Sarah Palin Trips Over the Meaning of Enemy Centric

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Ya Don't Need to Know What You're Talking About to be President!

Surprise! Sarah Palin Trips Over the Meaning of Enemy Centric

In Sarah Palin’s second book (also known as propaganda; a fact Palin herself admitted on Fox last night, albeit unknowingly- as she seems to do just about everything), “America by Heart,” she accuses the President of having an “enemy centric foreign policy” and reveals that she is spectacularly clueless about what an enemy centric foreign policy is.

Media Matters reports on Palin’s book:

“A prominent Czech official has called America’s current foreign policy “enemy-centric,” and I think he’s on to something. An enemy-centric foreign policy is one that seems more interested in coddling adversaries (in Washington, they call this “outreach” or “resetting relations”) and apologizing than in standing up to enemies and sticking by principles — among which are friendship and support for our fellow democracies. The current foreign policy is one that values the opinion of European elites more than the freedom of Iranian democrats. [Page 263]”

Perhaps Sarah is unaware that she’s quoting Alexandr Vondra, a European elite. It’s easy to understand how this fact escaped her, seeing as she is probably still unaware that the Czech Republic joined the EU in 2004. So, she is quoting a European elite while accusing Obama of catering to the opinions of the European elite. Yes, Dorothy, this person is going to run for Barbie President of her Barbie World and if you object, you are an evil elitist. Please, grab your American exceptionalism and follow Sarah Palin as she redefines exceptionalism to mean securing the rights of those whining Nouveau Riche Right wing elitists to sell their mediocre books and TV shows to the even more mediocre without ever being called out on their distortions, fabrications and utter lack of merit. Exceptionalism is also apparently unrelated to accountability, which does seem to mesh perfectly with Palin’s own enemy engagement strategy.

But most offensive is Palin’s utter failure to comprehend what “enemy centric” means. “Enemy centric” is not a foreign policy term; it’s a military term. The Center for a New American Security reported that on March 3, 2010, “Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, offered the first set of criteria for using military force since Gen. Colin Powell held Mullen’s job nearly 20 years ago. And Mullen’s inchoate offerings provide something of an update — and something of a refutation — to Powell’s advice. Mullen, the first chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff to embrace the theorist-practitioners of counterinsurgency:

“Force should, to the maximum extent possible, be applied in a precise and principled way,” Mullen said, because the contemporary battlefield is “in the minds of the people.” That’s the first time a chairman has embraced the concept of “population-centric” warfare, a departure from the “enemy-centric” focus of doctrines like Powell’s, with its focus on applying “overwhelming force” to vanquish an adversary.””

The Czech elite who used it admitted it was strong language and pointed out that this is why he spent several years in jail. “Vondra, who is now a senator in the Czech legislature, acknowledged that he was using strong language in the hopes of getting Washington’s attention. “I was always speaking loudly,” he joked. “That’s why I was put into jail in the ’80s.””

I can only assume that if Sarah Palin wrote this book in 1980’s Czech, there would be a lot more happy Americans today, for viewing her behind bars for sedition or inciting violence or just plain willful desire to destroy this country would be tantamount to finally seeing Rove arrested. A girl can dream.

Palin took a term from one realm and misapplied it to another — or copied it from someone else who knew they were doing that, but assumed everyone else would know this and get the intended jab. Vondra didn’t count on the ignorance of Sarah Palin. And this is another stunning example of why, contrary to the Poujadist cries of exalting ordinariness and PTA moms being automatically qualified for the highest office in the land (this is now second on the list of Palin’s experience that makes her more qualified to be President than our current Summa Cum Laude Harvard Law President), a modicum of intellect matters in your president.

So we get that enemy centric strategy is inherent in the Bush Doctrine, which may explain Palin’s failure to communicate coherently on this subject, since she made it clear that she has no idea what the Bush Doctrine is and I highly doubt she’s wasted valuable pop culture infiltration time studying up on icky things like ideas.

Here’s a clue for the Hawkish Mama Grizzly: We were an enemy-centric force in Afghanistan until we began to implement McChrystal’s population-centric COIN strategy. But truthfully, the very definition of foreign policy should have clued Palin in to her failure to grasp the issue at hand: “Diplomacy is the tool of foreign policy, and war, alliances, and international trade may all be manifestations of it.” Perhaps the word diplomacy needs to be explained, very slowly, to Ms Palin, as it’s clear this is something of which she will never be accused.

But here’s a hint, Sarah: The way you deal with enemies in your own life and the way you advocate the US deal with her enemies is in fact the “enemy centric” policy of engagement. The Obama foreign policy is not focused on using overwhelming force to vanquish an adversary as is implied by Palin’s “book”; that would be Palin’s foreign policy she’s unknowingly criticizing.

The minefield of Palin’s mind and the resulting dizzying maze of perversion often leaves one panting, tenuously holding onto the nearest piece of solid earth they can find, so precarious is a trip down the Palin rabbit hole. See, I almost got lost in her accusations of appeasement – because that is what she meant. Instead, she ended up accusing Obama of her own weakness (once again) and also, too, revealing her supreme incompetence and unworthiness to the office she aspires.

In reality, President Obama’s military strategy as a sub-discipline of his foreign policy strategy is a repudiation of the Bush Doctrine; instead of stressing the power of enemy engagement, it stresses the limitations of military force. And clearly, in the same manner, President Obama’s foreign policy is not “enemy centric.” This ranks right up with Palin’s (pre-Death Panels) 2008 claims that she and McCain were for healthcare reform because it would shore up jobs. At what point are we allowed to scream?

But one would have to know the definition of enemy centric in order to grasp that they were wrong, something Palin and her screen-writing ghost-writer obviously do not know. Again, this is the result of Palin’s paranoid refusal to consult with real experts; her policy of rejecting expertise as a matter of course, allowing her to fall victim to the delusion that she is engaging in reasonable dialogue when in fact, she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know. We can call this trickle-down ignorance. Cue the rabid Palinbots screeching about enemy centric foreign policies, to which you can respond, “I’m glad you’re finally on board, you ignorant, low-information rube.” Or not. That might be sort of enemy centric and goodness knows we don’t want to kill our enemies.

Whoopsie daisy, President Palin meant appease. Is it too late? Sarah Palin’s lack of intellect is a national security risk.

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Lady Liberty Weeps as Sarah Palin Labels Obama a Threat to Democracy

I am so serious! Waaa!

