Bill O’Reilly Tries and Fails to Drag Some Sanity out of Michele Bachmann

Jun 19 2010 Published by under Featured News

Rep. Michele Bachmann turned up on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor, where host Bill O’Reilly desperately tried to drag a little sanity out of Bachmann. No less than three times O’Reilly asked Bachmann whether she agreed with Obama forcing BP to put up the money, but Bachmann dodged him every time, and refused to give Obama one shred of credit for getting the victims fund.

Here is the video courtesy of Crooks and Liars:

After O’Reilly leveled Bachmann’s claim that victims compensation fund administrator Kenneth Feinberg is a political hack, Bill-O tried to get her to talk about her extortion comments. At about the two minute point in the interview she went on the backpedal, and claimed that she was taken out of context. At about the three minute mark in the segment, things got ugly for Bachmann when O’Reilly said, “I think Obama did absolutely the right thing by putting a maximum amount of pressure on these weasels…I’m OK with that. I think it is the best thing that Obama did in the whole mess.”

Bachmann answered by trying to blame Obama, “No one is saying that this fund shouldn’t be set up. The question is who administers it, but here’s the other part, there’s also a point of investigating what was it with responsibility from the administration. Remember, the administration signed off on the inspection. The administration said everything was fine going on the deep water rig. We haven’t had that investigation yet.”

O’Reilly asked her about her BP extortion/ shakedown comments, and Bachmann defended BP again, “I think they put pressure on them when remember he previously said he wanted a criminal investigation, so the people were around that table were thinking they might end up in the slammer, so they could end up in the slammer….you think about it, you think about, here you have the President of the United States threatening criminal action. They could end up in the slammer, so are they going to take money from the shareholders to give to the President to maybe keep themselves out of jail?”

Bachmann then claimed that Obama is an extortionist, “There’s nothing wrong with the President saying that. The point is. Is he putting pressure on with the threat of a criminal trial which is the force of government so that they’ll give him money? That’s crossing lines that we have to be careful of.” Notice that Bachmann was so desperate to get Bill-O off her back that she changed what she was most concerned about four times during the interview. O’Reilly was giving her every chance he could to sound reasonable and sane, but it was hopeless.

What has gotten into O’Reilly this past week? O’Reilly leveled Sarah Palin after Obama’s Oval Office address, and then he justifiably tears apart Michele Bachmann. I would argue that O’Reilly has his finger more on the pulse of what Fox News viewers are thinking than the rest of his network does. Michele Bachmann is a prime example of what happens to ideologue Republicans when they are challenged. She couldn’t handle O’Reilly’s questions when they pushed her at all. She folded up like a tent, and kept trying to dodge the subject. Bachmann, Palin, and the rest of the Tea Party crowd fancy themselves as the future leaders of the GOP, but if they can’t handle Bill O’Reilly, how would they handle governing?

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Bill O’Reilly Delusionally Claims That Obama Is More Polarizing than Bush

Jun 11 2010 Published by under Featured News

Republicans continue to try to drag Obama down to their level

On his FNC program The O’Reilly Factor tonight, Bill O’Reilly used the Gulf oil spill as evidence that President Obama has become more polarizing than George W. Bush, “The fuse has been lit. President Obama has become even more polarizing than George W. Bush was.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

O’Reilly said, “The United States is the most powerful country the world has ever seen, and now it is an angry nation. The fuse has been lit. President Obama has become even more polarizing than George W. Bush was, and almost every elected politician is in danger of losing his or her job. Simply put, Americans are fed up. They believe they can no longer control their own lives.”

That is a nice little bit of Fox News fantasy O’Reilly put out there. It’s too bad that it isn’t true. If Americans are so fed up and there is such a rising tide coming in the November elections, then why are these establishment politicians from both parties doing so well in the primaries? There is no doubt that Americans are frustrated and angry about the economy and the oil spill, but if Obama is so polarizing, why aren’t Republicans more popular? Why have Democrats now taken a small lead on the generic congressional ballot, and why do the Republicans in Congress have an 11% approval rating? If Bill-O is speaking the truth, then something doesn’t add up.

