The Terror From Within

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The rich and powerful together with the GOP, the bigoted, the racists and the misguided have waged a consumptive and gigantic battle against Obama, the Democratic Party, main stream America, and the very concept of Democracy.

It was alarming to notice the rage revealed back in the 2008 Presidential campaign every time Sarah Palin would speak as the GOP nominee for VP. She feasted off of inciting and igniting the extremists. I was hoping it wasn’t going to be that relevant, but that was just the beginning of the televised rage, division, racism and bigotry that was to become so common on our airwaves. Anger and frustration is certainly understandable in this economic climate, but this madness has been so ugly, negative and depressing to an already difficult time period.

Remember also when former VP Dick Cheney, who used to be so secretive and behind the scenes of the
Bush administration came out at the beginning of the Obama administration to proclaim that the country was not safe and projected President Obama as weak while the extreme right portrayed Obama as Hitler and even worse. The media would run these announcements 24/7 on cable news networks.

Remember those awful, loud, angry town hall meetings screaming that they wanted their country back and don’t let the government mess with their Medicare! Then Sarah Palin invented the Obama death panels myth. Again the media ran these outbursts 24/7 on cable news all day every day. One of the angry mob town hall participants screamed, “You have awakened the “Sleeping Giant”!” What did that really mean for the future? Now it’s abundantly clear. The “sleeping giant” was all the racism, sexism, bigotry, and corruption from the wealthy and powerful.

Now the “sleeping giant” has erupted fear and terror inside our great nation. African American congressmen have been spit on. The President has been called a “liar” during a formal address
to the nation. His birth has been questioned; his faith has been questioned; his patriotism has been questioned. An innocent defenseless woman has been thrown to the ground and literally stomped on. Latinos have been singled out and targeted. Muslims have been targeted and shunned. Victims of rape, incest and sexual abuse are talked about with total insensitivity as to how they will be dealt with.

The need for the GOP and conservatives to incite fear of Muslims is hypocritical when there’s so much fear existing and created right here in America amongst so called Americans. These rants are dangerous to our well-being and democracy.

We’re losing our jobs, our homes and our lives. The GOP got us into two wars that they did not pay for. We are still paying billions and losing valuable lives trying to nation build what the Bush administration destroyed in Iraq and Afghanistan while we need nation building right here in America. Obama has brought the troops home from Iraq as planned. No one seems to care. Obama has intent for the second war to end as well. No one believes it.

Bush gave tax cuts to the rich supposedly so the money would trickle down to jobs for the average American. Well that trickledown effect never worked as seen by our current and past unemployment numbers and the GOP want this failed policy to continue. It was never paid for and now
they want to continue the cuts for the rich at the rate of some seven hundred plus billion dollars. Obama wants tax cuts for ninety-five percent of Americans. Why don’t people understand that the GOP has no intention of doing anything for mainstream America?

They just want Obama out because he’s interfering with their wealthy greedy progress. They believe in sending jobs overseas making it even harder for the average person needing a job.

The GOP battled Obama about the TARP funds and blamed him for the bailouts even though it was passed on from Bush. TARP funds have been used by many of the GOP in their districts and states and they’ve taken credit for the funds even though they loudly claim it’s a failed policy.

Financial reform was another fight Obama had with the big giants. The GOP wants to repeal this policy for their wealthy masters. Healthcare Reform was historically passed with a major fight with the giants. It’s still a battle. The GOP intends to repeal it. It may not be the best program but it is a start in the right direction. It helps children with pre-existing conditions and youth to stay on their parents insurance. It will help thirty million Americans to receive health insurance and will be economically beneficial to the economy in the long run. The GOP has misled the public and won the message war.

Obama has legislated equal pay for women yet the polls say women are going to vote for the GOP. Why? The GOP policies work against the women’s rights that they have worked so hard for. And they use female candidates with no real knowledge or expertise in government to lure your votes. Obama has appointed women in prominent positions in his cabinet and the Supreme Court. Nancy Pelosi, the Speaker of the House, has worked really hard to get a lot of legislation through successfully but receives no play from the women of this country for a woman of her stature and power who works tirelessly for the people of the United States.

If the GOP thinks that they will have total control over the likes of Sarah Palin or any of these other Tea Party women, they’re in for a big surprise. Sarah is in this for her own sense of power. She is not for the people. Look at reality. Since quitting her responsibilities and job as Alaska governor, she has now become a self serving multi millionaire. But she still has no knowledge of this government. She’s an embarrassment to the country and to women, because she’s too arrogant to even learn.

And these polls… how is it that massive wins are proclaimed on main stream media outlets prior to voting day. The GOP wants you to think it’s a waste of time to vote. They even requested Hispanic Americans to stay home. That’s really un-American. They’re already claiming voter fraud.

Americans want to hear about jobs. What America needs to know is that the Obama administration has created and saved more jobs in one year than Bush did in eight.

The Democratic Party and Obama are guilty of not promoting their accomplishments. They’ve lost the message war. The GOP has poured fortunes into stopping Obama’s policies and all Democratic candidates that they can destroy. Their goal is to destroy Obama by any means necessary. They have won the message war even though it has been extremely misleading. America believes the GOP rhetoric. You know it’s ridiculous when Sarah Palin uses her Twitter account as an acceptable and reputable press conference because the main stream media treats it that way. The people are the least of their concerns.

Palin, Beck, Cheney, Rush, Sharron Angle, etc. are power hungry men and women who want to gain more wealth and power like the oil company, insurance company and financial industry giants that they work on behalf of. They could care less about main stream America other than using them to serve their selfish interests.

Most Americans don’t know that the majority of the TARP money has been paid back to the government. The highly criticized bailout to GM by Obama has proven to be a good business decision and it saved thousands of jobs. No one seems to care. President Obama is still working on job creation.

Obama did everything he could to help the victims of the BP oil spill. The GOP has done everything to help the big oil companies. Now it’s coming out in the investigation that one of the safety measures violated traces back to Halliburton which has always been associated with former VP Dick Cheney. No surprise there. Texas oil continues to pour large sums of money into California attack ads against any Democratic candidates who don’t want off shore drilling. When will we learn?

Fellow Americans it is not too late. Voting day is Tuesday, November 2. You still have time to make a difference. The GOP is laughing all the way to the bank after spreading the most negative campaign attack ads probably ever. Just think of what America could have done with just a fraction of the money that has been spent on those ads.