I am out of words to describe the hubris of Sarah Palin and her relentless attack on reality and true exceptionalism, something I’m terribly afraid Sarah Palin will never encounter due to her fear of smart people. Palin can’t manager her own Sarah PAC finances without running into trouble with each filing, she drove Alaska into debt and she left Wasilla in 20 million dollars of long term debt but here she is on FNC’s Hannity tonight, telling us about how President Obama is going to ruin our democracy because of what the “feds”, a.k.a the Fed are doing. File this away under “I refudiate your abuse of the English language”.

You get the sense listening to her (oh, god why?) that she has no idea what quantitative easing means, but that she thinks she’s carrying this deception off with her furrowed brow and determinedly serious beehive. Instead of hitting anywhere near her target, Palin leaves the viewer with that uncomfortable feeling you get listening to a child lie to you about their homework. Why, America? Why?

Here’s our late night theatre of the absurd: Sarah Palin discusses economic theory, also too. Video courtesy of Media Matters:

In a typical Palin disjointed rant, she explained why Obama makes her fear for democracy, “I do. I fear for our democracy, because I recognize, and I know you did too Sean, and you tried to sound a warning bell through your commentary, through the campaign as I was nominated for VP, and running with one of my heroes, John McCain, as we were witnessing what the other campaign was actually telling the American people, warning them what they were going to do to America. They warned, Barack Obama did as candidate that he would fundamentally transform America, that he would redistribute somebody’s wealth. He would take it and he would give it to someone else. Those things that do erode our free market, and our freedoms and are disincentives to a strong work ethic and to productivity, and now what we see are some manifestations of what he warned us that he would do in the campaign. We’re seeing that come home to roost now.”

While talking about the Fed, Palin managed to defend communist China’s manipulation of their currency, “We see with the quantitative easing of the Feds that Barack Obama has now come out and supported, as the Fed says we’re going to print more money out of thin air, and we’re going to incur more debt, and we’re going to devalue our dollar, and we’re gonna mess with China’s currency. We’re going to preach to them that they can’t be messing it, but we’ll be messing with our own. All these things that are taking place right now, especially the incurrence of this huge debt, Sean what it is doing is eroding our opportunities, which ultimately erodes our democracy and our freedoms, and we can not succeed this way.”

She rambled on, “There is no way, with the quantitative easing, with this new $600 billion infusion of fake money into our system. That’s not how we get our economy back on the right track. We became the foremost superpower by incentivizing producers, and job creators, and work ethic. Not by punishing work ethic, but that’s exactly what Barack Obama, and those in the White House, and leftists in Congress are doing to our economy, and our job creators. They’re disincentivizing work ethic.”

In case, you are wondering whose work ethic Palin was referring to and wanting to incentivize, it was not the middle class, or small business — oh, no! The job creators that she is so infatuated with are corporate America and the wealthy. Palin’s plan to get the economy going involves deregulation, a slashing of corporate tax rates, and tax cuts for the rich. Yes, Sarah Palin is advocating Ronald Reagan, and later George W. Bush’s failed theory of trickledown economics.

It was great to see that American secessionist/patriot Sarah Palin defend communist China’s right to manipulate their currency and cause a huge trade imbalance with the United States. Since Palin brought up the deficit, she might want to have somebody teach her that if we could get China to stop manipulating their currency, it would help to lower the US deficit, but this is much too advanced a thought for Sarah Palin.
This is what happens when one’s paranoia forces them to turn to a freelance journalist with no formal training in economics and no experience in public finance to advise her about economic policy.

Sycophantic wanton nastiness is all that’s required to be one of Palin’s advisers. Check. This may be why Palin is cheerfully ignorant of the fact that foreign leaders are not upset with Obama because he is ruining democracy, but rather because the Fed’s plan is likely to stimulate exports and cut into imports. Sigh.

As for Palin’s accusations of socialism, the ignorance, it burns. Sarah Palin was very proud of the windfall profits tax she levied on oil companies in Alaska and then happily redistributed to Alaskans. Not only did Palin do this with the already existing Permanent Fund that gave each Alaskan a $2,000.00 check, but she created an additional energy “rebate” of $1,200.00 for every man, woman and child in Alaska.

This was utterly socialist in that she did it to reduce the inequity in society. Palin defended her actions, claiming she wasn’t socialist, because the people of Alaska owned the resources. Palin explained, “We’re set up, unlike other states in the union, where it’s collectively Alaskans own the resources. So we share in the wealth when the development of these resources occurs.”

Palin is clearly blissfully ignorant that this is the argument for socialism. That’s it: The people own the resources. Are you hitting your head against a brick wall yet?

We must remember that this is the person who told ABC news that were she President, the Department of Law would protect her from the ethics violations charges she claimed forced her to quit as Governor of Alaska. “I think on a national level your department of law there in the White House would look at some of the things that we’ve been charged with and automatically throw them out,” she said.

Not only would this be adding to government bureaucracy (and given the number of ethics complaints filed against Palin, we can certainly not afford to front her legal bill like Alaska did) and expanding the powers of the executive branch, and not only is there no Department of Law in DC….but the Department of Justice’s job is most certainly not to defend our President from the consequences of her grafting ways. The Department of Justice is also not here to defend our President from mean journalists like Katie Couric, nor from evil bloggers, nor from angry Republican ex-allies.

In this interview, Palin also explained why she will not be doing interviews with press like Couric or anyone else whom she doesn’t feel will ask her the right questions or treat her nicely. And President Obama is the threat to democracy? Oh, fourth estate, your toes do burn from the stomping.

In other words, when Palin accuses, she is projecting. Sarah Pain is a socialist, but not the good kind. Palin is the kind of leader who uses socialism to expand her dictator-like powers. She uses populism to hide her graft, mafia like corruption and abuse of power. When Sarah Palin speaks, if you can get past the slimy feeling of having just been insulted and accosted, just know that she has one finger pointed out and four fingers pointed back at herself.

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Hillary Clinton Won’t Run for President in 2012

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The field just narrowed in 2012. While there is literally a plethora of potential Republican candidates, Democrats remain focused on Barack Obama, particularly now that Hilary Clinton has dropped out of the running.

She not only will not run in 2012 (sorry, no Clinton vs. Palin fantasy scenario i.e. strong feminist woman vs. pseudo-feminist quitter) but not in 2016 either. No more running for public office, Hilary told FOX’s Mike Wallace.

