez’s excuse that his words were inartful and mangled, then I went back and looked at the text via The Huffington Post, “Very powerless people… [snickers] He’s such a minority, I mean, you know [sarcastically]… Please, what are you kidding? … I’m telling you that everybody who runs CNN is a lot like Stewart, and a lot of people who run all the other networks are a lot like Stewart, and to imply that somehow they — the people in this country who are Jewish — are an oppressed minority? Yeah. [sarcastically].”

He certainly implied that Jews run the media, when he said that people a lot like Stewart run the media, or he could have been referring to the bigoted ways of the people who run the media. Either way, this was not a good approach to talking about his boss. It is as he found out a highly effective strategy for getting you ass canned by sundown. It can be debated until the end of time whether Rick Sanchez is a goofball or a bigot, but at least he did the mature thing by calling Jon Stewart and talking to him.

Unlike some other media personalities who shall remain nameless. Hint: She quit her job in Alaska, and really likes Twitter and Facebook. Sanchez didn’t try to play the victim. He took responsibility. He owned up to his remarks, and is now looking to move on. I still have my doubts whether a national cable news network will hire him, but he will end up somewhere. Stewart handled this whole thing in a humorous but classy way, and now we can be back to the business of discussing parody rallies in Washington, D.C.

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How Jon Stewart Might Have Saved Rick Sanchez’s Career

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Even if he wanted to Jon Stewart could not ignore the comments and subsequent firing of former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez, and after various bits including one comparing Sanchez to Michael Scott of The Office, Stewart got serious, played a clip of Sanchez going off a bigot and said, “See, I think that’s what that guy really thinks about that.”

Here is the video from Comedy Central:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Hurty Sanchez
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Rally to Restore Sanity

Besides all the excellent comedy, Stewart delivered a social point and showed not only class, but forgiveness, even before he played a clip of Sanchez blasting a neo-Nazi bigot. He said “Here’s the deal, if CNN got rid of Rick Sanchez because they didn’t his show, fine. We weren’t that crazy about it either, but if they fired him for making some intemperate statements and some banal Jew baiting, I gotta tell ya I’m not even sure Sanchez believes what he is saying, because I know when Rick Sanchez has time to think things through, and doesn’t necessarily think he is about to get fired anyway, he has a slightly different take on the topic.”

After the clip, he continued, “Rick Sanchez consider yourself unbusted. Although, I thought you were a little hard on that guy’s mustache. See, I think that’s what they guy really thinks about that, and so perhaps the silver lining of this situation is it’s a chance for all of us to get in touch with not our dirtier but our better Sanchezs, perhaps even, words to live by. I think the guy’s probably got a good heart. Perhaps even CNN will be now looking to use his vacated time slot to get in touch with their better Sanchez, and starve parasites like myself, by putting on quality news and discussion.” Then he showed a bit of the promo for CNN’s Spitzer/Parker, and said, “Jonny hungry!!!”

Stewart’s response was interesting because he managed to take a situation where he was the target of some very bigoted remarks and use it to reinforce his message about the media. He first took aim at all of the overblown descriptions of his initial scant reference to Sanchez during an autism benefit, and he hammered home at the end of the segment, his larger point that cable news needs to stop with shows like Sanchez’s formerly hosted two hours of newstainment fluff, and give people quality programming about the news.

At the end of this if Rick Sanchez has a career left, he should thank Jon Stewart. The Daily Show host didn’t need to play a clip of Sanchez going off an a neo-Nazi and offering an opposite opinion on the “Jew media,” but he did, and by saying that he thought Sanchez had a good a heart, and that he thought that he didn’t really believe his statements, Stewart might have opened the door to Rick Sanchez someday rebuilding his career.

An Anti-Semitic or racist remark by anyone who works in front of a camera is usually a career killer. Sanchez’s comments ventured into Mel Gibson territory, and I think Stewart even in his comedy had Rick Sanchez nailed. Sanchez was the cable news equivalent of Michael Scott. I must admit that when I watched Sanchez’s show, I did it because he seemed to be a goofball and a flake. Just as Michael Scott is always putting his foot in his mouth so was Sanchez. It was very generous of Stewart to say that Rick Sanchez like the fictional Michael Scott has a good heart.