It would be impossible for Obama to be as polarizing as Bush, because the Florida 2000 fiasco polarized the country before Bush ever took office. Under his ideologically driven administration, the polarization continued to grow. Whereas, the Right has been on a mission to obstruct, minimize, and make Obama seem as polarizing since the day he won the election. It is their strategy to defeat him. The Republican strategy is to make Obama look as bad as Bush, this is where Bill-O’s comments fit in.

People like O’Reilly are hoping that the American people don’t notice that it is the Republican Party and their media arm, Fox News who are trying to divide and polarize the nation. Obama tried his best to be bi-partisan when he first arrived in Washington, and got spit in the eye for his efforts. People like O’Reilly continue to blame Obama for the polarization, while they continue to work to divide the country every single day. Bill O’Reilly can try to sell his half baked con job, and even if the viewers of Fox News aren’t smart enough to see through it, lucky for us, the rest of the country is.

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Bill O’Reilly Rejects Palin’s Obama-BP Conspiracy Theory

May 24 2010 Published by under Featured News

Bill-O takes Obama over Palin

On Fox News tonight, Bill O’Reilly took up Sarah Palin’s latest conspiracy theory that Obama is more worried about campaign cash then cleaning up BP’s mess. Not surprisingly, O’Reilly disagreed with Palin, and said, “Oil companies give big time money to both parties…John McCain got a lot of money from oil companies. Sarah Palin gets money from oil companies.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

O’Reilly disagreed with Palin’s claims and said, “Talking Points does not believe that President Obama cares about BP’s campaign cash. He’s got lots of money.” After defending Republicans against the media, Bill O’Reilly compared the oil spill to Katrina and concluded, “It’s almost the same thing here with the oil spill. The feds were slow in reacting, but the outcome tragically wouldn’t have changed. The no spin truth, nobody knows how to stop the damn oil.”

O’Reilly then brought in Brit Hume who agreed with Palin on the media’s double standard but disagreed with Palin’s claims about campaign cash. Hume then brought up a good point, “I think the president’s motivated by two things. One, of which you mentioned, he doesn’t know what to do. British Petroleum says they do more of this deep water drilling it says than any other company around the world. They are probably better positioned and have better equipment to deal with it. They’re legally responsible for dealing with it.”

Bill-O later said, “We’ve been looking around for anybody in the U.S. government, Army Corps of Engineers, geological people that say hey look you should try this, nobody has put forth that. They have pretty much tried everything and nothing’s working.” He then put the knife in Palin a little deeper, “Let’s go on the record here. Oil companies give money to both parties, big time money to both parties. I mean we could break it down, but John McCain got a lot of money from oil companies. Sarah Palin gets money from oil companies. She’s a drill person, so that I don’t think is fair and you agree with me on that.”

Let’s compare O’Reilly’s discussion, partisan spin and all, to Keith Olbermann’s call for the Navy to be deployed to clean up the oil:

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Olbermann and Howard Fineman’s point was that the White House doesn’t get it. Olbermann asked, “Are there no Marine geologists available in the country? Is the Navy on vacation this month?” As Brit Hume correctly pointed out on O’Reilly’s show, legally this is BP’s mess, not Obama’s, and O’Reilly’s people actually attempted to talk to the government. Apparently this was too much work for the Countdown team. Once again, Keith Olbermann shows that he can be just as ignorant and brain dead as Sarah Palin. We all know Olbermann panders to the crowd on the Left that consider themselves intelligent when they bash Obama and deliver GOP talking points, but Olbermann and Fineman did a better job of giving the GOP argument than Fox News did.

One of the worst kept secrets in all the media is Bill O’Reilly’s distaste for Sarah Palin. When discussing Bill-O and women, you must keep in mind that he is a misogynist, but beyond that, O’Reilly is a mainstream Republican who doesn’t care for Palin’s type of politics. One has to wonder if Bill-O’s staff really needed to bring up the oppo research on Palin’s oil money to make their case. There is a reason why most of Palin’s FNC appearances are on Hannity and Greta. As we have seen tonight, O’Reilly doesn’t care for her, and will take a shot at her every chance he gets.