“I love what I’m doing,” she said on FOX News Sunday:

“I’ve said it over and over again. And I’m happy to say it on your show as well. I am committed to doing what I can to advance the security, the interests and values of the United States of America. I believe what I’m doing right now is in furtherance of that. And I’m very proud and grateful to be doing it.”

It is difficult to see, with Hilary out of consideration, how any other Democrat could hope to challenge Barack Obama, whose own popularity remains high. And contrary to Republican spin, that Obama is a raving leftist ideologue,  a CNN poll released last week shows that American voters don’t think Obama is too liberal (only 38%) and only 9% think he is not liberal enough. Obviously, he continues to appeal to moderate voters, which is what led to his victory in 2008.

The result is that the Democrats are likely to enter the 2012 elections united behind one candidate – a proven, experienced candidate, while the Republicans are divided by numerous candidates, and more, by the growing gap between Tea Party Palin supporters and mainstream Republicans exemplified by Karl Rove. If people thought things got ugly between Obama and Clinton in 2008, they’ll get an education when Palin and Rove go at it in earnest.

I cannot think of another thing better calculated to make Democrats salivate and Republicans wince, than Hilary Clinton removing herself from the equation. And Barack Obama has two years to unite Democrats and re-attract those voters he lost in 2010.

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A Fox News Fairy Tale: Sarah Palin Will Clean Obama’s Clock in 2012

Nov 20 2010 Published by under Featured News

Yet another example of how Fox News is revving up their Republican campaign machine for Sarah Palin occurred on Hannity last night when Sean Hannity claimed that, “I think Gov. Palin, if they keep up with this radical agenda will clean Obama’s clock.” That’s a nice fairy tale for Sean Hannity to spin, but let’s take a look at what will really happen if Barack Obama meets up with Sarah Palin in 2012.

Here is the video of Hannity courtesy of Media Matters:

Hannity said, “I think Gov. Palin, if they keep up with this radical agenda, will clean Obama’s clock.” When pressed, Hannity couldn’t name a single state that Palin would carry that McCain didn’t in 2008. He chose to back up his argument with that old Republican standard, “It’s a whole different environment. Here is the problem. Barack Obama lost. There was a 20 point swing among Independent voters in this country…At the end of the day, you’re forgetting something. We had the biggest midterm repudiation in 70 years two weeks ago.

Hannity later undercut his support of Palin by claiming that anybody could beat Obama, “It’s going to be very interesting. Here you have a guy that was reading a teleprompter. We find out he’s distant, a little unhinged. He’s ineffective. He doesn’t have the ability to pivot and compromise. He’s tone deaf to the American people. He keeps this up for two more years, any, I could beat him, which says a lot.”

In Fox News fantasy land it is so easy to beat an incumbent president that anyone should be able to do it, even Sarah Palin. I hate to go and spoil a perfectly fine right wing dream sequence with facts, but there is a reason why only four incumbent presidents have lost their reelection bids since 1900. Incumbent presidents are nearly impossible to defeat even when they face a credible challenger, much less the least popular politician in America. Sean Hannity relies on the false assumption that Independents will vote for Sarah Palin in 2012, because Independents swung Republican in 2010. The problem is that fewer Independents voted in 2010 than in 2008.

The bigger problem for Republicans is that Independents hate Sarah Palin. Palin is currently carrying a 53% disapproval rating with Independents. Palin’s terrible poll numbers simply don’t match up with what Hannity is trying to sell. The myth truly crumbles when you realize that Obama’s approval ratings have gone up since he was “repudiated” two weeks ago. Palin has consistently been the poorest performing Republican when polls run their hypothetical 2012 match ups, and she consistently trails Obama by double digits. There is zero evidence that Sarah Palin would do anything other than be convincing trounced by Obama.

Despite employing almost the entire roster of potential 2012 candidates for the Republican presidential nomination, minus Mitt Romney, Fox News is increasingly putting their weight behind Sarah Palin. It doesn’t seem to matter that Palin’s track record in national politics is that of a born loser. Palin, Fox News, Hannity, and others have convinced themselves that the 2010 election was about Obama, not jobs and the economy, and that Sarah Palin will lead them to the promise land in 2012.

Sean Hannity was selling a story to the true believers, and snake oil to the gullible. Obama will win reelection and the wide eyed child like viewers of Fox News will tune in every weeknight at 9 PM to hear Sean Hannity spin the tale of how Sarah Palin should have been president.

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The Inevitable Bursting of Sarah Palin’s Media Bubble

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A sneak peak into Palin's 2012 strategy!

Sarah Palin’s new book, “America by Heart” has suffered a pre-emptive blow after being leaked by Palingates, a Sarah Palin watchdog site. Palingates, as well as several high profile media outlets, point out that Sarah Palin uses race to attack Michelle Obama, the Obama children, and the President.

Anyone who is surprised by this has not been paying attention. Sarah Palin is the great divider, a lowest common denominator among an already low-brow movement of proud to be ignorant, pseudo-rebellious anarchists who are super angry about the democratic process which renounced them in 2008.

Palin appears to be stuck in 2008.

Ms Palin seems to think the Reverend Wright bit will work magically in 2012, when in fact, it failed in 2008 and will fail again. Ms Palin also brings back the failed inference that the President is not qualified (likening him to a talentless American Idol contestant with too much self-esteem in yet another epic projection), forgetting that President Obama has been the President for two years and therefor has achieved something Palin never will. President Obama has also never quit on an oath to the public he swore to serve, no matter how much we may have antagonized and enticed him to do just that. Ms Palin is also operating under the delusion that she can accuse the First Lady of not being proud of her country (another failed 2008 smear), when it is Sarah Palin who is married to a secessionist.

None of these strategies worked in 2008 and beating these dusty memes only makes Palin look like the emotional retrograde she is, still clinging to her wounds from 2008 and sure that if enough people hear her, they will denounce Obama. Ms Palin is unaware that in real America, blatant racism doesn’t play well. And she is also unaware that our President and his family are too self-disciplined to even acknowledge her embarrassingly juvenile attempts to engage them.

Stuck in 2008 as she is, Palin is failing to take into account the press of 2012.

If she runs, the press will run the video of Palin’s own church, where she not only sat in the pews but was prayed over by a witch doctor whose own history in Africa is much more damaging than anything Reverend Wright ever said. And the press will run the clips of Palin claiming that the war in Iraq is God’s war. Palin will not know what hit her because she is still stuck in 2008, seething with jealousy and outrage that she lost to a black man.

And this is why race will be her “issue”.

