Republicans Look To Return to the Dark Ages with Climate Science Investigation

Nov 05 2010 Published by under Featured News

Now that Republicans control the House of Representatives, they promise to fulfill their threat to investigate everything in order to obstruct the Obama Administration. Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell, claims their two-fold goal is to repeal the Affordable Health Care legislation, and prevent President Obama from being re-elected to a second term. McConnell has an operative ready to distract Obama’s Administration with investigations into everything from the president’s birthplace, to the world’s leading scientists.

One of the first strikes Darrel Issa (R-CA) has promised is to launch investigations of international climate science data the EPA uses to link greenhouse gas emissions to global climate change. Why is the EPA one of the first targets? Their goal is to curb or end regulations the energy industry doesn’t like. Republicans make no secret that they want to deregulate the oil and coal industry, and it feels like they are repaying the Koch brothers for their campaign contributions. The repayment is tying up the EPA with investigations. The EPA Administrator, Lisa P. Jackson, admitted that an anti-regulatory campaign could hinder EPA work, and that new vehicle-emission rules would be in danger because “its the efforts we’ve seen to take away the agency’s greenhouse gas authority.”

Issa intends to contest worldwide scientific research and data as being unproven and invalid because conservatives don’t believe global climate change is real. Republican congressional committees could put the EPA on the defensive and create political pressure that could cause the Democrats and President Obama to pull back on environmental policy issues out of fear of the 2012 elections.

It is a dirty trick, but it’s normal for Republicans. It is unfathomable that a legislator with no scientific background can challenge climate scientists from around the world, but with conservatives controlling the House, they will be able to keep the EPA on the defensive, and in effect, impotent. Issa is not a climate scientist and according to his bio, not really any kind of scientist (BA in business admin). He is unqualified and couldn’t challenge complex scientific empirical data. His goal is to pander to the oil industry and destroy the EPA along with Obama’s energy policy that does not favor the Koch brothers.

In Virginia, attorney general Ken Cuccinelli attacked climate scientists because he doesn’t believe in global climate change. He does believe in eliminating regulations on the mining industry,  and has been on a campaign to discredit climate science in Virginia through investigations and court cases. Even though a judge blocked Cuccinelli’s case, he filed another suit to discredit the same researcher in hopes of finding a judge who will be sympathetic to the mining industry. Fortunately for science, Cuccinelli himself is under investigation for fraud in his attempts to discredit the climate scientist.

America is ridiculed around the world for clinging to superstition and rejecting science on any number of subjects, but simpletons like Issa and Cuccinelli do not care.  Their baseless opinions and beliefs are above science because of their arrogance, religion, and loyalty to the energy industry. The audacity of investigating scientists from around the world, and questioning their data is absolutely mind-boggling. They don’t question science when it involves medical procedures, and if they were true to their belief that science is bad, they would use home remedies and prayer for massive heart attacks.

The truth is that opportunists like Issa and Cuccinelli only challenge science when it suits their politics. If the oil industry stopped handing out cash to Republicans, investigations into scientists or their data would be lower on the list. Issa and his cohorts are willing to cripple the EPA for money, and not because they love dirty air. Coupled with the oil industry money and the goal of obstructing the Obama Administration, it is simple to understand why they want to investigate scientific data, and any other subject that will disable Obama’s agenda.

Republicans, and Issa in particular, promised there will be investigations into everything to do with Barack Obama for the sole purpose of limiting him to one term as president. Mitch (turtle-boy) McConnell openly says it is his primary goal, along with repealing the Affordable Health Care act, and it guarantees that for two years, America will wallow in investigations and stagnation as Republicans bring the government to a halt. If they can prevent the EPA from enforcing clean air standards along the way, or eliminating the standards all together, that will get them more cash from the Kochs.

America must advance into the 21st century and recognize that science is necessary to a quality life and economic prosperity; in spite of what crazy climate-change deniers say. It is too bad that we have reverted to questioning science like the Church did in the Dark Ages, and appalling that a non-scientist is challenging the world’s leading climate scientists; all to protect the oil industry and limit President Obama to one term. What a waste of time and money.

Many racist Americans support investigating and stopping Obama at any cost. It is counter-productive and not the reason representatives are sent to Washington. Americans have seen conservatives’ vindictiveness for the past 22 months, and we’ll feel it for at least the next two years. Republicans’ constituents should feel cheated by their representatives whose sole intention is not to govern, but to cripple the government out of sheer hatred of a black man in the Oval Office.