Even though my initial reaction was that Rick Sanchez was trying to get fired, the Jews run the media, anti-Antisemitism is so toxic, that I agree with Jon Stewart. I don’t think this was intentional. There are lots of ways to get fired that don’t ruin an entire career. I think Sanchez was pissed at Stewart and Colbert for their endless and justified needling of him, and his angry remarks took him to a bad place.

That being said, notice that Stewart never went as far as to expressly say that Rick Sanchez should not have been fired, but larger point was that CNN maybe should have looked at their own tapes and Sanchez’s previous remarks on the very same subject before they gave him the axe. As usual, Jon Stewart did a better job with the media than the media does with themselves.

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Fox News Personally Attacks Jon Stewart

Sep 25 2010 Published by under Featured News

On Fox News Watch today, Fox contributor Jim Pinkerton upped the ante and personally attacked Jon Stewart as a demagogue. Pinkerton compared Stewart to Lonesome Rhodes by saying, “Five words A Face In The Crowd, the 1950’s movie starring Andy Griffith…about a talk show host who then thought he was a political and a demagogue.”

Here is the video from Media Matters:

After playing a clip of Stewart on O’Reilly, explaining why he was holding a rally to restore sanity, a panel discussion was centered on the questions, “His rally is raising some eyebrows. Is he moving closer to participating in the very establishment that he lampoons every night? I mean, is he becoming a politician here? Token Democrat, Kristen Powers said, “I don’t think he’s becoming a politician. He’s a public figure, and he’s playing off of being a public figure, and there’s absolutely no problem with it in my mind. I think that he talks frequently, and I think it’s a legitimate gripe he has with the media that he feels that it is too polarized, and it doesn’t represent most people.”

Ah, but Fox can always count on Jim Pinkerton to deliver the attack and talking points. Pinkerton said, “Five words A Face In The Crowd, the 1950’s movie starring Andy Griffith that made him a star about a talk show host who then thought he was a political and a demagogue, and see the movie to see how it ends.” Powers responded, “Ah, Glenn Beck anybody? Seriously, you can’t say that, and then suggest that’s somehow strange that Jon Stewart is doing this. Pinkerton replied, “I didn’t say it was strange. I said it was almost predictable.” Powers continued, “Jon Stewart is a performer though. He’s out. He says he is performer though so there’s nothing unusual about it.”

Fox News has now moved from being freaked out about Stewart’s rally to now personally attacking him as a demagogic threat that is moving into politics. This was a slice of Fox News’ generational fear mongering at its finest. Pinkerton’s comments today were the first step in attacking the motives behind Stewart’s rally. Fox can’t handle the idea that there may be more moderates out there than Tea Partiers, so now they are going to try to paint Stewart as a demagogue who is going to move the youth of America towards Socialism.

As Powers pointed out, it is ironic to say the least that a network that features the 21st Century Lonesome Rhodes a.k.a. Glenn Beck would dare to suggest that Jon Stewart is a egotistical demagogue who is moving into politics. There is a political and social message to what Stewart is doing, but unlike Beck, Stewart has shown no interest in getting politically involved. Fox News feels very, very, very threatened by Stewart and Colbert’s rally, so we can expect these attacks to continue, as Fox does their best to discredit and undermine the motives of what is certain to be a larger gathering than anything Beck, Palin, Fox News, the Tea Party have ever put together or promoted.

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Fox News Freaks Out Over Stewart/Colbert Rally

Sep 23 2010 Published by under Featured News, Issues

Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have managed to completely freak out Fox News as evidenced on Fox and Friends this morning, when the network had its propaganda crew claiming that Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s rally won’t outdraw Glenn Beck’s. Brian Kilmeande asked, “How can you possibly outdraw Glenn Beck?”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

After playing a clip of Stewart on O’Reilly last night, host Steve Doocy said, “Ok and Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are going to have a big rally in our nation’s capitol, at the end of October and when asked last night on the O’Reilly’s show whether or not they have a permit or something like that, Jon Stewart said probably not.” Brian Kilmeade then delivered the Foxaganda, “I believe they do, and they are heavily on the line on this, but can you possibly outdraw Glenn Beck? They are putting themselves totally out there.” Gretchen Carlson chimed in with, “That’s what we were discussing yesterday. I don’t know if it’s a such a smart P.R. move, but you never know how many people will show up. Lots of people watch their shows.”