Palin is going to run for President, and this is how she will do it. Why? Because she has nothing else. Palin brought the putrid stench of partisanship steeped in accusations best fit for Nazi Germany to a race for mayor of a town of less than 5000 people, leaving Wasillians stunned and gasping for breath at the ferocity of her attacks against her opponent; attacks which took the tone of implying that he was Jewish (yes, this may not be a crime yet, but hold on, my fellow Real Americans) and that he might not really be married to his wife, because her last name was not the same as his.

What of it? Well, gosh golly gee whiz flippin’ common sense heart and the troops, can’t you see how that impacts his ability to do mayor-ish things? I mean, so what if Sarah Palin was forced by the City Council to hire a city manager after a recall campaign was threatened against the newly installed mayor Palin due to her incompetence and heavy-handed and paranoid approach to governing. Surely an unmarried Jewish man could not guide the city of 5,000 like a Christian secessionist.

If this were you and you needed to sell yourself as pro-America, and you had no scruples to get in the way, you would do what Palin does best: the best defense is a good offense. Accuse the other side of your largest weakness. Add a bit of deflection, a hint of martyrdom and an exquisite mixture of doe-eyed, thigh-high skirted claims of victimization and you have yourself a winner. Sarah Palin is the Great White Hope of the far right KKK tied secessionist, anarchist movement, the birthers, the white nationalists, and the pseudo Christians who use Christ to demonize “the Other”.

So Sarah Palin’s campaign has already begun and it will consist of trashy, unspeakable things that will hurt your soul, pain your heart and make you question the sanity of your country. And when no one pushes back hard enough against her outrageous claims (they will debunk the lie, but fail to expose the projection), you will find yourself curling up into a ball of horror at what your country has become. This will be one of her worst moments in history. We can only hope that utter devastation is not unleashed upon our dear country by this power-mad despot of terror. And no, I’m not being hyperbolic.

In 2008, she had McCain (yes, even McCain has values) and the establishment who know how to walk the line without crossing it to rein her in—but at the top of the ticket and guided by no one but her chosen entourage of cultists whose best asset is their willingness to appease the paranoia burning the few remaining live brain cells in Ms Palin’s head, you should expect an unfettered reign of terror.

Palin’s book is yet another example of how she is using the media to craft an image that she will run on, along with her “reality” TV show, her appearances on Fox PAC and her Twitter and Facebook pronouncements of “policy”– the arrogance and silliness of which only prove to reading Americans that you can’t know what you don’t know when you know so little.

In a New York Times Magazine profile that appeared online this week, Palin went out of her way to mention the “exposure” she receives through her job at Fox News, saying, “I’m on television nearly every single day with reporters. … Now granted, that’s mainly through my job at Fox News, and I’m very proud to be associated with them, but I’m not avoiding anything or anybody. I’m on Facebook and Twitter. I want to talk about my record, though.”

Exposure is what celebrities do. It is not the same thing as taking questions and talking policy, in other words, interacting in live time with the fourth estate. Neither Facebook nor Twitter nor Fox are vehicles for the fourth estate to do their job. As a supposed journalism major (in spite of the fact that no one at her last college remembers her and we have not been gifted with proof of her degree), Palin should have at least cursory knowledge of the job of a reporter. Not many on Fox PAC will ever be accused of being a reporter. Twitter is not a reporter. Facebook is not a reporter.

Of course she doesn’t want to talk about her record and of course she is avoiding the press. She might be deluded enough to believe that being on Twitter is the same as taking questions from the press, but her mistake is thinking that we are.

Reasonable people will ask what Palin’s problem is with the media and why she not only avoids them, but lobs her pre-emptive smears until all media is automatically discredited in the eyes of her supporters. More importantly, because Palin’s motives here should be obvious (and as for discussing her record, I’d be happy to, starting with her media blackouts on the press going way back to when she was mayor of a small town), why does the American media allow Palin to get away with this and will they continue?

Every time the media runs after Palin like a lap dog, refusing to dig into her real record and allowing her statements that she is against government intrusion, is a fiscal conservative, and is for small government to stand unchallenged, they lower the bar for the next charismatic pathological liar to use social media, the publishing world and reality TV to sell America a dangerous combination of hubris, arrogance, narcissism and rabid ambition.

Palin is too scared and intimidated to talk with anyone about her record, because her record belies her myth. While the rest of the media sells Palin as a conservative, reality tells quite another story.

Why is it that the press seems uninterested in reality when it comes to Palin? She is the great Teflon deceiver, a raging socialistic populist demagogue who spent like crazy on entitlement and socialist programs, grew the size of government, left Wasilla in long term debt due to staggering incompetence, and left Alaskans with a 70 percent debt to GDP ratio — all fueled by her consistent over-reaching abuse of governmental power. This is none too comforting when you add in her obvious-to-insiders mental imbalance.

But Ms Palin is in for a world of shock. The press of 2008 is not the press of 2012. While they’re still in a dense fog of denial, Palin is making it difficult for them to continue languishing in the land of naive belief that she will just go away when the time is right. When they wake up to the reality that Palin thinks she is qualified to be our President, they will begin some serious vetting.

While they will still miss the larger points, they’ve had time to get to know Palin’s reputation for lies and they will not want to be humiliated again. The press scrutiny of the VP candidate is nothing compared to the scrutiny she will face as the top of the ticket. If Sarah Palin thought the media was cruel to her when they asked her what she read, wait until they ask her why she lied about not having healthcare, about Troopergate, about the AIP connections, about Death Panels, the people who died under her administration or about her belief that Iraq bordered America.

And that’s not even the juicy bits. Welcome to 2012, Ms Palin. If you insist upon bringing your scourge of hate upon this country, don’t think we’re going to sit back and take it like we did in 2008. Buckle up, sweetie. The spotlight is on you, where you’ve always wanted it, but I’m not sure you’re going to like it. Your dreams of stardom may well turn into a nightmare. You are about to learn what it feels like to be attacked for real.

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Sarah Palin’s Heartland Delusions Go Down in Flames

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Celebrity Climber Sarah Palin Doesn't Represent Middle Class

Sarah Palin’s Heartland Delusions Go Down in Flames

Yesterday our country suffered the breath-taking blow of hearing Sarah Palin announce that she thinks she can beat President Obama when she runs for President. Today, new polling data from NBC News/Wall Street Journal Survey shows that the majority of Americans do not think Sarah Palin represents the middle class. That would be those “real Americans” Palin is always dropping her “g”s to ingratiate herself with. Apparently they are not as gullible as Palin hoped. So, that would be a “No, you can’t, Ms Palin,” regarding beating President Obama.