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Ten Things You’ll Be Voting Against if You Vote Republican

Nov 02 2010 Published by under Featured News, Issues, Republican Party

Today is the day we go to vote in the 2010 midterm elections. The results of this election will reverberate far beyond our localities; they will affect the entire country and indeed, the entire world.  We are half-way through the term of a Democratic administration that if it is not as far left as some would wish, is still what this country needs to free itself from the lawlessness and mal-administration of the previous Republican administration. It is important to remember when you vote what you are casting your vote for (and against). If you vote Republican, these are the things you are voting against:

Women – It’s strange when you think about it: the party that claims to be against government interference in our lives wanting to give the government control and authority over women’s bodies. But that’s what they want. They want government out of THEIR business – quite liberally, out of corporations business – but they want government in YOURS. They want the government to regulate morality AS THEY SEE IT.  Government interference is just fine and dandy if it’s the kind they approve of. Meanwhile, corporations can pollute all they want, treat works as shabbily as they want, offer you no benefits of any kind, including health insurance and retirement, and pay no taxes while reaping huge profits and benefit packages for the CEOs and Boards of Directors who are robbing you blind.

Free Speech – this is another one Republicans pay lipservice to but which they’re not really interested in. Their operative definition of free speech is their right to say anything they want. The other side has absolutely no right to be heard in response, either to question or to challenge, or to make their opinion known. President Bush liked to stack the deck by speaking only to friendly audiences; he refused to answer questions. John McCain and Sarah Palin upped the ante by refusing to allow questions to even be asked. Joe Miller and Rand Paul have questioners beat up or arrested. Most Republican candidates decline to appear on networks that will actually ask them questions and some refuse even to engage in debate with their opponents.

Education – Republicans hate education and the Department of Education has become a focus of that hate. During the Bush administration, the Republicans declared war on science and on environmental science specifically. Republicans want everyone to be educated either via a church-sponsored Faith-Based program or at home via a Christian homeschooling program. They do not want you educated; they want you indoctrinated.  They do not like science and a modern country that cuts science out of the equation is sentencing itself to third-world status and increased fatality levels from pollution.

Environment – Republicans hate the environment. Those who do not hate it on the grounds that it threatens corporate profits oppose it on religious grounds, in the bizarre and mistaken belief that God will fix the environment, or that the Parousia (End Time) is arriving, making the environment irrelevant. The recent Gulf Oil spill is an example of what will happen if we continue to have a largely unregulated oil industry. The Bush era EPA even claimed it did not have the right to protect the environment, which, of course, is its mandate. How far we’ve come since the days of Nixon, who established the EPA.

Law & Order – The Republicans don’t like the Constitution and they don’t seem to like any law. We have seen how a Republican administration tramples rights and tortures and deprives people of their supposedly inalienable rights under the Bush administration. It won’t get any better, only worse, if they start calling the shots again. The Republicans plundered our government and they plundered the American people to line their pockets, and when anyone speaks up, they get their head stomped on or they get handcuffed by Party thugs right out of the 30s.

Workers Rights – The GOP – what calls Republicorp – doesn’t want workers to have any rights. The only rights belong to America’s corporate masters. The average citizen will have to subsist on the scraps tossed their way.  Workers are not entitled to a living wage let alone benefits of any kind. FOX News calls this “The War on Business” – that is, anything to do with making corporations pay taxes, obey regulations which protect the environment and not only the consumer but international economic stability, provide benefits and a fair working wage.

Democracy – Republicans aren’t interested in democracy. They are interested in privileging one particular ideology – their own – and outlawing all others. Remember how when they lost in 2008 they claimed to be a “government in exile” and claimed that the lawfully elected Democratic administration was an illegal usurper government. Republicans favor corporate owned government, and even foreign owned government; in short, any government that can be bought and owned and which is not answerable to the public.

Social Security and Medicare – The Republican party wants to do away with these things, eliminating any realistic chance that workers will be able to retire and survive while rich corporations and their wealthy Robber Baron CEOs live in the lap of luxury with Golden Parachutes waiting for them, and Republican office holders raise their salaries  and enjoy socialized medicine.

Freedom of Religion – The Republican Party has become the party of one narrow-minded sect of conservative Christians and they want everyone to have to believe as they believe and live by their laws – their religious laws. A Republican government believes that the First Amendment says the opposite of what it actually says, and that the Founding Fathers somehow intended to establish the United States as a Christian theocracy.

The Constitution – We’ve mentioned Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion above, but we might as well throw in the rest of the Constitution as well. Republicans hate the Constitution. The only parts they show any liking for are the Second (right to bear arms) and Tenth (states’ rights) amendments, and some of them have suggested doing away with ALL the amendments. They claim to be fighting for it but they offer no evidence at all. Nearly everything they want out of this election is in some way unconstitutional.  None of this is surprising when it is considered how little Republicans know about the Constitution.