Just think how many jobs that money could have created. And now thanks to the Supreme Court’s new ruling, the United States is up for grabs to the highest bidder!

Get out and vote. No matter what you have to do, get out and vote for real democracy. Give our new President a chance. Obama’s had less than two years in office to clean up a decade of disasters. President Obama has good intentions for the people of America but he can’t do it by himself. The giants are closing in. You, the people can help. Let’s save our great nation from those who wish to sell us down the river. Vote Democratic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Can Barack Obama Ever Be Enough to Satisfy Us?

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From the time that Barack Obama campaigned for the Democratic Nomination for President to a year and a half into his Presidency, he has been hammered by the GOP, the media, big corporations, the Tea Party and even some Democrats for not being enough. Every day there is an attack on Obama for never being enough of something. Can we ever be satisfied?

This is how it goes. He didn’t have enough political experience. He didn’t have enough executive experience. He wasn’t Black enough. He wasn’t White enough. He wasn’t old enough. He wasn’t liberal enough. He wasn’t conservative enough. He wasn’t tough enough. He wasn’t angry enough. He wasn’t American enough. He wasn’t partisan enough. He wasn’t bipartisan enough. He wasn’t transparent enough. He wasn’t in the White House enough. He wasn’t out of the White House enough. He wasn’t patriotic enough. He wasn’t apologetic enough. He wasn’t pro Israel enough. He wasn’t anti Israel enough. He wasn’t pro Muslim enough. He wasn’t anti Muslim enough. He wasn’t enough of a peacemaker. He wasn’t enough of a war monger. He’s not concerned enough about education but he’s too educated. He doesn’t take his family on vacations to the right place enough or he doesn’t take vacations at the right time enough. It goes on and on. On one hand the Tea Party accused him of not being enough. On the other hand they accused him of being Hitler and taking over “their” country.

No matter how you look at it, there’s an accusation or an attack on President Obama that he isn’t enough of something. You hear it all day long on the cable networks. You hear it from the GOP every time they speak with rare exceptions. This day to be moderate seems to be the “kiss of death” for the GOP. It’s seen as a lack of purity. If you’re not leaning far enough to the right as a Republican, and denouncing Obama in every way possible, then those who are pulling the strings, clamp down. And who is pulling those strings?

You hear it from Blacks and you hear it from Whites. You hear it from so called liberal Democrats. You even hear it from Senate Majority leader, Harry Reid, right after Barack Obama stomped for him in Nevada. He said Obama wasn’t forceful enough. He was too much of a peacemaker.

The fact is that President Barack Obama is very serious, purposeful and strong. Again, starting back with the Democratic Presidential Campaign, he was underestimated by both parties. Obama was able to defeat the Clinton machine. He later was able to unite with his formidable opponent, Hillary Clinton, for a strong union today that works best for this nation and each other. It even includes Bill Clinton all for the good of the country. The President now utilizes the strength, character, dedication and knowledge of Hillary to head up the State Department. He was able to beat the hard line GOP war hero, John McCain with a significant majority. He was then able to incorporate strong members of the GOP into his cabinet to play roles to assist in the transition like GOP Secretary Gates in the Defense Dept.

Many Americans and media personalities still don’t comprehend the style and approach of this President. He is a diplomat at heart and believes in a peaceful state of being. Martin Luther King, Ghandi and Mandela were great men of character and peaceful leaders but were not referred to as weak men. These men led without violence or combative dialogs, yet they each had highly significant and positive impacts on the world. Barack Obama can be firm and formidable when he needs to be, for example, he secured twenty billion dollars from BP for the victims of the Gulf.

Obama’s method of madness does work. He doesn’t have to scream and holler or shut people down to accomplish his goals and policies. He is pragmatic and inclusive. He intends to spread the wealth because he’s a fair man. He was dealt a disastrous hand that was not of his creation and it continues. He becomes either the Fix it man or Mr. Clean up man. He chose to take it all on, and still it isn’t enough.

The American people, according to current polls, believe all the negative press. Americans are struggling and have to blame someone. Bush was given 8 years to do just about whatever he wanted and he had a surplus leftover by the Clinton administration to consume. He consumed it all and then he managed to play cowboy with our country and our lives. He started two wars that were not paid for. He gave tax cuts to the rich that he didn’t pay for. Bush and the GOP didn’t pay for any of it.

They are not the deficit hawks that they project themselves to be. They are quite the opposite. Big business got the benefits and main stream America had to suffer. The tax cuts did not work to bring us new jobs or help small businesses or provide business loans; and we’re still fighting two major wars. The GOP is campaigning to extend the Bush tax cuts that were never paid for, didn’t help small business, and didn’t create new jobs. Everything that the GOP are proposing will add to the deficit in the tune of about 3 trillion dollars according to Rachel Maddow’s research announced on her show this week on MSNBC.

Jonathon Alter, distinguished journalist of Newsweek and author of “The Promise” (Obama’s first year) says the GOP is being compromised by whack jobs. The “whack jobs” are creating a fear based and dangerous environment. I can’t believe that everyday Americans are buying into the GOP and cable rhetoric, but the polls don’t support Obama.

We cannot let the GOP take leadership again. They have made it their intentions to support big business and Wall Street and not the average hardworking American. The GOP, Fox news, Boehner, McConnell, Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, Beck and the other usual suspects are dangerous to our country and to our President. Obama is a strong leader for the people. After a year and a half of attacks, he has stood his ground. He continues to fight the giants on behalf of the American people. Obama has faced more obstruction from Congress than any other President. The Congress is holding up the jobs bill.

In spite of this fact, he has enormous legislative victories…..more than any other President in the time period. As citizens, let’s demand that all Democrats, Independents, and sane Republicans get out and work with the President for the people and for this country, and don’t underestimate Barack Obama. He is a force to be reckoned with. Let’s join his energy in getting Americans back to work, because Obama has done more than enough as president. It’s time he gets the credit that he deserves.

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While the Oil Gushes Obama Cleans Up another Bush Mess

Jun 10 2010 Published by under Featured News

Obama is stll cleaning up the messes of others

As the disaster in the Gulf continues, President Obama has said the buck stops with him, which is refreshing because Obama is actually man enough to step up to the plate in the midst of it all and in spite of the criticism for the sake of the country. Obama has become the Cleaner in Chief.