The NBC/WSJ poll listed a series of names and asked people to tell them how well each one represents the values of the middle class–“very well, fairly well, just somewhat well, or not very well.” 44% say Sarah Palin does NOT represent the values of the middle class, whereas 16% say she does. So your country is not as insane as the midterms led you to believe.

Still, the notion that we have no laws to stop an Alvin Greene or Sarah Palin for running for the highest office in the land is rather disconcerting. Small comfort can be taken in the fact that Palin is making several errors in judgment regarding 2012, but here they are should you need any spine-stiffening courtesy of reality.

Palin is running a general election campaign against Barack Obama right now, but her largest challenges will come from the Republican establishment and their front-runners. How will she fight Romney, Huckabee et al? Will they all be smeared as pedophiles or impotents, as is her wont? I highly doubt those boys will lie down for Palin like the press has.

Palin is carefully weaving an image of herself and her family, which will be the basis of her run. She can’t run on her record, no matter what she tells you, because her record does not reflect the things she claims to stand for. And anyway, Palin has never run on ideas. She runs a contest of popularity, which is why she believes that Bristol winning “Dancing with the Stars” matters politically.

There is literally no difference in Palin’s mind between “Dancing with the Stars”, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska’s” ratings, and running for President. If you haven’t clued in yet, Palin is running for Prom Queen of America and she’s more than willing to give out free cookies (literally) to bribe the feel-good vote.

However, Palin can’t seem to control herself or her family, which is why she chose a reality TV show where she has full edit control, to sell this myth. When it comes to real reality, both her family and she suffer from a profound lack of grace and humility. They are quite simply a public relations nightmare.

For now, Palin is able to contain this with accusations of liberal bias over each and every “attack” (also known as the consequences of Palin’s choices). But the Republicans won’t let her get away with this tactic. And it’s always the Republicans coming after Palin, never the Democrats, and yet she sells this blatantly false idea that Democrats are after her; another moment when discussing her real record would be of great help.

Palin’s last mistake is her over-satuaration. I’m not sure if this will reach peak disgust level by 2012, but she stands a very real risk of destroying the good will she created via the public not knowing her well enough to hate her. The more Palin exposes herself to the public, the lower her approval ratings go.

Palin’s reality TV show could change that; I think she does an excellent job exploiting this weakness in the American press by using another method of communication with the public in which she has total control over her image. I personally am not drawn to blood, guts and over-sexualized teenagers, but I can appreciate that many people will find this charming. When I hear people excuse the Palins with the rather distressing lament that all families are like this, it offers discomforting insight into the American public’s lowering standards. I can’t imagine my parents allowing me to call another child “fat”, let alone “faggot”. To this end, the Palins’ fame represents the exaltation of mediocrity in America.

As for the tired claim that elitists look down on her, let me put that to rest by assuring her that yes, we can and yes, we do. But we do not look down upon her for the false salve of her self-inflicted Nixonian martyrdom, which is her sole appeal.

It’s insulting that Palin takes refuge in this most insidious of lies. It’s not her commonness or her “heartlandishness” that offends. No, sister Palin. I am from the heartland of this great country and I can assure you, it’s not that. It’s not the hunting or the fishing (which you do not do anyway), it’s the utter contempt you have for others and your sense of entitlement and self-aggrandizement that offends.

And since I’m from the heartland, let me take this moment to put Palin’s querulous dog whistle to death once and for all. Sarah Palin doesn’t stand for the work ethic of a heartlander, the tough constitution of a heartlander or the stiff upper lip of a heartlander. And she certainly doesn’t stand for the bedrock faith of a heartlander.

Sarah Palin doesn’t stand for the grace and civility of a southerner or the wild possibility of the west. Ironically, the only part of America Palin stands for is the worst of Los Angeles, where anyone whose ego is large enough and whose personal morals will not get in the way of foisting themselves onto an unwilling public at any cost to their soul can succeed (I love you, LA, but you know of what I speak).

Sarah Palin is the worst of Hollywood; the cheap shot of out of touch elite who run the business and cater to what they perceive to be as fly-over country. Much like Bush, they find fly-over country charming so long as it stays where it is and continues to buy (literally) their notion of how fabulous it is to be average, and so long as it isn’t them that has to be average. Palin is the largest insult to fly-over country this country has ever generated.

Palin thinks fly-over country is this stupid. They aren’t. Palin thinks that she can drop her “g”s and talk like a Nascar fan and the people will love her. Inherent in this cheap shot is the belief that all Nascar fans are stupid. They aren’t. They are also not all conservatives (I happen to be one).

The people who believe in Sarah now (not the rabid fans, but the side liners) are often good people, with generous hearts, who like the image she presents. Who wouldn’t? They feel represented finally and if only that were true, this country could be having a real debate and challenge of ideas.

There’s something fundamentally American about the notion of Mr Smith going to Washington. But Mr Smith was a good, decent man who wasn’t afraid to learn things and hadn’t left a state of abused people behind him in his climb to ultimate power. Mr Smith also did not believe he was better than the rest of America. Mr Smith did not think God had mantled him to be President.

Palin is using the fly-over middle class just like she used Alaskans. Palin is a climber, someone who looks down upon and despises the little people because she used to be one. She couldn’t wash the dirt of ordinariness off of her soon enough.

While Palin makes a big show of hating the media and Hollywood, what has she done since quitting on her oath to serve Alaska? She has joined the media and pushed herself upon Hollywood, demanding to be a part of it. Palin descended upon the life of fame and glamor like a starved beast upon an almost depleted carcass in the desert; hairdressers, make up artists, stylists, and jets, oh my! This was her destiny and she didn’t care what it cost to get there.

From Palin’s vantage point, the working class is something to look down upon. She makes this abundantly clear, as do her children, with their spiteful crowing about having achieved success, fame and money and believing everyone is jealous of them because of it. This is called projection; For them, wealth and celebrity are proof of God’s love. Labels tend to mean a lot to those who lack the personal sincerity and depth of soul to understand what really matters.

Palin can’t fathom the very essence of the real Americans she claims to represent. And it seems as if real Americans are starting to clue in to this rather significant fact.

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Republicans Talk and Hate and Offer no Solutions

Right now, the closest thing the Republicans seem to have to a real policy is orchestrating a win for Bristol on DWTS.