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Bill O’Reilly Attacks Jon Stewart and Labels Him the Face of the Left

Apr 21 2010 Published by under Featured News

Bill-O and Goldberg completely miss Jon Stewart's point.

On his Fox News program tonight, host Bill O’Reilly, and guest Bernie Goldberg continued Fox News’ feud with The Daily Show host Jon Stewart by calling Stewart the point man for the left wing media in America. Bill-O said, “I believe that Jon Stewart has now emerged as the point man for the left wing media in America.”

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Bill O’Reilly said, “We’re taking this not so seriously, but it is a serious issue because I believe Jon Stewart has now emerged as the point man for the left wing media in America. With the decline of The New York Times and other liberal news papers, he is now the face of the left on television.”

Bernie Goldberg both claimed victory and cried uncle, “Let me first say that I don’t have a problem with anything he did last night, all in bounds, all civil you know, no problem. I’m flattered as a matter of fact that he spent half his show talking about me. Clearly I got to him by saying that he wasn’t as gutsy as he thought he was, or courageous. He played it safe too often, had a small audience and all that, but fine, I’m not looking to continue any war with Jon Stewart. I’ve been on his show twice, and he was civil to me both times, but as to your question, he has a lot of influence, he doesn’t have a big audience, but he has a lot of influence with young viewers who are very, very loyal to him.”

Goldberg than called Stewart fans sewer dwellers, “My website…it’s a civil place. People agree with me, disagree with me, it’s always civil though until last night. These people came out of the sewer that is the World Wide Web, and put the most vile, vulgar hateful stuff on mimicking stuff that Jon Stewart said about go F yourself, and I can handle that, but I don’t think, I don’t want to get too high fallootin here, but I don’t think it’s good for the culture when people get that angry.”

In case you missed it, on Tuesday’s The Daily Show, Jon Stewart called out both Bernie Goldberg and Fox News for their hypocrisy on the issue of balanced coverage. Fox News, Bill O’Reilly and Bernie Goldberg want us to believe that Jon Stewart has a tiny audience of sewer dwellers who rose up to create havoc on Goldberg’s website by telling him to go f**k himself, but this in itself is a contradiction. If Stewart’s audience, and by extension Goldberg, O’Reilly, Fox News are also generalizing about the left, is so small, then why is Bernie Goldberg whining? The truth is that Stewart’s audience isn’t that small, and Goldberg is lying to make the right wing look bigger.

The obvious irony that Bernie Goldberg and Fox News are lecturing anyone about inciting anger, when Fox News is the anger inciting/propaganda arm of the GOP, is delicious. O’Reilly and Goldberg managed to ignore Stewart’s point that Fox News is a terrible news organization that can’t even follow its own slogan of Fair and Balanced. Bernie Goldberg claimed that he got to Stewart all the while making it clear that he wanted no part of another beat down at the hands of The Daily Show host.

The reality is that Fox is jealous of The Daily Show because FNC skews demographically old, and Stewart has huge ratings among the 18-35 crowd. This is an audience that Fox News would love to have but can’t capture. Stewart is dangerous to Fox News because he is educating young people about Fox’s misinformation disguised as news. Every viewer that Stewart educates is another future viewer lost for Fox News. This is the real reason why Fox News hates Jon Stewart.

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Bill O’Reilly Tells Glenn Beck That It is Amazing He Hasn’t Been Fired Yet

Apr 03 2010 Published by under Featured News

Bill-O gets all passive aggressive with Glenn Beck

On Friday’s The O’Reilly Factor, the love/hate feelings that Bill O’Reilly has for Glenn Beck flared up again, as O’Reilly told Beck, “So here’s Beck and he has been on the air for a year at Fox News Channel, it’s amazing that you haven’t been fired yet, a couple of close calls.” As usual Bill-O hid his dig at Beck with humor, but make no bones about it, Bill-O would not mind seeing Beck hit the bricks.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

O’Reilly was talking about Beck’s first year on Fox News, when he said to him, “So here’s Beck and he has been on the air for a year at Fox News Channel, it’s amazing he hasn’t been fired yet, a couple of close calls, I saved you a couple of times. I said if Beck goes I go. Well not really, but it sounds good.” Almost since Beck began his ascent at Fox News, there were stories about O’Reilly feeling threatened by him, until Beck’s arrival Bill-O was the undisputed top dog at Fox News.