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The GOP Wants a Return to the Gilded Age. Do You?

Oct 16 2010 Published by under Featured News, Issues, Republican Party

The Gilded Age

During the Gilded Age of the late 19th century, there was a great deal of money to be made. A class of men known as tycoons became insanely wealthy and a sharp divide grew between the haves and have-nots in American society. In an age that embraced ideas of social Darwinism, the rich came to believe that they deserved to be rich, that by the act of being rich they were better than everyone else; not only in the sense that wealth made them better but in that being better made them wealthy. Those who were poor, under- or un-employed or starving on the streets deserved their lot in life. They were poor because they were inferior.

The Gilded Age was the starting point of the Progressive movement in America, and is it any surprise? It was a time when women had no rights, blacks had no rights, workers had no rights, an age when children were worked to death in horrible conditions, and adults too. The common people had no remedy, no retirement, no health insurance, no laws to protect them from the awful conditions of their lives, lives made more brutal by the rapacity of the rich tycoons who literally lorded it over them from mansions that still inspire awe today.

In his book, Age of Betrayal, Atlantic senior editor Jack Beatty presents this dark side of the Gilded Age. As The Atlantic says of his book,

The industrialization of the country, which brought so much wealth to so few, left most of the rest struggling to get by as wage laborers, working for someone else in the factory or on the farm. And wealth influenced and co-opted the government at all levels, through unregulated campaign contributions, vote buying, and similar machinations.

It’s not a pretty picture. Beatty emphasizes “the grinding poverty, the bloody racial hatred, the violent labor strikes, and the corrupt politics that also characterize that era.” The similarities to our own age are clear: “once again a yawning gap has opened between rich and poor, and political influence is available for the taking by anyone willing and able to pay.”

This is the world the complete lack of regulation created. This is the world Republicans would have us return to.

It was in the wake of this era that businesses came together at the invitation of President Taft and created the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The government used to work closely with the corporations. You might say the corporations owned the government. The corporations liked it this way. They made money, they got rich, and the government helped them do it, allegedly in the interest of the United States.

Beatty points out the William Jennings Bryan changed all that.

Breaking with the sterile anti-statism of his party, Bryan said that government should be active on behalf of the people. That’s the turn in the Democratic party. Essentially, Wilson, FDR, Truman, and the rest followed where Bryan led. Government should act to protect the people against private power, through anti-trust. It should act with old-age pensions, and with workers’ compensation, and the like. Bryan is often rendered as a backward-looking pastoralist. But in fact, he began modern politics, because he introduced the populist impulse into the Democratic party—the idea that government should support the people.

The corporations didn’t like this. They never did. It was about them, they said. They somehow inserted themselves into the Founding documents as “We the Corporations” and now the Supreme Court has even ruled that like us, corporations are people. It is now legal to buy elections; it is even legal to do it with foreign money. The corporations fought tooth and nail against the progressive movement and they are fighting still, and they seem to be turning the tables on us.

Unregulated capitalism gave us the evils of the Gilded Age. Unregulated capitalism gave us the crash of 2008 that has left not just America, but much of the world, reeling. This is the Republican promise: more rape of America and of the American people so that a few rich people can get richer, so that corporations can ignore regulation or even by the votes to have it cast aside, so that they can do whatever they want to whomever they want to get richer. Be damned to the planet and to the people who live on it. Answerable to no one, they will foist a new Gilded Age upon us.

US Chamber of Commerce: A Monument to the Gilded Age

And the Chamber of Commerce would ease their way. Look at some of the backward-looking stances taken by that body:

  • Pro-Social Security Reform
  • Pro-Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Drilling
  • Pro-Offshore Oil Drilling
  • Pro-Nuclear Power
  • Against taxation increase on businesses
  • Against many union-supported polices

These are all stances that should chill the heart of any American who believes in equality and in the rights of the common people. These are all policies that serve the rich and the rich alone, that serve to widen the gap between rich and poor and to consolidate power (and government) in the hands of a few.

And Glen Beck is the Chamber’s big supporter. According to Media Matters,

This week, Fox News host Glenn Beck joined News Corp. as a major backer of the Chamber of Commerce: Beck’s call for donations to the Chamber on the October 14 edition of his radio show earned him on-air praise from the group’s top brass and drove so much traffic to the Chamber’s contribution website that it crashed.