This is a horrible tragedy including the loss of life and livelihood with no real end in sight. It is disturbing that the media can’t seem to find a single place on the Gulf that demonstrates any people working on the clean up. That’s really hard to believe. Americans need to see something that shows there’s intent for resolution to this nightmare. Why aren’t there interviews with scientists and engineers that have spoken to Obama during this long process? And where is the research and investigative reporting of how all this mess was really created? Where is the investigation of the back room deals by Dick Cheney with the oil execs? Where is the investigation of Cheney and his connection to Halliburton who is also involved in this disaster with BP?

Where is the investigation of the MMS staff that was previously and conveniently put in place by Bush and Cheney? Where is the conversation about the risks involved that were known under the Bush/Cheney administration? Where was the regulation that allowed “big oil” to create the rules and put our country at risk? Bush and Cheney were the oil men who put these policies and people in place to create an ecological disaster of unknown proportions. And Liz Cheney has the audacity to make the rounds blasting Obama on his response to this crisis!

Obama has ordered the breakup of the MMS department to prevent more corruption. There will be no more sleeping with big oil execs by the people hired to patrol them as was discovered at the end of the Bush Cheney administration. Obama has also called for a full investigation to the explosion that caused this hole in the floor of the ocean as the oil continues to poison our waters and shores. Obama and his administration are under huge pressure to do something quickly to stop the leak of an industry created by greedy and irresponsible oil men who refused to safeguard our country. And though the media and America doesn’t like Obama’s steady and methodical way of handling a crisis, he’s smart enough to know that rushing and forcing actions to respond to the pressure of the angry cries could actually cause an even greater catastrophe. This is not a quick or easy fix. It’s a painful and ongoing process.

This is very much like the 2008 economic crash prior to Obama’s election (the GOP and the media project to the nation that it’s Obama’s deficit as if Bush/Cheney had nothing to do with it). The economic crash was created by the Cheney/Bush administration prior to Obama’s election. They created it! Obama had to fix it. It’s been a painful and ongoing process.

Big business was given huge tax cuts by the Bush/Cheney administration which was suppose to trickle down to create jobs. Instead Obama is left to fix another nightmare of that administration because no one paid for those tax cuts. They just left the country the bill. And they didn’t create jobs; as a matter of fact it was quite the contrary, but now Obama has to create and save as many jobs as possible.

To add salt to the wound of one of the most difficult beginning presidential administrations in history, the media and the American people don’t feel that Obama shows enough emotion especially in the form of anger. They don’t like his style. They don’t like his cool. They don’t like that he operates by handling more than one thing at a time. No one seems to want to promote a cool head in the course of a major crisis. Obama is damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t.

Here is Jonathon Alter from Newsweek pointing out that the oil spill is a metaphor for the Obama presidency, “The BP Oil Spill is the perfect metaphor for Barack Obama’s presidency so far. His first 500 days in office have been – with the significant exception of healthcare reform – consumed in cleaning up the messes left by his predecessors in the financial sector, the auto business, Afghanistan, and now the oil and gas industry, where “regulators” in the Denver office of the Minerals Management Service under President Bush were literally sleeping with the industry reps they were supposed to be licensing.

Obama’s fate is to head up what Donald Regan (Ronald Reagon’s chief of staff) called “the shovel brigade” – the crew cleaning up the dung when the elephants leave the circus. Obama’s response has been to shovel diligently at the Wall Street-GM-Kandahar-Gulf Coast cleanup sites. But having properly stripped all emotion out of his behind-closed-doors decision making, he has neglected to add it back in for the public parts of the job.” – Jonathan Alter of Newsweek and author of The Promise (on President Obama and the 1st year of his administration).

Now we have, the greatest oil disaster in the history of this country with no real fix, no real estimate of the actual cost, and no real estimate of the range or extent of damage to wild life, plant life or the livelihoods of those living and working along the Gulf or the rest of this country. Obama vows to make BP pay the cost of cleanup and the impact on the people of the Gulf. The GOP in congress wants to keep the pay out by BP to a minimum $75,000,000. That’s a crime in of itself to America. The laws, the risks, and the politics involved are frustrating.

The fact of the matter is this is a catastrophe of enormous and unknown proportions. Obama does not just jump into things without weighing options and gathering as much knowledge as possible. It just makes one wonder, is this oil disaster being seen or used by the GOP to try to destroy the current administration while Obama brings in the coast guard, scientists and his cabinet secretaries, etc. to resolve this tragedy while establishing an independent commission to investigate this tragedy and to prevent anything like this from happening again. Obama has called for a moratorium on any new deep sea drilling until this is under control and all the proper preventive technology is in place.

This is much more complicated than the media is projecting. Can this disaster become more of a disaster by trying to fix it? There are high risks involved no matter what happens according to the experts. Cheney’s gang had not approved the mechanism to prevent a catastrophe such as this from happening so that information fades into the darkness because the crime is now so disastrous the concern of the moment is simply to stop the damage! Again, the crisis is now the concern of President Obama and those who are the first to suffer.

Obama’s style is to study the crisis, the cause, the options, who must be involved and then to proceed with the best solution. Ultimately, Obama will push for the new energy legislation. These disasters are not of Obama’s creation but they are his to fix. So Mr. President, as a nation, the media begs you to demonstrate your anger, passion and commitment on an emotional level that can be understood. Mr. President, we need you to raise our spirits by showing us yours!!! All this must be extremely heavy on Obama, but in the midst of all this despair, be it the economy, jobs, immigration, energy, financial reform, etc. … take us to our higher sides. In the midst of all these disasters and painful processes to resolution, we need to experience hope again!

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Help Obama Keep Our Economy on the Highway to Recovery

May 16 2010 Published by under Featured News

This week, President Obama made it clear at a DCCC fundraiser that Republicans are to blame not only for driving the economy into a ditch, but also bringing Washington to a standstill. With the primaries coming up on Tuesday, it is time for Democrats to step and take the first step towards making sure that Republicans don’t get the chance to put us back in the ditch.

Here is the video of Obama at the DCCC Fundraiser:

Obama said, “They’ve done their best to gum up the works; to make things look broken; to say no to every single thing. That was the attitude they had when it came to pulling our economy out of a crisis. That was the attitude they had when it came to making sure that families and businesses finally got the security of health care in this country. That’s been the attitude on any number of challenges that we faced. Their basic attitude has been: “If the Democrats lose, we win.”

He continued, “So after they drove the car into the ditch, made it as difficult as possible for us to pull it back, now they want the keys back. No! You can’t drive! We don’t want to have to go back into the ditch! We just got the car out! We just got the car out!