That all began to change as Beck drew staggering numbers of people to his 5 pm show. Even with his millions watching, Beck still only averages half of O’Reilly’s prime time audience, but the speculation grew about what Beck could possibly accomplish if moved to 8 pm. Beck and O’Reilly have seem to have found a way to get along with each other, but O’Reilly who represents the old school right wing voice that tends to stick to tried and true GOP talking points, isn’t always comfortable with Beck’s right wing Chicken Little routine aka the sky is always falling the world of Glenn Beck.

Bill O’Reilly and Glenn Beck do their speaking tours together for one simple reason, money. They both draw bigger crowds together than when they are on the road separately. Beck and O’Reilly need each other. A blessing from O’Reilly would help make the inevitable Beck to prime time transition go smoothly, especially in comparison to the transition that took place at The Tonight Show, where old man Leno never let anyone forget that he is being pushed out. O’Reilly needs Beck, because Beck’s fringe behavior makes him look moderate by comparison, as was pointed out earlier this year by The Feed blog.

O’Reilly, besides being a sexist, misogynistic pervert, also has an ego the size of Canada’s GDP. Part of him would love to see Beck self destruct so that he remains the undisputed king of Fox News. As cable news becomes more about personalities and less about news, these kinds of conflicts are more out in the open. The prime examples of this happened at MSNBC over the past couple of years where Keith Olbermann demonstrated an inability to get along with both Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough on the air, although this might say more about Olbermann’s personality than the changing emphasis of cable news.

With the concern growing among some at Fox News that the Glenn Beck style is changing the network for the worse, it is difficult not to see O’Reilly as the old face of Fox News clashing with the new face of Fox, Glenn Beck. As long as the money is good they will continue to co-exist but Bill O’Reilly is not going to go down without a fight, and you get the sense that he would not be all that upset if Beck managed to get himself fired from Fox News.

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According to Bill O’Reilly MSNBC Not Fox Traffics in Hate Speech

Mar 31 2010 Published by under Featured News

Bill-O is back in his MSNBC conspiracy theory land.

Fox News keeps trying to spin itself away from Tea Party violence. The latest example came tonight on The O’Reilly Factor as host Bill O’Reilly made the claim that MSNBC engages in hate speech and promotes violence. O’Reilly said, “You’re talking about MSNBC and they traffic in hate speech from sign on to sign off.”

Here is the video from Media Matters:

O’Reilly and Laura Ingraham were talking about how the media ignores how the left incites violence, which led to this nugget. Ingraham brought up the hateful things said about people in the conservative movement on another network, which led Bill-O to say, “Look you’re talking about MSNBC, and they traffic in hatred from sign on to sign off. We know that takes place.” In the delusions of Bill-O it is the left that is out there driving people towards violence, not the right.

When in the left 25 years has anyone on the left incited violence the way that the right wing and Fox News has been doing for years? The odd thing about O’Reilly and Ingraham’s claims about the left wing inciting violence in America is that they never give specific examples, because they can’t. It is pathetic that Fox News is trying to justify its stoking the flames of violence with the excuse that the left does it too. The left doesn’t do it, but the Republican Party found a winning combination 30 years ago by scaring people into believing that Democrats were going to destroy their God, guns, and unborn children.

The entire right wing movement is based on fear, suspicion, and objection. MSNBC makes its daily bread by highlighting and condemning the violence on the right. No one at the network has ever acted as irresponsibly as Bill O’Reilly, who gins up the anger of the anti-abortion movement on a regular basis, and Glenn Beck, for whom violent rhetoric is a staple of his shows. Unlike Fox News, MSNBC, except for Olbermann, does not pander to the angry. Until MSNBC sponsors a bus tour for angry white people, as Bill-O’s network has done, I will continue to find it difficult to take their criticisms of other media outlets very seriously.