I don’t want to beat a dead dog, but I want to know what the Republican idea of foreign policy is. The Bush administration showed a clear and persistent disdain for diplomacy, preferring instead to simply invade other countries, and the Republicans seem to want to continue in this vein. The sabre-rattling continues unabated and every day seems to reveal another Republican demanding blood.

  • Lindsey Graham (R-SC) wants to invade Iran
  • Howard “Buck” McKeon (R-CA) opposes cuts in defense spending
  • Jon Kyl says Congress doesn’t have time to ratify the new START treaty
  • Michele Bachman (R-MN) says Obama is going to let Iran nuke Israel

Why aren’t these people talking about the economy, about lost jobs, or about tackling the deficit? Really the only thing they’ve had to say so far about the economy is that they want to ban earmarks, which amount to less than half of one percent of the federal budget. Military spending accounts for over 50%.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist here to figure out that something isn’t right. So let’s try to understand this:

  • Banning earmarks, 0.5% of the federal budget will fix the economy
  • Keeping or increasing military spending, which is more than 50% of the economy, won’t hurt the economy
  • And we might as well add keeping the tax breaks for the rich, which won’t hurt the economy either, somehow

No, it still doesn’t make sense, does it?

Come to think of it, I want to know what the Republican idea of domestic policy is. Do they have one of those either? It doesn’t seem so; no foreign policy ideas and no domestic policy ideas. Just…nothing. Nothing at all.

Oh, they’re against a lot of things. It would take more time than I have to list it all. But they don’t seem to have any solutions either on a global or on a local scale beyond a nihilistic denial of everything.

It’s a matter of very simple mathematics. You don’t even have to drag economics into it. It’s just that simple: to spend money you have to have money, or you create deficit spending. You owe money. Right? We all know that. We experience it every day with house payments, car payments, credit cards and any other kind of loan.

The only way to balance things out is to make more money, or to spend less money.

Is that so hard to understand? And money has to come from somewhere. The government isn’t a corporation. It gets money from taxes. That is the money the federal government has to spend. If the government cuts taxes, it has less money.

But the Republicans want to continue to spend money. They don’t want you to have healthcare, they don’t want you to have unemployment insurance or social security. But they do want to buy more guns, tanks, planes and missiles.

I may not be a rocket scientist but I don’t think a missile is going to do any of us a helluva lotta good.

So we are justified in asking: What the hell kind of policy is this?

You’d probably get a lot of dumb looks if you actually asked. Michele Bachman apparently didn’t have a clue that the Bush administration had engaged in diplomatic relations and even state visits with Iran’s president, the much loathed Ahmadinejad. At least, she didn’t want to talk about that when it was brought up while she was busy denouncing Obama.

What other policies do the Republicans have?

  • They’re against same-sex marriage
  • They’re against repealing DADT in the military
  • They’re against abortion
  • They’re against the building of mosques in the U.S.
  • They’re against “Obamacare”
  • They’re against immigrants
  • They’re against federal regulations unless morally based
  • They’re against the environment and alternative energy
  • They’re against high speed rail

Does any of this help us with the two matters about which Americans are most concerned, jobs and health? No, not at all. You can ban same-sex marriages, keep DADT in place, ban abortion and mosques, and people still won’t have jobs and if they succeed in repealing what they derisively call “Obamacare” they won’t have health insurance either. Meanwhile, federal regulations protect the average citizen from corporate abuses and “green” programs and high speed rail would put thousands back to work and money into the economy. We can’t have that, apparently.

Again: what the hell kind of policy is this?

Will returning to a Bronze Age morality code put the economy back on track or keep people healthy? No, not so much.

Meanwhile, these new Republican politicians who campaigned steadfastly against health insurance for the rest of us want their own, and they don’t want to wait the required 28 days for it.

This is what voters have given us, a nihilistic party spouting slogans so absurd they can’t be taken seriously as a political movement. A political movement has to be about something. The Republican party is not. It is against a lot of things, but it offers us no path forward, no coherent policy that will lead us out of the mess their lack of vision steered us into.

Why are they back in office? Better than asking that, get out and vote next time and make sure they don’t get the executive back. The damage they can do is limited by the powers granted the House in the Constitution. Sanity still reigns in the Executive and in the  Senate, and I suspect that two years of Republican pseudo-policy might jar the electorate sufficiently to save them both in 2012, particularly if Palin runs, but the danger is real and the danger remains.

Demand answers, America. Demand solutions, demand action, real, meaningful action, and start asking of these people, “Why do you want Bristol to win?”

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Willow’s Facebook Outburst Blows the Lid off Sarah Palin’s TLC Propaganda

Nov 17 2010 Published by under Featured News, Issues, Republican Party

Sarah Palin in political garb selling wholesome family values

It didn’t escape your erstwhile politico that Sarah Palin is all over the news this morning, topping the Alexa hotlinks with stories about how liberals hate it that she’s happy while other sites are reporting on her two daughters’ rather revealing attacks on another young person’s Facebook page. “Faggot” “fat” “low-life loser” are lobbed at the boy who wrote on his own Facebook page that he thought “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was failing. Clearly, such a dark sin can not be ignored, but were he a Palin, certainly his first amendment rights would have already been violated when at first he was criticized for speaking his mind.

As for the family’s claim that neither daughter normally talks like this, I read Bristol’s 2008 MySpace page before it was scrubbed and um, yes she did and much worse. However, the most salient note regarding Willow and Bristol Palin’s Facebook slurs being outted is the awkward timing of reality, rearing his mean little head and directly conflicting with the carefully crafted image of angelic wholesome Northern Barbie Family who like to shoot and pray together so cheerfully sold to us on Palin’s reality TV show.

And even more revealing and more important than slurring teenage language, was the Palin girls’ constant refrain that everyone is jealous of their success and that is why they dare to have negative opinions regarding the family’s TV show.

Willow Palin wrote: “Sorry that all you guys are jealous of my families (sic) success and you guys aren’t goin to go anywhere with your lives.”

Indeed. Jealousy is the problem here. Next time Palin calls out Rahm Emanuel for using the word “retarded”, please shout her down with claims that she is jealous that he is still employed as a politician and never quit his job. Not only is this intended insult a strawman, but reveals Palin’s perpetual parental failure to take responsibility for consistent messages and values.

These are the sad, inevitable beliefs of children of narcissists, where every perceived criticism is attacked with a vengeance, and yet the narcissist (and children of said narcissist) fail to take responsibility for their own wicked, cruel attacks and hence feel even more victimized when others take offense at being called fat losers for daring to state that they dislike a TV show. I am forced to ask if “retarded” is bad, why is “faggot” ok? Mom? Anyone?