Obama made it clear who is to blame for the mess, “If we just stopped now — in fact, if we had stopped last year — it would have already been one of the most productive legislative sessions in history. And that’s tempting, stopping. Everybody is kind of pooped, but — particularly because it would have been nice to get a little help from the other side of the aisle, just once in a while. You would have thought at a time of historic crisis that Republican leaders would have been more willing to help us find a way out of this mess — particularly since they created the mess.”

If you examine all the disasters from the economic crash to this devastating oil spill, they were either created by or were thriving under GOP greed and protection without regulation. The American taxpayer gets left holding the bill. Obama and the Dems are doing everything they can to fix the problems and the GOP are doing everything they can to obstruct that progress, and they want you, the American people to vote them back in the midterms as early as Tuesday and all the way through November and again in 2012 for the White House itself.

Not only has it been devastating for the nation economically, with the two wars they started leaving Obama to finish, an economy that fell off a cliff, unemployment that was supposed to be eliminated with the Bush tax cuts, a healthcare industry that bankrupted many, and now these oil and coal industry disasters that not only cost in revenue and resources but also in the loss of valuable hardworking dedicated lives.

How can we even consider putting more Republicans in Congress and eventually the White House? The GOP are obstructionists and are in Congress to protect big business who rob the middle class while raking in billions, paying little tax, and hiding their profits off shore. In the Senate they have a racket going on that prevents amendments and bills from being passed by secret “holding” ballots. Even the amendment to eliminate this process was held up by the GOP. Even one senator can do it. The filibuster abuse was not enough. The GOP must use all preventive measures necessary to stop any progress in resolving these issues. They have no solutions. Why would they if big business keeps them in office? They are not there for the people. They are there for themselves and big corporations that provide the campaign funding needed to stay in office.

The media and the polls are predicting that Dems are going to lose a lot of seats at midterms. The parties of NO, the ultimate obstructionists, are looking to regain power. They are making it impossible to actually govern this country and get to any real solutions to get out of all the messes they created. Call on your representatives to work with their fellow congressmen and senators to get the work done for America. Ask your representatives and senators to have the courage to actually work for the people of the US. That’s why they were sent to Congress.

Listen to Obama. Please do not give the Republicans back the keys to this country again to drive us off the cliff. They can’t drive. They crash! It’s already going to take years to recover. Vote Democratic. At least the Dems are trying to come up with solutions for the country. The GOP has no solutions….just more ways for big business to get bigger and stay unregulated at the taxpayer’s expense. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of the stimulus money has been repaid. The economy is turning around. These crashes are costly and deadly. We can’t let them drive again. Please get out and vote. Cast your ballot for the people, not corporate America.

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Don’t be Fooled Obama is Still Fighting for Change

May 13 2010 Published by under Featured News

Obama fights on for change

President Obama is doing the best he can to govern this nation. He’s pragmatic and works for the good of the whole. Unfortunately he can’t please everyone all the time. Because this is an intense transformational time period, reform and reconstruction is the name of the game. Obama campaigned on the word “change”. Many say everything is still the same or in other words a continuation of the Bush policies. That’s not true.

Obama consistently addresses multiple issues and groups at once. But it’s going to take time to resolve all the issues especially when so many are urgent at the same time. He’s already tackled concerns like fair pay for women, education, healthcare reform, nuclear arms reduction, Supreme Court nominations, change in NASA, the recovery act that saved the economy, saving the auto industry and thousands of associated jobs, and lots more.

This is when a broader perspective is needed to actually understand what is truly taking place. True change represents the transformation of big government, big banking, big corporations and big organizations. If you step back and look at it from a wide angle, change is exactly what is taking place with this new administration. Obama, as a visionary, is in charge of this rocky road to a new America that leads the world and stands solidly with allies in strength.

We now have two women in the Supreme Court for the first time in our nation’s history with the potential of having three. One is of Latino descent for a first as well.
Obama himself is a first by being the first African American president and leader of the free world. Because of a near banking collapse under the Bush administration, we are now in the process of financial reform legislation that will include much needed regulation.

Because of the horrible Gulf oil spill and explosion and the coal mine disaster, more reform is going to take place to protect us from further disasters of a manmade nature. We have yet to see the true and final ramifications of this oil spill disaster. Where is the GOP’s outcry of saving the taxpayers from this expense? They are silent other than continuing the concept of the need to “drill baby drill”!

Climate/Energy change and immigration reform are on the horizon. Senator John Kerry and Senator Joe Lieberman introduced new reform legislation on Climate Change. Republican Lindsay Graham, who was also part of creating this legislation, was not present on the announcement. Maybe he was still upset at the potential of immigration reform becoming a priority due to the new Arizona immigration law that is currently being loudly boycotted by the city of Los Angeles.

Ultimately and hopefully “too big to fail” will be become a thing of the past. We can no longer operate with a very small percentage of the world population holding all the wealth while the majority simply suffers and struggles for a basic foundational life. The American Dream has been sought out by many from all over the world. We are being robbed of that very dream right here in America by those that have taken greed to a whole new level.

Beware of those politicians and commentators who claim to speak for “real” Americans. They are Sarah Palin, Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh and many of the GOP in congress. They are cashing in on the despair, the struggle, the mis-informed, the anger, and the racist hatred of this nation in the tune of millions with their lies and rhetoric intended to incite and polarize the country.

Sarah Palin is now writing a new book to be released in November. There was no substance in the first one but still millions bought the book and I guess millions will buy the second one. She is laughing all the way to the bank while presenting absolutely no substance or service other than consistent misleading information to the American people like the implication of “death panels” that almost single-handedly ruined healthcare reform for millions of Americans.

The GOP is now in the “I told you so” realm because now the healthcare reform law may cost more than originally estimated. That’s not a surprise. After all it was an estimate. In my opinion it’s better to have the healthcare for millions of Americans, (that are not on welfare contrary to popular belief) than spending that revenue on big banks to gamble with or tax cuts for the rich.

If we don’t have our health, we have nothing. Even jobs don’t have relevance if you are unable to work or if your children become dramatically ill. If big business simply reduces their bonuses to execs, it would provide jobs for many who are struggling. If big banks release funds for loans to small business and entrepreneurs, things could change.