Apparently an adherent of the view that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” so-called populist warrior Beck implored his audience to fork over their hard-earned cash to corporate darling Chamber of Commerce, “just because the Obama administration hates them.”

The Gilded Age was a pretty awful time unless you were that top 1% of the population. Things were great for them. They could legally rape the rest of us – and they did. And they want to again. And the Republicans want to enable them. The Party of Big Business, they want to re-introduce us to the world our forefathers knew, a world where our betters could use us into the grave to line their pockets. They get their Golden Parachutes; we don’t even get a retirement.

That’s the world they want. Is it the world you want?

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Evan Bayh and the Environment Symbolic of Our National Paralysis

Aug 27 2010 Published by under Featured News, Issues

Signatories of the Kyoto Protocol

The United States of America has a woeful environmental record. I mean, it is simply dismal if you look at the figures. Even worse if you look at America’s steadfast refusal to participate in any global climate reform initiative. Does the Kyoto Protocol ring any bells? The Kyoto Protocol was adopted on 11 December 1997 in Kyoto, Japan and became effective on 16 February 2005. To date, according to the United Nations, 192 parties have signed and ratified the protocol.

But not the United States. Remember that fact as you read along.

The reader might ask why I am singling out Senator Evan Bayh for today’s roasting. The answer is simple: he is my senator. By mine I mean that he purports to represent me and my interests in the Senate. In what is surely not a solitary lament, I complain that he does not.

But Senator Bayh is retiring, you might protest. Yes, he is, but he is representative of a bigger problem, and his stance on environmental issues are hardly unique.

I send many letters to my congressmen and sign many petitions. Obviously I do not hear back on the petitions but I do read the responses I receive to my letters with some interest. It is true they are form letters; a senator can hardly afford to personally address himself to each of his constituents. And it is to one of these responses I shall address myself here today.

Evan Bayh

The letter to which I am referring is from Evan Bayh and it is regarding climate change. I’ve actually answered his responses before and he likely treats my answers like I treat his. So I thought I’d use a public forum to answer him this time.

“I am deeply concerned about the threat posed by global climate change.”

This makes me wince. I find this difficult to believe you mean this as you’ve been rated 74% by the League of Conservation Voters, indicating pro-environment votes. (Dec 2003) and 77 percent rating from the LCV in 2008. Your ratings have been pretty consistent.

“The scientific consensus on this issue is unequivocal. Global warming is real and greenhouse gas emissions from human activity are causing it. Scientists and others warn that climate change threatens our nation’s security, and may imperil future generations’ opportunity for safe, healthy, and prosperous lives.”

Well said. However, I feel a “but” coming. Oh! Here it is:

“However, any carbon-constraining mechanism must protect Hoosier ratepayers, workers and businesses from increased costs.”

It all comes down to the almighty dollar, doesn’t it? I realize the economy is suffering and so are the American people.

In 2009, Senator Bayh, you voiced concerns about cap and trade, arguing that Indiana’s economy would suffer. Yes, it would reduce carbon emissions, but as he claimed on MSNBC’s Hardball, “If you don’t do it in the right kind of way, you’re taking money from carbon-intensive states like Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and redistributing it to California, New York.”

The problem is that almost all of the electricity in Indiana is still produced from coal, a leading cause of carbon emissions and an industry that is certain to face the greatest challenges and costs if a cap-and-trade system is created.

“Additionally, other nations of the world must be included in this effort, because if they are not, our action will be for naught.”

Remember when I asked you to remember America’s non-participation in the Kyoto Protocol?

Other nations ARE involved, Senator Bayh.

And just last July, Democrats in the Senate abandoned a bill to cap carbon emissions in the face of opposition. Senator Bayh, you talk about how our response must be based on foreign participation but as the Huffington Post reports, the US failure to pass the proposed legislation will likely have a negative effect on world climate reform.

Has it occurred to you that people in other countries are saying the same thing about us that you say about them?

You see, I hope, where the problem lies?

And look at this mode of thinking for a moment. You’re saying that you know we have to do it, but you’re also saying that if everyone else doesn’t do it too that we don’t have to. If everyone takes this attitude, nothing will get done – ever.

That seems to be the problem, and with all due respect to you Senator, you are part of the problem. You are not part of the solution.

You have been more interested in saving your job than in saving the planet.

You said, on another occasion, “Clearly, if we could get a global solution to this problem, that would be ideal, but I have seen nothing to suggest that the Chinese or the Indians are anxious about participating, and until that is the case, we are not going to solve the problem.”

It might not solve the problem, Senator Bayh, but it would help. Are you saying that unless we can do it all at once we should do nothing at all, and just let the pollution continue unabated? Is the old expression “charity begins at home” helpful at all in this regard?