Deep within this distasteful debacle is the root of Palin’s success.

Palin pre-emptively strikes at all criticism from her safe havens of Facebook, Twitter and Fox PAC. She slyly suggests males who dare not to worship her are impotent and or pedophiles, thereby rendering them speechless; So unrelated and bizarre a charge is used with malice aforethought as shock and awe against the enemy. The media duly reports such accusations and before you know it, we have America’s foremost martyr on our hands.

Which is just like Christ, don’t you know, except Christ didn’t antagonize others until they had to fight back to preserve any scraps of their own reputation and dignity. But still. This part escapes the media and the public. That unknowing public who still find Palin “stupid” but fail to see the cunning little rabid creature willfully destroying everyone in her path.

And so we are left today with the notion that it is liberals’ fault that Bristol and Willow took to Facebook (following Mommy’s footsteps) to denounce the slightest of criticism with a wrathful vengeance best left for World Wars. Do you know why this is liberals’ fault? Because apparently we are jealous that Bristol is winning “Dancing With the Stars”.

Yes. That’s right. TMZ and Huffington Post are simmering in jealousy over the Palins’ train wreck fame. Or, in reality, happily using the family who has offered themselves up as reality TV stars as ….reality TV stars. But the Palins will hide beneath cover of being politicians when it suits them, demanding the same privacy afforded to other politicians’ families, never acknowledging that other politicians do not offer their families up for unfettered American consumption in order to sell a phony narrative.

The Palin childrens’ Facebook slumming reveals a side of the Palins obviously not covered in their reality TV show; Most celebrities learn how to behave within months of becoming famous, and the children are taught how to protect themselves from this level of engagement. Why don’t the celebrity chasing Palin parents take care of their celebrity children? Because they are using them as political props in several reality TV shows. The fact that the children will be exposed to scrutiny and cruelty is obviously written off as the cost of the selling the Palin myth propaganda and then blamed on the liberal media. It’s a win win for the ultimate martyr, who never takes responsibility for her own children let alone her choices regarding them.

What’s the problem here? Why bother reporting on this at all?

Because what you’re witnessing here is the final merger between entertainment and politics. The deathblow to reason. The ultimate rock and a hard place, if one is to believe Palin when she cries on her reality TV show about invasion of privacy and then preens on Fox Business’ “Freedom Watch” that she is using her show to “get a message to the people” about politics.

Danger lurks, people. This is propaganda at its most pervasive and insidious self and it will kill anything that gets in its way.

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Putting the Republican Messiah on Full Display in Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Nov 15 2010 Published by under Featured News, Issues, Republican Party

Jesus II is here and he's wearing a wig!

Follow Me There!

If ever you wondered if Sarah Palin was indeed the next coming of Christ, her reality TV show, hagiographically titled “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”, proves that not only does Palin own Alaska, but that she is your next Messiah. Special props for the brilliant Jesus propaganda where Palin is backlit angelically with her arms up to the Heavens and music by Christian rock band Third Day calls, “Follow me there!” over and over and over again.

This was your introduction to politics as reality TV show propaganda and I must say that while I was intermittently distressed by Palin’s mean girl, I thought she sure showed those liberal elites a thing or two because while she might have quit her job as governor, she sure didn’t quit that rock. Also, I’ve never seen a more charming and sexual version of rock climbing in all my days and to think I used to climb rocks but never did I ask for help from the mens so beguilingly or dangle with a camera shooting right up my bottom just in case the males in the audience missed the reference.

Karl Rove, I think you have a problem. Your girl isn’t standing down and I can’t imagine that you would look so good dangling from a harness over rocks, Karl. And ain’t it all about the hotness of your bottom? I mean, isn’t that what you’ve been selling us up until now?

And after all, what says President more than rock climbing? I mean, aren’t rocks the ultimate metaphor for real world challenges like mean bloggers and nasty authors and cruel, insecure journalists who dare to ask candidates what they read while the pretty dangles just out of your reach with her winks and her cries for help?

Sure, Palin may have failed in real life but in this glossy rendition of her myth, Palin is the superhero second coming, full of life and surprises—most especially did our Politicos love how instead of Jesus II coming from a manger, this one comes full grown and from the hilltops of the “portal” of Alaska, which is where all of the saved will be beamed up to Heaven after Palin takes office and End Days commence. This will only happen after the older white males of the GOP have a collective orgasm watching Palin parade around for the next two years, each month the hint of skin growing more bold, enticing them on to the ballot box. Do it, daddy! Vote for Jesus.

Speaking of when Palin takes office, I want to prepare my hungry Palin fans for the fact that Palin will not actually reside in stuffy DC. No, sirree. DC is too much for our frontier gal. Recall, will you, how she redecorated and rehabbed the governor’s mansion to such great cost, even installing a tanning bed (to generate that faux outdoorsy glow) only to ditch it and charge the tax payers to live and eat at home, in Wasilla, which is the only Real America we have.

You would know this if you had taken a trip down big box lane and seen the Wal-Mart that so Americanly replaced mom and pop stores in Wasilla. So, unless you want Palin to install a Wal-Mart within snow machine distance to the White House, get ready to pony up for her real residence after you “Follow Her” to Alaska.

You didn’t think she was going to use all of that Sarah PAC money for stuffy old politics, did you? A girl has to live, people. And while you may be dismayed to think of how Palin will kill any remaining science funding we might have in this country of Orwellian exceptionalism wherein intellectual merit is a bad thing, ponder how only Palin could truly inspire the creation of a faster private jet to whisk her from her White House in Wasilla to various parties around the world and tell me you don’t see a positive for science!

It must amuse the Grizzly Mama when the high brow elite smugly announce that Palin might be a hit with the Teabaggers but she couldn’t debate any of the Republican candidates out of a paperbag. Boys, you aren’t paying attention. She isn’t going to debate anyone. She doesn’t have to. Would Jesus deign to debate Mitt Romney? I think not.

Jesus would take to Facebook to make pronouncements from on high. Jesus would attack via Twitter. Jesus would never debate. The gods do not debate mortals and they don’t answer questions from the mealy mouthed press, no matter how hard said mealy mouthed press massages the relentless myth of Herself. It’s not good enough, and why should it be? Would Jesus allow the Wall Street Journal to correct him? I think not.