Obama has called for new and different defense approaches to keeping our nation secure, including recognizing the poison existing in Pakistan while having to work with the Pakistan government in connection with Afghanistan. The President has to appear in partnership with the Afghan leader in the bigger picture. I don’t think he is naive at this point. He certainly has access to a lot more formal and secret intelligence than the average citizen or media personality.

For example, CNN journalist, Wolf Blitzer, interviewed Bill Maher to discuss the President’s domestic and foreign policy decisions. Am I missing something or is Bill Maher an expert on Presidential policy? But I do give CNN credit for going beyond their usual GOP contributors and their standard talking points.

We also need new and different approaches to job growth. If the Bush/Cheney tax cuts were so great for job growth and small businesses, where are the benefits? Where are the jobs? Where is the trickle down effect? We need to work together. Our spirits need to drive again toward the American Dream. And let’s realistically look at those who are your voices and look at who is getting wealthy in the process without any concern for the nation.

Look at the big oil people; look at the banking executives; look at the coal mine executives; look at wall street; look at Beck; look at Palin and look at Rush. Examine what they are cashing in on in the name of the people while they watch you suffer and struggle while inciting your rage in the process. What are they really doing for you and for this nation? Then look at what they are doing for themselves. Then look at the ideals that Obama represents and fights to “change” on behalf of you and this nation.

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Obama Outclasses GOP Politics On the Oil Spill and Terrorism

May 06 2010 Published by under Featured News

Kick back with a cold one Barack, you deserve it

Our President, in just a few short weeks, is managing to address multiple disasters and crisis situations at the same time. Response to what may become the largest and most significant and dramatic oil spill disaster in our nation’s history is now being blamed on the Obama administration by the “usual suspects on the “Right”‘ instead of the big oil company, BP that caused it, while at the same time keeping America safe from terrorism.

The Right is actually claiming that Obama is using the oil disaster to politically prove his liberal views on off shore drilling. The claim is that the President of the US deliberately delayed the response to the oil spill, so he could make his case to stop further offshore drilling and gain the support of environmentalists. This claim comes strongly from the fired and former head of FEMA, Michael Brown, who badly bungled the Katrina disaster that killed thousands of New Orleans residents under the Bush administration.

This is hardly the same situation as Katrina, and why is Michael Brown, originally a horse trainer, being given a main stream news platform by CNN, MSNBC and of course FOX news to promote his conspiracy garbage? He was fired because he was negligent during Katrina. Humans were dying and he didn’t know what to do. He now sounds paranoid and crazy. Why is he now an authority on national crisis management and security?

Such behavior demonstrates the bias against Obama on a 24/7 basis by the media outlets. The President has monitored the situation from the beginning and as it stands at this moment in time, one of the leaks has been capped by BP. Further analysis and investigations will be ongoing as well as government assistance in resolving this major catastrophe.

The Obama administration is doing everything possible to contain this tragedy even though they were misled originally by the MMS who are there to be the watchdogs of the oil industry. The MMS seems to have been working with Big Oil instead of regulating them. Of course the GOP sides with Big Oil.

This catastrophe is going to need the united efforts of all agencies and the federal government to assist those who make their livelihood from this region. This could affect the economy of the entire country. Big Oil is responsible. They are making money at the cost of our safety and security. Obama is trying to decrease our dependence on foreign oil, but not at all costs.

It’s ironic that both the coal and oil industries have had disasters within weeks of each other because profits were more important than safety. These were not natural disasters. These were manmade disasters and President Obama has called for a full investigation of the coal mine disaster that killed several courageous miners as well as the oil spill and explosion that killed 11 oil workers. Obama has put on hold, until further investigation, anymore new off shore oil drilling operations.

My guess is he won’t continue without extreme safety measures put into place, if at all. He’s probably the one President who will not side with Big Oil. Bush and Cheney both were oil men and would naturally side with big oil. Some safety measures that were needed were presented as being too expensive. A special safety mechanism that cost a half million dollars could have helped prevent a disaster that will cost billions ultimately. And the long term impact is not clear. Will BP cover all the results of this spill?

If that isn’t enough to cause a few extra grey hairs for the President, a terrorist attack was attempted in New York City by way of a car bomb in the middle of Times Square. Now the GOP is out there along with the main stream media outlets declaring that the country is not safe and this should have never happened. And the only saving grace was that the bomber was an amateur.

The truth of the matter is that the Obama administration has various agencies actually talking to each other again. In a nationwide manhunt, they were able to literally identify the suspect, coordinate the information, put him on a no fly list, and literally prevent him from escaping out of the country by stopping the airplane that he boarded before takeoff. He was stopped dead in his tracks which hopefully saves American lives and potentially other attacks. That was a quick response to another potential disaster.

The suspect is talking without the need for illegal torturing. And because of this manhunt, more requirements have been put in place to address the no fly procedures that are designed to eliminate delays or gaps. We were lucky but this also took a lot of coordination and Obama was monitoring the situation until the suspect was captured. We need to gather as much intelligence as possible. The NYC police department, the NYC street vendor, the FBI and the Obama administration should be credited with this accomplishment but the GOP and the Right wing will never accept it. Others have also been arrested in Pakistan.

One thing that we should consider in reference to the lack of sophistication of these last two bomb attempts is that just maybe the Obama administration is pressing the al Qaeda organization to the point that now they have to recruit individuals without the necessary training needed to pull these acts of terrorism off successfully. It doesn’t mean there’s no real danger because there is. Terrorists want to kill Americans for sure by any means necessary. But these new recruits are a different model.

That could be even more dangerous. Obama is keeping the heat on in Pakistan for al Qaeda operatives. I don’t understand why all the operatives that have been arrested, killed or captured seem to stay under the radar according to the media outlets. Every now and then you’ll get a little message about those captured at the bottom of the news screen, but if you blink you may totally miss it. The media is only interested in finding fault with the new President. The foreign terrorist organizations as well as the home based ones are after Obama and the people of this nation. We have to be more aware and if we see something….say something!

There are many ways for terrorists to get kill Americans. This is a new time period that we are living in. This is a worldwide problem. It is counterproductive for the GOP and extreme Right to constantly project the US as not being safe. We should come together as a nation, to present strength to our enemies. The “Right” is actually undermining our national security.