Can we say that unless everyone does it, I shouldn’t bother either because just my actions alone won’t solve the problem? Is that really a viable excuse?

And look at the map for a moment, Senator. Do you see who agreed to the Protocol? China (30 Aug 2002) and India (26 Aug 2002). Do you see who did not? The United States.

“Please rest assured, should legislation regarding global climate change be introduced in the 111th Congress, I will keep your views in mind.”

For the record, your scorecard: 111th, 1st session is just 82%. You may be keeping my views in mind, Senator Bayh, but you are not acting on them.

I know you are retiring, Senator Bayh, but keep in mind what could be, if you will: As the LCV announced in their 2009 overview, “Consider that each of the six new senators endorsed by LCV in 2008 earned a perfect 100% in 2009. In sharp contrast, the six senators they replaced had an average lifetime score of 23%.”

This is what we want, Senator Bayh. Action, not words. Thomas Paine said, “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” The United States has not led, it has not followed, and it cannot get out of the way. If I am lucky, my next senator will understand that it is too late for spurious reasoning, that it is time to act

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Director James Cameron Calls Out Glenn Beck

Apr 26 2010 Published by under Featured News

To James Cameron Glenn Beck is no joke

Director James Cameron was on MSNBC’s Hardball today and when he was asked by host Chris Matthews about the power Glenn Beck, he delivered an ominous warning, “Guys like Beck and the others, I think they are very dangerous to this country.” Some on the Left like Cameron are starting to wake up and realize that Beck, Limbaugh, and the others need to be taken seriously as more than entertainers.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

When asked about the power of right wing talkers, like Glenn Beck, Cameron said, “Guys like Beck and the others, I think they are very dangerous to this country, and I think that someday they are going to have to answer to my children, your children, and their children for the world that they are helping to create right now.” Cameron was on the show to talk about climate change, and the environmental message in Avatar, but his statement above not only applies to the power of Beck and others when it comes to shaping attitudes about the environment, but how they feed into the darkest part of our national psyche.

People on the Left for too long have dismissed Beck, Limbaugh, and the other right wing talkers as nothing more than entertainment for the America’s conservative right, and while they began that way, the stumbles and lack of leadership within the Republican Party, combined with the right’s fear of a black president, has elevated them to an important leadership role. Glenn Beck may sound crazy to the rest of us, but he is a valued source of facts for the far right. It is irrelevant to them, that much of what Beck states are not true. What is important to them is that he confirms their own beliefs.

Currently on the right, misinformation is power, which means that Beck and Limbaugh are sitting in the catbird seat within the GOP. These are the loudest voices against climate change. Beck is doing the bidding of corporate America by letting our environment be destroyed while he embarks on a quest to discredit science. Cameron is correct. Glenn Beck is dangerous, not because he disagrees with the left, but because he intentionally creates and spreads a climate of ignorance, fear, and misinformation for his own personal gain. Beck is the poster child for the right wing philosophy of selfishness before community.

Here is the full interview in case you want to check it out:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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Virginia GOP Politicizes Snow Storm to Argue Against Climate Change

Feb 06 2010 Published by under Republican Party

In their quest to politicize everything, the Republican Party sunk to a new low today in the state of Virginia, as they are using the current record snow storm in a new ad that mocks Democrats for supporting climate change legislation. The Republican are ignoring that events like the massive snow event are exactly what scientists are warning of.

Here is the ad courtesy of Think Progress:

The ad attacks Rep. Rick Boucher and Rep. Tom Periello, because they both support climate change legislation and, “think global warming is a serious problem for Virginia…so serious they voted to kill tens of thousands of Virginia jobs just to stop it.” It tells viewers to, “Call Boucher and Perriello and tell them how much global warming you get this weekend. Maybe they’ll come help you shovel.”


The problem is that the ad itself is actually evidence in support of global warming. The historic Mid-Atlantic snowstorm is exactly what climate change scientists are warning about. Global warming does not mean strictly, higher temperatures, which is the definition that the Republicans are trying to apply.

The warming of the earth will cause weather patterns to become more extreme, not hot, but extreme, Republicans know this, so they have to mock and discredit climate change to cover up their real agenda. Business is opposed to climate change legislation because they think it will decrease their profits.

The Republican opposition has little to do with science, and everything to do with protecting the corporate and pro-business interests that fund the GOP. If conservatives could discover away for corporate interests to make a quick buck off of climate change legislation, they would be all for it, but they can’t so they will continue to mock and discredit, all the while hiding their true motives, by using silly nonsensical ads which are designed to appeal to the lowest common denominator.