Yes, my fellow Americans, country music has met wild frontier gal and created Jesus II, who you will happily vote for when the mind conditioning is complete. Gone are the days of “issues” and “policies” and other boring legal governing elite type talk. Why bother with all of that when the world is ending? Just sit back and enjoy following Sister Sarah to End Times. She’s your messiah. You know you want it.

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is political porn for the evangelical crowd. Palin even does y’all the courtesy of minding her language which tends toward the vulgar, but with the added heady appeal to those who love to watch blood spill from animals and find inter-family hostility charming because nothing says the Prince of Peace like a shot gun aimed at a defenseless animal or a fish with his head cut off, blood oozing over the wound as the proud First Daughter sells abstinence from behind the gore.

I was only surprised she failed to wrap herself in a flag naked as she stood backlit over the cloudy End Times sky. There’s always next week.

Though to be fair, Palin gives her viewers what they really want by sashaying around in “runners” shorts for much of the time, even when all of the males are in long pants. This little quirk is apparently genetic, as daughter Willow follows suit in an enticing pair of jean cut-offs. The sort my mother would never have allowed me to wear in public, let alone on TV. But then my mother is one of those wanton liberal types. Not a good little Christian like Palin.

Follow Me, Karl. Follow me there. Let me take you to a place you never dreamed of, where little girls in short shorts outwit you and run for your party’s nomination as the Second Coming. Or perhaps the GOP’s first coming, if you know what I mean.

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Jeb Bush for President?

Jeb and Dubya: Two Too Many Bushes

The last thing the United States needs is another Bush – any Bush. But that’s exactly what some Republicans are talking about giving us. Specifically, Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida. Bush served two terms as governor of Florida and the Bush family is still popular among conservatives. It would not be a surprise if – despite his denials and his brother the former president’s doubts on that score – Jeb Bush threw his hate into the ring.

The Republicans would be banking on voters forgetting just exactly how terrible a president George W. Bush was, his two wars (one still raging without any end in sight), Katrina, the terrorist attack on his watch that destroyed the WTC and killed 2700 people (nearly 3000 people died altogether on 9/11 in the various attacks), and his thorough destruction of the American economy (we won’t even get into his plundering expedition in Iraq).

I’m not as confident that Americans have forgotten Bush. Leading up to the primaries, polls still demonstrated that most Americans blamed Bush for our economic woes, this despite the millions of Republican dollars spent on re-branding the catastrophe as Obama-cased. Of course, they have also tried to recast 9/11 as a Democratic failing and called Afghanistan (that war that is still raging) “Obama’s War.”

We know that voters have short memories and that they can be fickle. We know they tend to blame the party in power. That worked to the Republican advantage in the 2010 midterms. But importantly, the Republicans failed to take the Senate and they didn’t do as well as they had expected. Then there is the fact that President Obama’s approval rating rose after the midterms and that there are two years remaining before the next presidential election.

It is important to note that during these two years the Republicans will have control of the House. The GOP propaganda machine will not be able to claim that the Democrats control the government, or that things aren’t getting done because the Democrats are sitting on their hands. The Republicans have already announced their intention to bring government to a halt. The voters won’t have to remember this in 2012; they will be experiencing it for the next two years, right up until Election Day.

George H.W. Bush had already sent America to war for the first time since the Vietnam War. The economy had stagnated, growing at a rate of 1% annually and unemployment was rising. His son took over from Clinton, who had been anything but a “tax and spend” liberal, the broad brush with which all liberals are painted in Republican propaganda. George W. Bush ignored Clinton’s warnings about terrorist threats and on 9/11 the WTC was attacked. Bush stared like a deer into headlights, then attacked Iraq (which had nothing to do with the attack) and Afghanistan, where terrorist cells were at least lurking (al Qaeda was not allowed by Saddam Hussein to operate in Iraq). The American economy crumbled, Katrina was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and the Constitution was attacked on an almost daily basis. People were tortured and we learned a new word: rendition, which is the abduction and extrajudicial transfer of a person from one nation to another, in other words, torture by proxy.

Human rights abuses and illegal wars cast America in a bad light internationally. Our reputation, along with our economy, suffered. American exceptionalism became the order of the day, a “New American Century” which recast the United States, the world’s sole remaining superpower, as a New Rome, an empire which claimed the right to do anything it wanted to do to anyone it wanted to do it to. These are facts, and they are not in dispute.

It is only fair to ask if Jeb Bush would be more like the father or the brother, as president. He is more popular with Latinos than his brother (he is married to one), which might pose problems for the Democrats, who enjoy Latino support overall, but his take on immigration would be decisive. The Tea Party is ardently opposed to immigration. The two Republicans who did well with Latino voters took a more nuanced view of the issue than any Tea Partier – Marco Rubio (55%) in Florida and Susana Martinez (38%) in New Mexico.

Would Jeb Bush run as an establishment Republican or as a Tea Partier? It is unlikely but not impossible he could successfully straddle the fence but it is a hazardous course.
Ideological purity is the prime motivator in Republican politics these days, and a soft stance which would gain Latino voters would lose WASP voters. While the GOP rushes headlong into line to build a Great Wall of America along the Mexican border, Jeb Bush would quickly find himself swimming against a tide of hate and xenophobia. Working to his advantage are the facts that Jeb Bush is anti-choice and anti-gay, which would endear him to Tea Partiers and Religious Right alike.

We don’t know how Jeb shapes up among voters because polls focus on Republicans like Palin, Huckabee, Romney, and Gingrich. A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. survey offers the following results:

Huckabee leads Obama 52 – 44 percent

Romney leads Obama 50-45 percent

Obama leads Palin 52-44 percent

Obama leads Gingrich 49-47 percent

It is notable that Palin is only number three for Republican respondents when asked to pick a Republican nominee (21% for Huckabee, 20% for Romney, 14% for Palin, 12% for Gingrich), and she loses to Obama in the poll.  As Jason Easley wrote yesterday, a new Gallup poll makes Palin seem almost unelectable. Another possible Republican candidate is Governor Mitch Daniels of Indiana, but his pragmatism will likely alienate him from Republican purity fanatics. He’s far too sensible to be a Republican candidate for president.

It will be interesting to see in coming months if Jeb Bush’s name begins to appear in polls and if so, what that will do to the Republican dynamic, especially if despite Palin’s overall unpopularity with Americans, support from the Republican base keeps her in the running; and if an America suffering from Bush fatigue will show interest in him in any appreciable numbers.

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