Constantly saying the Obama administration is not keeping America safe simply invites attacks. That is truly un-American. President Obama has done a lot more to fight al Qaeda leaders and operatives than Bush and Cheney did. It’s time to do some real fact checking. The FBI knows how to interrogate. Other issues need to be addressed in this. The GOP is merely distracting, but not dealing. The nation needs to stand united and strong against all terrorism with the President. Obama, as Commander in Chief declares, “We will not cower in fear.” “We will not be terrorized!” President Obama can walk and chew gum at the same time. Thank God.

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How Obama’s Nuclear Weapons Strategy Will Save the World

Apr 19 2010 Published by under Featured News, White House

How Obama’s Nuclear Weapons Strategy Will Save the World

President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton Press Release re START

In the last week, 47 nations were brought together by the President to discuss the issue of international nuclear weapons in a Obama’s Nuclear Security Summit.

After the historic Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty signed the previous week between the United States and Russia, the seemingly logical next step was to get as many nations together as possible to be on the same page. The threat of nuclear weapons getting into the wrong hands like al Qaeda or rogue nations like North Korea or Iran, who are currently developing nuclear weapons, should be of grave concern to the entire world.

Here are two excerpts from Obama’s historic International Nuclear Summit:

“Today, we are declaring that nuclear terrorism is one of the most challenging threats to international security. We also agreed that the most effective way to prevent terrorists and criminals from acquiring nuclear materials is through strong nuclear security — protecting nuclear materials and preventing nuclear smuggling.”

“It is a vital national security interest of the United States to reduce these conflicts because whether we like it or not, we remain a dominant military superpower, and when conflicts break out, one way or another we get pulled into them,” Obama said.

Bringing nations together to establish more security for nuclear materials to prevent illegal trafficking and proliferation was a major intent in the President’s summit.

The diplomatic approach has been extended to Iran, but continues to be a rogue nation. As a result of the President’s Nuclear Security Summit, here are examples of the following nations who have made commitments in this process.

Canada reduced a significant amount of highly enriched uranium. Chili has given up it’s entire stockpile of uranium. Mexico and Ukraine have pledged to follow suit. Pakistan and Argentina committed to new approaches to strengthen the security at their ports. The goal is to prevent smuggling and illegal trafficking of nuclear materials.

Nations such as Thailand, Argentina, and Vietnam have agreed to join these international partnerships and treaties to make this strategy stronger and more unified. China, Japan, India and others have made commitments to formulate Nuclear Security Centers for the technological training, and security of these materials.
The reduction of weapons grade plutonium by both Russia and the US will now be used for energy in their respective countries. In a partnership, both Canada and the US have committed funds to establish nuclear security around the world.

Secretary Gates says the US is prepared to respond to nuclear ambitions from Iran. Iran’s foreign minister wants to discuss a security nuclear fuel deal withe UN. This is significant progress and actual real commitments from the international community. President Obama took this responsibility on as the primary and most powerful leader of the free world and this does more to improve our standing on the world stage as well as our efforts for a peaceful co-existence.
These are all steps in a greater strategy for world peace and security led by President Barack Obama and our ever expanding allies.

This is a dangerous world and I’m sure the President has a lot more intelligence on these matters than most. Common sense would tell you a lot of it can’t be discussed or revealed to the media outlets to prevent anxiety and for our own protection and so the intelligence doesn’t get into the wrong hands. I just wish the main stream media would dedicate more time to bringing more research, facts and a better understanding of what is actually taking place and how all the pieces are connected to the future of the world instead of giving us 24 hour sound bites on Sarah Palin’s lack of knowledge on nuclear weapons.

Remember united we stand; divided we fall. As a country, the Democrats and the very deceptive GOP should also remember that phrase. Obama’s START treaty will save the world from the escalating nuclear weapons race, something every reasonable President has seen as a vital goal of their administration because it is the only way to truly bring security to the world.

Latest development news on the al Qaeda war front as of 4/19/10:

US special operations forces joining with Iraq military in joint effort killing major al Qaeda leader.

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Barack Obama and his MOJO Are Back on the Upswing

Apr 11 2010 Published by under Featured News

The Unstoppable Barack Obama

President Obama is exercising his mojo and is on the move. For a little more than a year now, Obama has been criticized by America for doing nothing. The left says he’s not doing enough and has compromised too much. The right says he has taken over America on one hand with too much government control and power while on the other hand, claiming he is too weak to do anything, but Obama keeps moving forward.

Obama has accomplished in less than a year and a half into his presidency, actual historic policy changes. The landmark healthcare bill that the GOP assumed they had finally stopped with the election of the GOP golden boy, Massachusetts Republican senator and former centerfold, Scott Brown. Brown recently filled Ted Kennedy’s seat and ended the Democratic majority in the US senate.

Well, the GOP was wrong and they underestimated Obama again. He did what he had to do. Health Care Reform had eluded decades of previous administrations. Since the GOP couldn’t stop or destroy Obama, they’ve made healthcare reform their campaign mantra by using their control of the main media streams to denounce it. So Obama, as usual, received about a moment of glory for his historic accomplishment that millions of children, women, college students, the elderly, small businesses and those with pre-existing conditions in the America will benefit from.

Soon after that landmark legislation was completed, Obama made a surprise secret trip to Afghanistan to talk with President Karzai and show his support for the American troops. On the job front, job loss has leveled off and the economy that had fallen off the cliff is recovering. This President has been criticized for taking on too much, but all these issues have been pressing and Obama has been willing and able to press on.

Recently, President Obama and Medvedev of Russia signed a new and also historic Nuclear Arms Reduction Treaty in Prague. The old one had expired and a new one needed to be established. Barack Obama has always made it clear how he feels about nuclear weapons and the 21st century. Contrary to popular opinion, after all he did receive the Nobel Peace Prize for a reason. It does reduce both world powers’ nuclear weapons. This is part of a greater strategy. How can we continue to expect other nations to be conscious without making adjustments ourselves? With this move, Obama continues to push for sanctions against Iran.

There’s more than enough nuclear power to continue to protect the US if need be. The goal is more to unite more of the world against Iran or other countries like North Korea who are determined to be rogues in the field of nuclear proliferation. So after another few moments of historic glory for our new President, the GOP once again begin their never ending attack on Barack Obama, with all the media networks willing to give them more than enough air time to spread their lies, denouncements and fabrications. How do we count the ways?

Let’s start with Newt Gingrich. Newt says he’s the most radical President the United States has ever had. Really? The so-called Tea Party calls him Hitler. The tea party may have some legitimate anger but most of it is leading to dangerous and extreme racial hatred. Liz Cheney says he apologizes and appeases to other countries. By the time Bush and Cheney left office, America was seen in a very negative light worldwide. Obama is simply cleaning up their mess internationally. Sarah Barracuda and “media darling” implies he’s a kid on the playground who turns the other cheek.