Here is why Fox News is so worried about the Stewart/Colbert rally. Stewart and Colbert average 2.2 million viewers a night each. which is more than what Glenn Beck averages on Fox News. Here are some other ratings numbers courtesy of Comedy Central via the Stephen Colbert fan site, No Fact Zone, “Most-watched and highest-rated summer ever among Total Viewers (P2+), Adults 18-49, Adults 18-34, Men 18-34 and Men 18-24. Most-watched late night talk shows with Adults 18-34, Men 18-34 and Men 18-24. Vs. last summer, ratings for “The Daily Show” were up +10% among Adults 18-49, +22% among Adults 18-34, up +20% among Men 18-34 and up +15% among Men 18-24. Viewership grew +9% to 2.2 million Total Viewers (P2+).”

That’s right folks, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert have more viewers than Beck, and they are younger, and more willing to attend a rally, but Fox News is out there pushing the spin that it would be impossible for Colbert and Stewart to outdraw Beck. Beck’s rally only attracted 87,000-100,000+ people, and this is with the support of Fox News and people being bused in for free by Freedom Works. Combine Stewart and Colbert’s younger demographic along with the fact that this is a comedy rally, and entertainment has a much broader appeal than fringe political rallies, and it is not only possible that Stewart and Colbert outdraw Beck. It is a virtual certainty.

Fox News knows that if Stewart/Colbert outdraw Beck it is not only an embarrassment for them, but it also damages their delusional narrative about the Tea Party being some mass popular grassroots movement. If Jon Stewart manages to pull more moderates for a rally about toning it down, than Beck and Fox can pull for their Teabagger jihads, the Tea Party will look like the angry little fringe group that they are. Brian Kilmeade had it all wrong. Stewart and Colbert have nothing on the line. They are comedians, but Fox News is looking at a massive humiliation coming their way on October 30th. This is why they are preemptively trying to diminish and spin the Stewart/Colbert rally away.

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Jon Stewart Busts Fox News’ Obama Is Out of Touch Talking Point

Sep 22 2010 Published by under Featured News

Jon Stewart was on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor tonight, and when Bill-O tried to claim that Barack Obama is out of touch with “regular Americans,” Stewart delivered a little bit of truth to Fox News viewers when he said, “I think that sounds like a meaningless thing to say.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

After Stewart busted the very rich Bill O’Reilly on his bogus everyman schitck, the conversation turned to President Obama, and Bill-O repeated a favorite Fox News talking point, “I’m telling you that the President has separated himself from the folks and that is why he is having so much trouble at the polls.” Stewart replied, “I don’t even know. I think that sounds like a meaningless thing to say. You keep saying folks. What are folks?”

O’Reilly answered, “Working Americans don’t understand his thought process.” Stewart said, “That may be very well true, but he did not separate himself from working Americans. He hasn’t done enough, to he ran on the idea that the middle class was going to be his focus.” O’Reilly said, “And it isn’t.” Stewart continued, “Well he’s trying right now to preserve the tax cuts for them, and remove the ones for the people making $250,000 or more.”

Stunned by the sudden appearance of intelligence and logic on his show, O’Reilly immediately moved the goal posts by asking, “Did you get your healthcare premiums?” Stewart answered, “My healthcare premiums have been crazy for years. I pay healthcare premiums for everyone on our show.” O’Reilly claimed, “That’s a tax on the folks.”

The GOP talking point on healthcare reform is that since a law that has not even been fully enacted yet has not lowered healthcare premiums, healthcare reform is a failure. Notice that Bill O’Reilly could not handle Jon Stewart’s facts so he was reduced to spewing some nonsense about healthcare premiums being a tax on working people. The first problem with that statement is that taxes can only be levied and collected by the government. Health insurance is not government run. The rising cost of premiums is what Republicans would usually defend as the free market at work. The second problem is that parts of healthcare reform that are expected to lower premiums won’t kick in for years yet.

It was nice to see Stewart bust O’Reilly on his bogus I’m everyman nonsense. It was even nicer to see Stewart go after the Fox News talking point that Obama is out of touch with regular Americans. What was funny was how O’Reilly defended regular Americans as the people who watch his show. Interestingly, O’Reilly audience is the oldest on cable, while Jon Stewart’s is the youngest. The generational divide was on full display in this interview as Stewart tried to intelligently discuss, while O’Reilly kept feeding his audience senile half truths wrapped in the fear of the black man in the White House.