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Left Behind: Conservatives’ Values are Anti-American

Feb 03 2010 Published by under Republican Party, U.S. Senate

What exactly does the modern day conservative stand for? They’ve got a lot of confusion going on there, and not too many solid, consistent values. We’ve got regression, rage, and stupidity as an on-going theme, and the omni-present hatred of the “other”.

According to the latest Daily Kos poll, they don’t stand for much. These folks think Obama should be impeached, they think he’s a socialist, they think Sarah Palin is more qualified to be President than Obama. They are not sure (oh, poor dears) if Obama wants the terrorists to win or if Acorn stole the 2008 election. They’re not sure if Obama is a racist, but they do know they don’t really want to secede (one clear goal is always good). They don’t like unions or illegal immigrants. They don’t want openly gay people to serve in the military or marry or receive any federal or state bennies, or to teach in our schools, but they do want creationism taught in schools (another value! That’s two). They think marriage is an “equal partnership” (but Sarah Palin, who is more qualified to run country, can’t even read a book without permission from her husband…is this more separate but equal?). They think contraception should be outlawed, birth control pill is abortion, and abortion is murder. They’re “pro-life” but support death penalty. They do think women should work outside of home (oh, happy progress!). They are sure that Jesus is the only way to get to heaven. Phew.

That’s a lot of confusion going on there, and not too many solid, consistent values.

What we’ve got here is regression, rage, and stupidity as an on-going theme, and the omni-present hatred of the “other”. But the good news is it looks like conservatives have inched their way into the 20th century, as they now think a woman should work outside the home! This is real progress. Don’t give up, people! In the 22nd century, you will finally be behind health care for all! Better late than never, eh?

These are the same folks who tout “Freedom, free market capitalism, lower taxes, and less government”, along with“Socialist! Commie! Nazi! Libtard!”. In other words, your basic rage-filled tea bagger’s cry, coming from the misinformed and left-behind “traditionalist” who doesn’t really stand for tradition at all, at least not American tradition. These “values” don’t gel with one another. At all.

Their “values” are all over the map because their words are meaningless. This is a movement of such contradiction and revisionism that it can not afford to expose its members to the President answering questions for Republicans, lest a moment of cognitive dissonance overcomes the member, which could result in thought….

Allowing constituents to think is never a good thing when you’re selling pseudo-populism with a bright red, faux-morality cherry on top. Yes, Sarah, this is your moment to shine. Sell that rage. It’s what you do.

In fact, conservatives’ words have come to mean the opposite of their dictionary definition. Conservatives recently even felt the need to rewrite the bible, history books, and encyclopedias. And now, apparently, the Federalist Papers must also be “revised” in order to fit their propaganda.

These are the folks who brought us Sarah Palin, “I’ve been exonerated of all wrong-doing” when in fact, she has been found guilty of abuse of power.

“I am not a crook”. Up is down, down is up.

Republicans never reject their liars and their thieves. In fact, they embrace them. Because if ever a movement needed pathological liars, it’s the modern day Republican Party.

The current voter can’t listen to any conservative politician and get a clear idea of what they stand for or how they’ll vote. If the policy is fiscally conservative but the President backs it, the Republican will vote against their own supposed “principles”. Why? It is because they have no real values.

Their driving force is to tax the poor, grift and graft off the people, rape the land and the workers; these are not the values of our founding fathers, Christ, or a true “conservative” movement. In fact, they are the very things we fought so hard against when we founded this country.

The fact of the matter is that conservative leaders have rebranded their most cynical, greedy policies and values, in a stunningly effective attempt to justify regression and maintenance of status quo.

Somehow, they’ve convinced the tea baggers that the founding fathers wanted the wealthy to own this country, to rule by corporate monarchy with no accountability to the people, and to base legislation on the Old Testament.

The modern day conservative leader clearly regrets the Revolutionary War, and is busy fighting the very founding premise of the United States of America. This should have become clear when they ran a secessionist as their VP, but it appears that rage travels far quicker than the truth.

And the tea baggers and “conservatives” follow blindly, screaming about freedom as they fight to kill the very premise of America.

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Racism: the Latest GOP Spin Sensation

Jan 11 2010 Published by under Republican Party, U.S. Supreme Court

Thanks to some seriously inappropriate words from Democratic Senator Majority Leader, Harry Reid, the GOP are up in arms while trying to spin their racist behavior on to the Democratic Party.

During the 2008 Presidential Primary, Senator Harry Reid made the mistake of saying basically that then Senator Barack Obama was electable because he was a light skinned African American who did not speak with a Negro dialect unless he chose to do so.