You know how the media reports on everything Palin says as if her fabrications, attacks and rantings have some actual relevance to real governing and policy. Her wicked one liners only stoke the hatred of the extreme right. The media actually let her get away with marking a US map with rifle crossbars calling on the so called conservatives to target and reload on all Dems who supported the Health Care Reform Law. So according to the GOP, is President Obama a powerful monster or a gentle Savior? Which is it going to be? What is the GOP selling? They’re selling fear of Obama at all costs.

And let’s look at the left wing liberals. Their biggest claim is that he has not been liberal enough even though it is quite clear that the Good Ole Boys in the Senate on both sides of the aisle have devised everything in their power to try to stop every policy that Obama tries to get through the congress even when it’s their own ideas. So instead of establishing a united front to support the Democratic agenda, most Dems sit quietly while the GOP run wild with false claims and misleading information. The GOP continues to win the media message with the huge support of all the major networks. Their base is fired up and the Dems are not. The Dems are too concerned about losing their positions.

That fact is understandable but they were elected to serve the people and that should be the primary focus, not themselves. For the left, he has secured Health Care Reform into law, he’s pushing to end Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, he’s helped on mortgages for American homeowners, college loans, a job’s bill for the unemployed, appointed an extremely qualified Latina female to the Supreme Court, emergency aid for the Haiti earthquake disaster, the credit card accountability act, the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and lot’s more. It took a united front to get the Healthcare Bill into Law. Let’s come together to get the rest of the work done.

He also met recently with the Black Caucus to address the African American community who has the single highest level of unemployment in the United States.

Next on Obama’s agenda is making his 2nd appointment to the Supreme Court with the recently announced retirement of the honorable John Paul Stevens who led the charge for the liberal unit of the Supreme Court. His shoes will be very hard to fill. The Republicans are already attacking Obama before he even announces a name for the appointment. They are against whoever that choice may be. So here comes the next major battle against the President …… the next Supreme Court Judge appointment.

And still he takes time to personally call the union head representing the 29 West Virginia coal miners who tragically lost their lives recently to see what this administration can do to prevent another tragedy such as this one from happening again.

President Obama is not afraid to tackle and address the big issues that face America. He has to make some compromises because he is the President of the United States of America and not just the liberal wing. The Democratic Party must unite and get energized behind our President so we can then accomplish more changes and progress for the benefit of this nation.

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A Call for Progressive Action In the Massachusetts Senate Race

Jan 16 2010 Published by under Featured News

As we arrive at this transformational moment in the history of our country and the Obama administration, here are the Republicans standing in the way to stop progress for main stream America by any means necessary.

Tuesday will mark the day in American history that could give the GOP the momentum they need to block the Obama administration’s agenda for the people and give the power back to the party whose greed and corruption nearly destroyed the nation with an economic recession that will take years to recover from.

How ironic is it for the senate seat of the “Lion”, the late Senator Ted Kennedy, and his intense life’s work on healthcare reform to be challenged and in jeopardy by GOP candidate Scott Brown, who is determined to stop healthcare reform if he is elected? That is absolutely unbelievable and tragic that it could even be a possibility! What is wrong with the people of Massachusetts?

Ted Kennedy worked tirelessly and ferociously for the state of Massachusetts. This is one of the most significant senate races and time periods of the year in regards to the success of this administration’s policies.

The Democratic challenger Martha Coakley, the current Attorney General in Massachusetts, was leading in the polls by a significant margin up until about a week ago. Then all of a sudden there was this massive push by the GOP with the notion that this election could prevent the sixty seat majority currently taking place in the senate.

They came out of the woodwork to try to defeat Barack Obama’s healthcare plan by bringing all the support and funding needed. Instead of a state battle for a senate seat, it has become a national battle by the GOP to defeat Barack Obama. It seems like a crime of gigantic proportions.

All the work, all the drama, all the meetings, all the fights, all the challenges have come down to a few days and one man. All we know is that he is against the current administration and all of its policies like all the other republican prototypes.

Even though Ted Kennedy held that seat for an adult lifetime, GOP candidate Scott Brown refuses to even acknowledge it. He says the seat did not belong to Ted Kennedy, it belongs to the people. That is technically true, but it was so arrogant and disrespectful in how he referred to it after all the work done by Ted Kennedy for the state of Massachusetts. Ted Kennedy had worked across party lines and pushed through more policies than any other member of the senate.

Scott Brown is also against the fees Obama is proposing for the financial institutions that are “too big to fail” that are paying out seven and eight figure bonuses this year to their supposed top performers. Again I say what is wrong with the people of Massachusetts? Why is this happening? The Republicans are so charged and ready to pounce like vultures. They smell blood and the idea that they have a new opportunity to stop Barack Obama is just too much excitement.

And when Scott Brown was a younger man, he posed nude in Cosmopolitan. Now some may say that’s dirty politics, but if were in reverse it would mean something different.

The GOP would be screaming! People seem to simply find it amusing. I think it shows a peek into his social character and need for recognition and self focus. I have not heard his desire for the people. His support is for Wall Street and the big financial institutions and he is against healthcare reform.

In December, Democratic challenger, Martha Coakley was ahead in the polls by about 30 points.In less than a week, GOP candidate Scott Brown has taken the lead in this race for the senate that could derail the sixty member democratic majority.
Election Day is Tuesday, January 19, 2010. This is basically one year from Barack Obama being sworn in as President of the United States of
America. If democratic challenger, Martha Coakley loses this seat, the GOP will be able to filibuster all of President Obama’s policies which will block progress again for main stream America.

President Obama is currently handling sending US aid to Haiti, managing two wars, rebuilding the economy, saving and trying to create jobs, pushing healthcare reform, challenging the banks, dealing with threats of terror against the US and his life. And he is also dealing with the nonstop challenges and lies of the GOP.

In terms of aid to Haiti, it has become one of the most horrific disasters in the world and modern history and he has to keep a focus on the tragedy because it’s about life and death and United States leadership in caring for and supporting our neighbors on a humanitarian level.

Still, because of the significance of this election and his entire agenda as the President, he has to risk his political capital and go to Massachusetts on Sunday to stump for the Democratic candidate. Either he has to get the long hard battle of healthcare reform resolved before Tuesday or he has to deal with the long hard battle with the GOP over everything including HCR through the endless filibuster process.