O’Reilly does have a point though. Most of his viewers probably don’t watch Jon Stewart. They are either in bed by 11, or so wrapped up in their Tea Party hate that they would never watch the Jew on Comedy Central talk about that black man who is occupying the White House. It was fascinating to watch the dynamic between the sane half of America represented by Jon Stewart, walk into the lion’s den of crazy known as Fox News. In our polarized media environment this was a rare sight to behold, and as usual facts triumphed over gibberish.

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Glenn Beck Calls Stewart/Colbert Rally a Progressive Plot

Sep 20 2010 Published by under Featured News

On his radio show today Glenn Beck took aim at Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert’s October 30th rally, by labeling at progressive plot to win the election. Beck said of the Stewart/Colbert rally, “They are going to activate the youth to try to get them to vote with the labor unions apparently.”

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

Beck claimed that the Christine O’Donnell witchcraft flap was designed to suppress the vote, and that the Jon Stewart/Stephen Colbert rallies are designed to get young people to go vote with the labor unions. Beck said, “They are going to do everything they can to suppress the vote, and then Jon Stewart has shown his colors along with Comedy Central and Stephen Colbert. They are going to activate the youth to try to get them to vote with the labor unions apparently. I guess. I don’t know. That’s why it’s been scheduled the weekend before. Not to suppress that vote, they’ll suppress it all the way up, and then Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert will go and activate the youth to try to get the youth to go out and vote.”

Notice how Beck is trying to motivate his audience of blue hairs to go out and vote Republican by using a bogus fear campaign built around the Stewart/Colbert rally. The problem is that the calls for a rally came from the ground up. Stephen Colbert’s fans were calling for him to hold a Restore Truthiness rally in early September. Comedy Central got the idea from their fans, which by the way are way more likely to actually show up at the October 30th rally than the senior citizen brigade who didn’t bother to show for Beck’s Restoring Honor rally last month. The idea for a Colbert rally is not some Democratic plot to steal the 2010 elections. The whole movement began as a post on Reddit.

Unlike the Astroturf of the Beck and Fox News crowd, the Colbert/Stewart rally is completely organic. You won’t find any Freedom Works buses in the Mall on October 30th. Contrary to what Glenn Beck is trying to sell, this is not some progressive plot by media secret agents Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. In fact, Beck doesn’t seem to understand that 27% of Stewart’s audience are Libertarians.

What Glenn Beck is really afraid of is that Stewart and Colbert’s rally will draw more people than he and Sarah Palin’s, (which it will). He, like the rest of Fox News, is terrified of the young viewership of the Comedy Central mock news programs. Fox News pulls an old demographic. The majority of the network’s viewers are over 50 years old. Stewart and Colbert pull a very young demographic that if they keep watching Stewart and Colbert will probably never watch FNC. As I have written before Jon Stewart is training an entire generation of viewers to critically think about what they see on the news, which is not a good thing for a news network like Fox where facts are malleable and optional.

What must be eating Beck alive is that Stewart and Colbert’s rally is direct challenge and reaction to the extremism that he preaches on a daily basis. Imagine how crushing it will be for Glenn Beck to see hundreds of thousands of young people flood the National Mall in the name of reasonableness. Just think it took a comedy network and their fake news cast and pundit to put Fox News in their place, but the real humiliation for Glenn Beck will come on October 30.

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On Jon Stewart Bill Clinton Calls Out the Tea Party

Sep 17 2010 Published by under Featured News

In an interview with Jon Stewart on The Daily Show former President Bill Clinton explained and broke down the true purpose of the Tea Party. Clinton said that Tea Partiers are pawns in a game and, “The people that are funding this Tea Party are trying to weaken the government… so that they can have unaccountable private power.”

Here is the video via The Daily Show:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Exclusive – Bill Clinton Extended Interview Pt. 2
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

Former President Clinton was talking about voter anger and the political climate this year, when he discussed the Tea Party and called their followers pawns in a larger game. Clinton said, “If this election is about voter anger, which I’ve already said is legitimate. Like even a lot of those Tea Party people, I mean the folks that are following. I don’t mean the leaders. They think. They’re mad at everybody. Their mad at the big corporations, they’re mad at the big banks, they’re mad at big government, they think the little guy gets the shaft, and that’s largely been true, but they are pawns in a larger game, because what the Boston Tea Party was about, it was a protest against abuse of government power. What this Tea Party, the people that are funding this Tea Party are trying to weaken the government, at a moment when people are queasy about the government, because there was nobody else to step in when the economy was flat, so that they can have unaccountable private power.”