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Bill O’Reilly Compares Obama and Heathcare to George W. Bush and Iraq

Mar 04 2010 Published by under Featured News

Bill-O Jumps the Tracks on Obama and healthcare

On his FNC program The O’Reilly Factor, host Bill O’Reilly engaged in full blown fear mongering tonight as he compared President Obama’s attempts to pass healthcare reform with George W. Bush’s belief that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the United States. Only in the fractured realm of Fox News could a healthcare bill be equated with an unjust war that has killed thousands of people.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

O’Reilly said, “President Obama sincerely believes that healthcare reform will make America stronger, just as President Bush sincerely believed that Saddam Hussein was a threat to the world, but both men could be wrong, and it’s very possible that Obamacare could cause mass chaos in our medical system, and drive the treasury into bankruptcy. That’s not a scare tactic. That’s real life. The President must know Obamacare is a huge risk for the country, and at this point I believe the risk is not worth taking. Bill-O suggested that private insurance reform was the answer.

Simply saying that something isn’t a scare tactic does not make it so. O’Reilly was engaging in fear mongering of the highest order. Where is the evidence that healthcare reform with throw our medical system into chaos? How could this healthcare reform bill throw our system into chaos when it doesn’t contain a public option or any major changes to healthcare delivery mechanism? As far as bankrupting the treasury, O’Reilly needs to look at the CBO numbers. The healthcare bill will save the country money. The current system is already bleeding us dry.

The comparison between George W. Bush and Iraq and Barack Obama and healthcare is not only faulty, but also insulting. The decision to pass a healthcare reform bill is not the same as manipulating intelligence to justify a war that has killed or injured hundreds of thousands. O’Reilly was trying to demonize healthcare reform by comparing it to the unpopular Iraq war. The two decisions are not the same, and it never ceases to amaze me that Fox News can jam so much misinformation into one minute of programming. They are true masters of their trade.

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Fox Propaganda Alert: Beck and O’Reilly Debate the Meaning of Progressivism

Feb 26 2010 Published by under Featured News

Beck and O'Reilly a.k.a. The Dumb Leading the Blind

Tonight during his regular segment with Glenn Beck on FNC’s The O’Reilly Factor host Bill O’Reilly tried to drag Beck into his feud with Rush Limbaugh over whether or not Obama is a Socialist. Beck claimed that Progressivism is like Marxism without the revolution, while O’Reilly claimed that Progressives just want to “Take your stuff.”Once again Fox News offers its views only the finest in narrow minded propaganda.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters:

Bill-O said that he doesn’t think that Obama is a Socialist, but Limbaugh and Beck think he is. Beck said, “If you wanna be technically accurate, he’s not a not a Marxist. He’s not a Socialist. He is a Progressive…The spirit of it. The idea is, people don’t understand what progressive really means. The difference between Marxism and Progressivism is Marxism has a revolution, like what Van Jones would like to do. Progressivism says bit by bit we’ll eat at the Constitution in the name of progress.

O’Reilly defined progressivism as, “Progressivism wants to take your stuff. That’s it. That’s what it is. They want to take your stuff. Beck added, “I will go a step further. They don’t just want to take your stuff. They want to control every element of your life.” O’Reilly wouldn’t quite go that far, “Maybe…I don’t think Obama cares what you do in your spare time.”

What Beck and O’Reilly did here was use the basic propaganda technique of name calling. The name they want to label as the enemy of democracy is progressivism. The propaganda won’t be effective if they first don’t define the term progressive, which is what Beck does when he equates progressivism to Marxism, and since the Marxists became the Communists who were the enemies of the US during the Cold War, this makes progressives the modern Marxists and the enemies of America.

That is a nifty little trick they pulled there, but it isn’t accurate at all. In order for the right wing effectively demonize the word progressive, they first had to change the terms meaning. The American progressive movement was originally a turn of the 20th Century movement of modernization and progress that featured Republicans, like Teddy Roosevelt and Robert La Follette. If this doesn’t seem very Marxist, that is because it wasn’t.

What the right wing has managed to do is take the classic European definition of Progressivism and apply it to American liberals, who are too terrified to call themselves liberals, so they cower in fear behind the inaccurate term progressive, with their intended result being to turn the word progressive into a political smear, just as conservatives did with the term liberal decades ago.