This senate race is extremely important on multiple levels. Obama wants to honor the late Ted Kennedy’s service to the senate and his life’s work and fight for healthcare reform. The democratic majority in the senate needs to be protected to get HCR through and all the other relevant policies urgent to main stream America.

We can’t let the GOP take us back to the days of Bush and Cheney. We can’t afford to have all our democratic policies blocked. We can’t let the GOP win this one.

Democrats have lost 2 governors races to the GOP last year due to their campaigns of lies and misleading information. This seat is too important. Let’s help the President. He has enough on his plate.

That is why this is a notification to call and write everyone we know in Massachusetts to vote Democratic. Democrats cannot lose this seat. Democrats cannot allow the GOP to continue to constantly stop the progress of our nation! The GOP is already gloating and the results are not in!

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2009: The Year of Right Wing Jihad against President Barack Obama

Dec 28 2009 Published by under Featured News

2009 began with the inauguration of our new and first African American President, Barack Obama, and became the year that GOP and the Extreme Right Wing of the party became energized and very proactive in its goal to be destructive to our new President and his administration and policies by any means necessary.

Obama’s election was electric, exciting, historic and emotional. The whole world was watching and a new wave of enthusiasm erupted from the young and the old. After a dismal, secretive, greed driven and war torn 8 years, a new sense of HOPE had emerged. There was a new spirit that we could once again believe in and the America that we all loved and were proud to be a part of could once again exist.

After massive support of Barack Obama, a new world order began. We put the weight and troubles of the world on one man and his vision and then waited for him to resolve it all. What I want to know is what happened to all that energy, drive and support that elected our fresh new and intelligent President? Why did we think that he could handle it alone? Where was our role and responsibility in the new administration and the CHANGE we were expecting and counting on?

Something else began during this same time period except it had the total opposite impact. Those who had suffered the strong and bitter loss began a new campaign as well with full participation of its membership. The GOP and the Extreme Right Wing of the party became energized and very proactive in its goal to be destructive to our new President and his administration and policies by any means necessary.

The poison spread rapidly. It began with the announcement of Sarah Palin as the running mate for John Mc Cain. She ignited the right wing with wild and extremely wild accusations against then Senator Barack Obama. Fact checking was a vague after thought by the media who once followed Obama. They now had a new media sensation that they found to be far more
exciting and facts and intelligence was not a requirement. The seeds were planted and the main stream media outlets joined forces with the Republican Party and the people who had successfully elect President Barack Obama took a back seat and silently watched the drama play out.

President Barack Obama began his bi-partisan approach to establishing his administration and policies for the country. After the Bush/Cheney administration took the country to the brink of disaster economically, Obama discovered the country was in much worse shape than he had been led to believe before taking office.

As the war in Iraq was winding down, the war in Afghanistan had been left in turmoil. Many of the secrets of the Bush administration had begun to unravel. The neglect in Afghanistan had turned into massive corruption and a Taliban that was much stronger and more established. Troops were barely supported. The surge had reduced the violence in Iraq but violence had increased elsewhere.

The status of the economy had taken priority front and center. It required a bold and massive stimulus to even begin to simply prevent the US from falling off the cliff into the deep depression that the Bush administration had created and walked quietly away from. With the support of main stream media, the GOP began their assault and to this day, they have not let up. They made wild accusations based off seriously misleading information. FOX cable news took the leadership role with the attacks by Glenn Beck, Hannity and others.

Every member of the GOP who wanted to speak out received major air time. Facts were not required. And then Rush Limbaugh, Palin and newly elected GOP leader Steele began their attacks. Back in the days of real journalism versus sensationalism, this would not have happened without verifiable facts to support the claims.

Next out of the dark dangerous world of GOP politics emerges the highly secretive and power hungry former VP Dick Cheney. He has appeared on camera more in the last year speaking out against President Barack Obama then all eight years combined under the Bush administration.

His whole motive was to destroy the image and character of the new President and save his own legacy by implying weakness and trying to change the facts that it was he and the Bush administration who had hurt the country the most through the destruction of the economy and falsely leading America into war with Iraq including illegal torture that is yet to be proven beneficial as he has claimed. His chief of staff was convicted of leaking and endangering the identity of a CIA agent. It was the first time that a conviction had gotten than close to the
office of the Presidency.

In the meantime throughout the course of 2009, President Barack Obama was working hard to resolve the disastrous economy, two wars, a pandemic, joblessness climbing at
a rate the country had not seen in several years, a housing crisis, healthcare reform that was bankrupting and denying millions of Americans coverage and claims and more.

Obama has worked on improving the image of America worldwide. His message is one of peace during wartime. He has managed to move healthcare reform further than any previous President who has tried. He was successfully able to get an intelligent and highly qualified Latina female appointed as a Supreme Court justice and lots more. The GOP has fought him every step of the way on everything.

During this first year of office, where was the support of the media for the President of the US? Where was the left wing? All of the progressives speaking out against Obama now, where were you all year during the attacks and negative drive of the right? In August during those ridiculous town hall meetings that had nothing to do with healthcare other than the confused citizens screaming that they did not want the government running their Medicare!!! If the left and the right are screaming at Barack Obama, maybe it means he is doing something for the majority. Stop your complaining for a minute and take a serious look at the progress and the prevention of disaster.

President Barack Obama has been pragmatic and he is working for the long haul and for the people. If you really examine this time period in our history, this is a period of major transformation. Any leader during this time will have to endure pressure from all directions because he must lead and navigate through the chaos and turmoil that the real CHANGE will cause before the benefit is actualized.

Major structures such as government bodies, corporations, institutions, etc. will have to change because it is time. I wonder how it would be if the President really had the support of those who elected him. Let’s give him time to do the extremely difficult task that he has taken on and that we have given him.

This mess was not created in a year and it is going to take more than a year to alter. These are extremely difficult times, but it could have been much worse if it were not for President Barack Obama. Let’s work with him and not against him. We have to fight the Extremists who represent destruction. It is time to be co creators in the change that is necessary.

There are not many real journalists left to report the news. The cable news giants have bought into the GOP sensationalism. Ask yourselves what you can do to require the mainstream media outlets to report the truth and shy away from the misleading and unsubstantiated claims of the GOP in the New Year? The President needs our support. Everything is at stake.

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