While explaining why healthcare reform is important to the economy, Clinton explained why being against healthcare reform actually leads to more socialized medicine, because it allows health insurance companies to continue dumping the uninsurable on the government. Clinton said, “Last year, 2009, in the depth of this recession, health insurance premiums went up again a lot, and they said well, everybody’s sicker we gotta do it. Yeah, everybody’s sicker, and they keep dumping people and the government has to keep up more. The more they rail about the government taking over healthcare. The more they throw people on to Medicaid or the children’s health program.”

What Clinton described is exactly what the Republican Party and its corporate benefactors have a history of doing to the Right’s activist base. Tea Partiers are being used. They are pawns in a game which is designed to weaken the federal government’s regulatory authority, because fewer regulations mean the ability to cut corners and reduce costs, which leads to increased profits. The Tea Partiers don’t get it. They have been ginned up not to do battle over the size of the government, but to empower the special interests.

The top Tea Party funders are corporate interests or wealthy individuals. Americans for Prosperity is funded by Koch Family Foundation, which is funded by the Koch brothers. The Kochs and Richard Mellon Scaife are the big money behind Freedom Works, but each of this big corporate right wing funders can deny directly funding these operations, because conveniently enough, they use family foundations to keep the cash flowing. The Koch brothers use the Koch Family Foundation and the Claude R. Lamb Foundation to put distance between themselves and the money, and Richard Mellon Scaife uses the Sarah Mellon Scaife Foundation for his efforts. Interestingly both Freedom Works and Americans for Prosperity are run by corporate lobbyists, not average Americans.

The Tea Partiers are not fighting for freedom. They are fighting for to corporations the ability to pollute as much as they want. They are fighting for companies to produce unsafe products and not be held accountable. They are fighting for the health insurance industry to be able to arbitrarily deny the Tea Partiers themselves treatment and coverage. They are fighting to help create an America that is less safe for them at work and at home. Their emotions and anger are being redirected and exploited, and even though Bill Clinton was right in everything that he said, the Tea Partiers will pay no attention to him because they have been conditioned by Fox News to only believe Fox News.

By it’s design the Tea Party is not about freedom. Their movement is nothing more than the latest struggle in the epic tug of war between freedom and capitalism. The Right has done a great job in convincing many Americans that freedom equals capitalism, but unfettered capitalism by its nature infringes on our to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

If the people behind the Tea Party are successful government won’t get smaller, because as Bill Clinton pointed out, the real Tea Party goal is not to shrink government but to weaken it, which means that the Tea Partiers are unwittingly battling against liberty, patriotism, freedom. Who could have guessed even five years ago, that the biggest threats to American freedom are not Islamic extremists, but a bunch of our fellow Americans running around with tea bags on their heads?

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New Survey Reveals Why Jon Stewart is the Biggest Long Term Threat to Fox News

Sep 12 2010 Published by under Featured News

The newest Pew Research Center’s survey of where and how people get their news has been released, and while Fox News is still polling the oldest viewership, Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart are pulling the youngest. As Stewart educates his young viewers in the ways of FNC on a nightly basis, it is clear that he is the biggest long term media threat to Fox News.

The good news is that digital media is causing people to spend more time each day with the news. According to the Pew Research Center for People and the Press survey of where and how people get their news, “The net impact of digital platforms supplementing traditional sources is that Americans are spending more time with the news than was the case a decade ago. As was the case in 2000, people now say they spend 57 minutes on average getting the news from TV, radio or newspapers on a given day. But today, they also spend an additional 13 minutes getting news online, increasing the total time spent with the news to 70 minutes. This is one of the highest totals on this measure since the mid-1990s and it does not take into account time spent getting news on cell phones or other digital devices.”

Newspapers are still struggling and have only partially been able to make up for the decline in print readership on the Internet. Print newspaper readership has declined from 38% in 2006 to 24% today. Online newspaper readership has grown from 9% in 2006 to 17% today. When the totals are combined 37% of Americans said that they got their news from a newspaper, which puts the industry on par with the radio and the Internet, but way behind television.