The point which was lost on O’Reilly and Beck is that they are applying the wrong definition to the wrong group of people. This was an example of Fox News propaganda at its finest. They fed their viewers inaccurate information, which they passed off as fact in order to advance the right wing agenda. This was propaganda 101 from Fox News and company.

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Politics 101 Fail: Bill O’Reilly Blames Obama for State and Local Taxes

Feb 23 2010 Published by under Featured News

Fox News continued their network wide attempt to dumb down America tonight on The O’Reilly Factor, when host Bill O’Reilly was complaining about taxes, when he argued that Obama is to blame for increasing state and local taxes because, “all taxes are taxes. That’s taxes. That’s more money out of your wallet.” No Bill. President Obama doesn’t control state and local taxes.

Here is the video courtesy of Media Matters

O’Reilly was trying to argue with Alan Colmes that America could not afford healthcare reform, but when Colmes pointed out that Bill-O cited increases in local and state taxes which Obama has no control over, O’Reilly replied, “It doesn’t matter where you’re taxed. It means the American consumer/worker is going to pay higher taxes.”

When Colmes again tried to point out that O’Reilly didn’t give any evidence that Obama was going to raise federal taxes, “O’Reilly said that’s taxes, Colmes. That’s money out of your wallet.” According to O’Reilly it is irrelevant that state and local taxes are going up based on budgetary mandates and policy choices that the federal government has nothing to do with.

Contrary to what Bill O’Reilly was trying to sell, state and local taxes are not set or controlled by Washington, D.C. A loss of federal funding could cause state and local taxes to go up to make up for revenue shortfalls, but sales and property tax rates fall with the constitutional authority of the state and local governments.

This is basic civics kind of stuff. Fox News is distorting the most basic facts relating to states rights. Bill-O needs to remember the Tenth Amendment, “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” State and local taxes do not fall under the authority of the federal government.

On the local level taxes are increasing because the mortgage crisis decimated many property tax bases around the county. Many municipalities are facing dire revenue shortfalls. At the state level, decreasing tax revenue combined with an explosion in the demand for services have put states, especially those with balanced budget requirements under the gun.

Any idiot knows that Obama is not responsible for state and local taxes, but hey why should Bill O’Reilly let something like the truth ruin a good story? Fox News has been systemically misleading their viewers about how their government works, since Obama was elected, so it comes as no surprise that they would think nothing of trying rewrite the documents that form the bedrock of our system, as long as it helps the GOP win a few more seats in November.

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Fox News Treats Sarah Palin Like Lap Candy

Feb 04 2010 Published by under Featured News

FNC’s Chris Wallace was on Don Imus’ show this morning promoting the debut of Sarah Palin on Fox News Sunday. Imus asked Wallace if Palin was going to sit on his lap. He replied, “One can only hope.” Fox News is the only network where a woman can go from being a sitting governor to giving lap dances.

Here is the video courtesy of Think Progress:

Wallace said, “We’re going to be down in Nashville with her at the National Tea Party Convention, and I’m excited. First of all, I’m excited to finally meet and interview Sarah Palin. We’ve been interviewing her like Captain Ahab and the great white whale for the last year and a half.” Imus asked, “When you interview her, will she be sitting on your lap?” Wallace answered, “One can only hope.”

Way to promote, your newest acquisition, Fox News. What’s next, Palin topless on Hannity? Maybe they will get viewers to dial their 1-900 number and pay $4.99 a minute to hear Palin talk dirty to them?

Palin herself is to blame for embracing and fostering the image of herself as every middle aged white Republican man’s wet dream, but there was no need for Chris Wallace to go there. If Sarah Palin isn’t taken seriously by the conservatives on Fox News, then how can anyone expect her to be taken seriously as a presidential candidate?

The bottom line is that Palin cultivated this image on her own. She could have broken out of it by demonstrating any sort of competence or intellect on policy. Instead, she took the easy way out and the fast buck. She is nothing more than eye candy for old white guys like Chris Wallace to ogle.

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