Now Senator Reid has expressed his embarrassment and apologized directly to the President and Obama has accepted it. Why????? Because President Barack Obama knows that Reid’s heart is in the right place and it has been demonstrated with his hard work and dedication to the President and his policies.

He has worked tirelessly for healthcare reform and other policies for the President while battling the GOP for hours and hours, days and days, months and months but coming through with an outcome in the end one step at a time, but all the while bringing us closer and closer to healthcare reform in his support and commitment to the President and the people of the United States. The President says, “The book is closed as far as he is concerned.” I think we as a country are lucky to have Senator Reid.

Well, the GOP are in a uproar demanding Reid’s resignation and position of Senate Majority Leader calling the words and statements made “foul” and that the Dems have a double standard when it comes to racism by fellow Democrats. And the lead attack dog is African American RNC chairman Michael Steele who in my opinion, is frequently used as what is called in the African American community, an “Uncle Tom”, for the GOP.

He has been accused of being jealous of President Obama and takes pride in attempting to upstage him. He’s a bit of a hothead and certainly no Colin Powell but he was elected to be the GOP’s representation match for Barack Obama. There’s only one problem, there’s only one Barack Obama.

The problem with this claim of racism is not really much more than the usual tactics of the GOP. They just believe that this time they actually have some truth to stand on for a change. Now if there were not so many other dramatic serious policies and issues to be dealt with, this would be an excellent time period to delve into race relations whole heartedly because it keeps coming up and will continue to come up as long as Barack Obama holds the highest office in the land.

Racial issues have many layers and many subtleties that most don’t understand. It is never merely black and white. The GOP keep bringing up the incident with former Mississippi Senator Trent Lott, that they believe is the same example as this one with Reid. That is not true. Trent Lott was speaking of Strom Thurmond’s leadership as a segregationist.

Senator Reid has a history of being pro civil rights. He made a comment that was stupid and of his age group but it was supposedly off the record and was actually a compliment from his perspective of the then young senator Barack Obama from Illinois. You have to be able to discern the difference in race relations and most are not experienced or knowledgeable enough to do so. So it is all piled in to one bundle and then racism is shouted to the loudest degree.

Well, the real racism with much depth and longevity has been coming since Barack Obama was elected President and primarily coming from most of the GOP and the right wing and fringe of the party. The disrespect to the office of the Presidency on this level has not been seen before. It is supported by the media and the GOP, the birthers, the teabaggers, the rightwing militia, etc.

They may not actually use words that are considered racist but the mentality is totally deep rooted in racism. The claims of “Give Me Back My Country” and “Don’t Let the Government Mess with My Medicare” and the congressman who was out of order and called out to the President in a formal State of the Union Address, “You lie!” He should have been fired but a mere apology was sufficient. But that was actually racism.

When the President’s image is painted as a “Joker”,” Hitler” or worse yet “hanging from a tree”; that is real racism, this president has had more death threats than any other president. Now people want to say it is about his policies but it is actually racism! No one wants to claim it.

Even former president Bill Clinton, as much as he is loved by the African/American community, fell into the trap of being accused of racism. It is easy to go there.

What you have to examine and research are the person’s deeds and commitments. Senator Ted Kennedy was committed to Civil Rights for all and that is why he was a staunch supporter of Barack Obama for President and to carry on his commitment to healthcare reform. This is what Senator Majority Leader Harry Reid is doing and we need him.

The GOP simply wants another excuse to kill healthcare reform and bring down the Democratic Party. They are merely back to business as usual with another distraction. It only takes a moment. Again, the GOP’s expertise is in taking the focus off real progress while they try to sneak back in to power by any means necessary

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Copenhagen Smack Down: Der Spiegel Reporter to Inhofe: “You’re ridiculous!”

Dec 18 2009 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party, U.S. Senate

The ranking Republican on the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Jim Inhofe, made a scathingly embarrassing appearance in Copenhagen. While the senator didn’t have any meetings scheduled in Copenhagen, he managed to put together an impromptu press conference, during which he took it upon himself to announce that “global warming was a hoax perpetrated on the world by the UN” and sold to Americans “by the Hollywood elite.”

Since American reporters treat statements like this as if they are just as legitimate as the actual science proving climate change, you’ll be stunned to learn that a reporter actually asked Jim-Bo what possible motive anyone could have for such a hoax.

No, Jim-Bo didn’t reveal the tin-foil hat theory behind this one, but if I had to guess, I’d blame the media elite. Er…darn, those talking points just get stuck in a person’s head. I guess there is no rational explanation for why Hollywood elites would want to sell a hoax about global warming to Americans. But that has never stopped a Republican before.