Speaking of television, Fox News has been able to hold its audience share because Republicans have been fleeing to the network. In 2002, Republicans were just as likely to watch CNN as they were to watch Fox News, but eight years later, 40% of all Republicans regularly watch FNC. Twelve percent of Republicans watch CNN and 6% watch MSNBC. Fox News does not lead the cable news ratings because there are more Republicans in the United States. They lead because they have been successful in consolidating the Republican audience.

It is no surprise than that Fox News, just like the GOP caters to an older audience. Sixty three percent of Bill O’Reilly’s viewers are over 50 years old, and 65% of Hannity’s viewers are over 50. Only 44% of the nation as a whole are over 50 years old, so the over 50 demographic is overrepresented on Fox News. If the younger viewers aren’t watching Fox News, then what are they watching?

The answer to this question can be found on Comedy Central Monday through Thursday from 11 pm-12 am. Colbert and Stewart’s audiences are young. In fact, they were the youngest in the survey. Eighty percent of Colbert’s audience is between 18-49, and 74% of Stewart’s audience falls into the 18-49 demo. Although their audiences are double the amount of liberals in the overall population, Colbert and Stewart also appeal to Libertarians, as they make up 29% and 27% respectively of their audiences. Interestingly 53% of Colbert’s audience and 43% of Stewart’s said that they watch these programs for entertainment. They may come for the entertainment, but they also get a healthy dose of the news.

Fox News has made no secret of their distaste for Colbert, and especially Jon Stewart, and it is pretty obvious why. Colbert and Stewart are educating an entire generation of younger viewers to critically think about what they see in the media. The long term health of Fox News is going to depend on their ability to attract and retain younger viewers. These are the same viewers that are watching Jon Stewart expose and mock Fox News on a nightly basis. This is why FNC goes out of its way to impugn the credibility of Stewart anytime they can. It is funny to think that the competition that may do the most long term damage to Fox News is not Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, but a comedian who hosts a nightly mock newscast on a comedy network.

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Michael Savage Claims Jon Stewart is the cause of anti-Semitism

Sep 08 2010 Published by under Featured News

On his radio show this morning, Michael Savage launched a vicious personal attack against Jon Stewart because The Daily Show host exposed the illogical lunacy of the fear mongering opposition to the Park 51 project. Savage blamed Stewart for spreading anti-Semitism, and called him an inbred Jew.

Here is the audio courtesy of Media Matters:

After attacking Mayor Bloomberg’s comments on The Daily Show that people who don’t like the mosque don’t have to go, Michael Savage then turned his attention to Jon Stewart, “So he goes on a comedian’s show, who doesn’t write his own jokes. A comedian who went off the air when his smart writers went on strike, and then the comedian also says something that also shows a drug addled mind in clip 3.” Jon Stewart said, “Cause I was thinking, again I don’t know if you are going to support this or not, I would like to build a synagogue, reform in St. Patrick’s Cathedral.”

Savage continued, “You wonder why there’s anti-Semitism, Jon? Jon, you wonder? You wonder why Jews like you cause anti-Semitism, Jon? You can’t figure it out? Jon Stewart, Mayor Bloomberg, two prizes of the Jewish religion. Two superb prizes of the Jewish religion. The man comes up with what he thinks is a parable, to show you what happens when you use drugs for too long. His dumb writer writes, I was thinking I would like to build a mosque on St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and press the laugh line button. Not only is this idiotic and illogical, it is not funny. It is the product of inbreeding. It is only the product of inbreeding. How could you compare a joke to build a synagogue on St. Patrick’s Cathedral to building a mosque on the ruins of the World Trade Center, which was ruined by Muslim fanatics?”

Savage then brought out the same old tired Right Wing criticism of Stewart, “Are you implying that Jews want to blow up the St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Jon? Is that your idea of interfaith dialogue? Now you understand why he’s only a comedian, and the mayor is only a mayor. Now you understand the two things. Now you understand why your children get the kind of education they get because they actually rely upon a comedy for their ideas.”

