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31 Dec 2012 Republicans End 2012 by Showing Their Contempt for Everyone Who is Not Rich

30 Dec 2012 Republicans Fulfill Their Destiny of Creating the Worst Congress in Nearly 70 Years

29 Dec 2012 Right Wing 'Patriots' Reserve the Right of Free Speech Just for Themselves

28 Dec 2012 Obama has learned that dealing with Republicans is an exercise in futility

27 Dec 2012 Obama's Record Destroys the Republicans' Big Spending Democrat Propaganda

26 Dec 2012 Republicans Aren't Misguided and Misinformed;They're Ideological Saboteurs

24 Dec 2012 The message, 'peace on Earth, goodwill toward men' seems lost on many Christians

24 Dec 2012 The Idea That an Armed Good Guy Can Stop an Armed Bad Guy is Not Borne Out by Reality

22 Dec 2012 As Usual EmoProgs Overreact because they Don't Understand Negotiating and Governing

21 Dec 2012 Republicans Are Once Again Trying to Hold The Economy Hostage Over Christmas