“COPENHAGEN — Sen. Jim Inhofe flew across the Atlantic and — on little sleep — braved the snow, the cold and the dark to deliver his skeptical message at the international climate conference.

What he found when he got here: a few aides and a single reporter.

“I think he’s going to be a little disappointed,” one of his aides remarked…

Inahofe hoped to spread two messages in Copenhagen: Global warming is a hoax, and there’s no way the Senate is going to pass a cap-and-trade bill. ”

Just picturing Jim-Bo in Copenhagen speaking to foreign press on behalf of Americans is cringe worthy. Why do we have to be humiliated by these pompous know-nothings, and why do they always have to wear black snake skin cowboy boots? Hey, Jim-Bo, why didn’t you just spit yer chewin’ tabaccy in their face and really show ‘em who’s boss?

There’s a saying: “Believe someone when they tell you who they are.” Jim-Bo = skinned snake. Thanks for the warnin’, Son.

Jim-Bo was apparently surprised to learn that the rest of the world doesn’t dumb their reporters down enough to buy a load of crap like he was selling, because after he made his Republican paranoia jab at “Hollywood elite”, one reporter asked him if he were referring to Schwarzenegger, which he ignored. Darn them reporters. They’re supposed to nod in acquiescence whenever a skinned snake Republican points a finger! It worked for Bush.

And are you ready for the real treat? In response to Jim-Bo’s paranoid and inexplicable narrative, a disgusted reporter from Der Speigel shouted , “You’re ridiculous!”.

Oh, gee, I love travel.

Ain’t it fun to go to places where the press don’t pretend up is down and down is up? And ain’t it great when they don’t suck the Republican lies dry in the retelling? Perhaps some countries learned the dangers of coddling nut jobs and selling propaganda the hard way. Oh, America, I fear for you.

Jim-Bo offered no explanation for his bananas theory, but did scurry his black-snake-skinned boots back to America, where his brand of crazy is all the rage.

Apparently flying into Copenhagen to announce that there is no global warming, providing no science to support your position, and avoiding the question by pointing fingers at “Hollywood elites” doesn’t carry as much water in some places as as it does here, in the “land of the free”.

Also, too, I remain ever enchanted with Republicans assumption that they are running the world just cause they said so. There will be no cap and trade, indeed, Jim-Bo!

Hey, Jim-Bo! “You’re ridiculous!” And I can prove it.

Thank you, Der Speigel.

We owe you one.

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Mitt Romney Blames the US Budget Deficit on Overpaid Government Workers

Dec 13 2009 Published by under Featured News

Future 2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney was on NBC’s Meet The Press today, where he blamed the excesses of government for the budget deficit, and overpaid government workers. Specifically, Romney said, “Average government workers, are now making $30,000 a year more than the average private sector worker.”

Here is the video:

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Romney said, “We can compete around the world, there’s no question about that, David. We have the capacity to do that. The American workers are the best in the world, our technology is at the leading edge. America, long term, can be the, the powerful economic engine it’s always been. But the real threat right here is something that Alan Greenspan just said, and that is that if we don’t take action to rein in the scale of government and the growth of government spending and the compensation levels of government workers–you saw government workers, average government workers, are now making $30,000 a year more than the average private sector worker.”

He continued, “These kinds of excesses and the massive deficits that, that, that government is putting in place, over a trillion dollars a year for these coming several years, this threatens our long-term viability, because it, it, it suggests that we could have runaway inflation. And, and the Fed and the federal government are going to have to rein in, pull back from what have been the excesses of these past years, Republican and Democrat. It’s not a partisan issue, it’s a growth of government issue. And it’s got to stop, or America’s future could be very much in jeopardy.”

It is clear that attacking Washington is going to be the centerpiece of Romney’s 2012 campaign. The problem for him is that every non-incumbent candidate attacks Washington with the same generic language. When he brought up government workers, he was trying to play into the stereotype that public sector workers are overpaid and lazy.

Romney’s suggestion that public sector employees’ salaries have something to do with the budget deficit is absurd. If government workers are overpaid that why can’t governments at all levels attract and keep top talent? In almost all specialized fields the public sector acts as a training program for the private sector.

The reality is that discretionary spending, which is the part of the budget that the government can cut, makes up only one third of the total budget. The other two thirds are mandatory spending. Employee salaries make up a very small portion of government spending. Romney knows this, but he keeps uttering this kind of gibberish, in the hope that Republicans will make him their 2012 nominee.

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