This is a pretty desperate plea for attention on Savage’s part. He is actually attacking something that aired on August 26. Way to keep it current Savage. It happened so long ago, that here is the video clip to refresh your memory:

<td style='padding:2px 1px 0px 5px;' colspan='2'Michael Bloomberg
The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
Daily Show Full Episodes Political Humor Tea Party

Hate is Savage’s gimmick. This is the same guy who called Katrina victims welfare deadbeats. Notice that he could not logically discuss the issue of why anyone should oppose the Park 51 Project. Instead he had to personally attack Stewart, Bloomberg, and paint all Muslims as terrorists. Savage is the third most popular right wing host behind Limbaugh and Beck, and with getting attention for his wedding and Beck pissing on legacy of MLK, he obviously felt left out. He is obviously jealous of Stewart, and this is his pathetic attempt at starting a feud with Stewart, or at least getting mentioned on The Daily Show. Savage has also tried to start a feud with the heavyweight champ of Right Wing talkers, Rush Limbaugh, who ignored Savage, as will Jon Stewart.

I am not Jewish, but I think it is safe to say that people like Savage, who is also Jewish, do more to spread anti-Semitism every day with his hate fest than Jon Stewart ever could in a lifetime. Savage voice oozed with jealousy as he talked about the influence that Stewart has with young people, which is the reason why all conservative media hates Jon Stewart. He is reaching the young audience that they can’t get to. Even worse for them, he is training an entire generation to think critically about what they see, hear, and read in the media. Critical thinking will lead to the demise of Fox News, Beck, Limbaugh, etc. They hate Jon Stewart because he threatens their future, and Savage’s personal attack was nothing more than a further expression of their contempt.

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Jon Stewart Urges America to Stop Funding the Terror Mosque By Watching Fox

Aug 24 2010 Published by under Featured News

On The Daily Show, Jon Stewart came with a solution for those who are concerned about the funding for the “Ground Zero Mosque,” being that the project is being funded by a Fox News co-owner, he suggested that people stop watching Fox News, “My point is this if we want to cut off funding to the terror mosque. We must together as a nation, stop watching Fox.”

Here is the video from The Daily Show:

The Daily Show With Jon Stewart Mon – Thurs 11p / 10c
The Parent Company Trap
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Stewart said that the same man Fox News labeled as a funder of terrorism on Fox and Friends owns part of Fox News, “The terror funder is Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp partner….That’s right, the guy they are painting as a sinister money force owns part of Fox News. Let’s do as Fox News commands and follow the money. This is the proposed terror mosque. We know that that it’s a terror mosque, because the money may be coming from a bad guy, who definitely owns part of Fox News. Now we know that he’s a bad guy because we just heard it on Fox News, and by hearing it on Fox News, watching Fox News, I am increasing their viewership, and their advertising rates go up. Now part of that money goes to the bad guy we learned about on Fox because he is their part owner, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal allowing him then to, make it rain so to speak on the terror mosque. My point is this if we want to cut off funding to the terror mosque. We must together as a nation, stop watching Fox. It’s the only way using their reasoning to cut off the revenue stream to these bad dudes.”

The Daily Show host also pointed out that Fox neglected to mention that the bad guy in their story owns part of their network, “Fox tells us the terrible thing about this Kingdom Foundation is what they fund, that he’s a very bad guy, but they never mentioned this fella’s name, and they never showed this fella’s picture, and they certainly never mentioned that the fella they’re talking about is part owner of their company. Did the gang at Fox and Friends genuinely not know that the head of The Kingdom Foundation’s name, and the fact that he is one of their part owners, or were they purposely covering it up because it didn’t help their fear driven narrative?”

Once again, the best media watch dog on television does the job that serious journalists are afraid to do. Stewart is master at holding hypocrites accountable in very funny, but pointed way. Why isn’t anyone else on television talking about this? Every time Fox News fear mongers about the “Ground Zero Mosque” why aren’t they held accountable? The media has done a good job with countering the Obama is a Muslim memo, but if I may extend Stewart’s point, does the media let Fox News skate most of the time, because they don’t know better, or are they covering up for one of their own?

I think the media knows better, but the vast majority of them are terrified of being hit with the liberal bias label, so they choose to ignore the propaganda of Fox News, and thus let it take hold with many Americans. I don’t think others in television media are afraid of Fox News, but with FNC being the top cable news network, I am not sure how many of those on television want to burn a bridge with something that could be a potential lucrative future employer.

By not being in the news media business, Jon Stewart is free to deliver the most honest criticism of our media on television. His point may be wrapped in humor, but he also teaches his audience to think outside of what they are being told, and to not be afraid to question a source of information. Over the years, Stewart has demonstrated that he has his special place on his skewer for hypocrites on both the Left and the Right, and it would be tough to find more hypocritical organization than Fox News, when it comes to the Park51 project.

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