Sarah Palin's Stalkerish Obama Obsession Gets Even Weirder and More Bizarre

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President Obama’s celeb D-List stalker, Sarah Palin appeared on Fox News and gave a performance that was so weird it made Victoria Jackson and Ted Nugent look like a sanity convention.

Here is the video:

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Transcript via Fox News:

VAN SUSTEREN: Well, that’s certainly peculiar that he said say that because my colleague, Catherine Herridge, saw an August 16th classified cable in which there were complaints that there were 10 al Qaeda training camps in the area of Benghazi. So it’s a little bit hard to say that al Qaeda is on the run at that point.

But let me ask you about something else, Governor. Time magazine announcing its Person of the Year. Once again, it’s President Obama. Now, Time magazine says it is for the time (ph) the president’s success in, quote, “forging a new majority to create a more perfect union.”
Governor Palin, your thoughts on that?

PALIN: Oh, the path towards a more perfect union is our Constitution. And I think that we have seen examples of our president not necessarily following the Constitution, in fact, wanting to change the Constitution because he sees it as a charter of negatives.
And he’s made statements in the past about his view of our Constitution, and that’s — you know, following it is a blueprint towards a more perfect union.

But Time magazine, you know, I think there’s some irrelevancy there, to tell you the truth. I mean, consider their list of the most influential people in the country and in the world, some who have made that list — yours truly! That ought to tell you something right there regarding the credence that we should give Time magazine and their list of people.

VAN SUSTEREN: All right, well, that’s an interesting concept. But you know, it’s funny, you know, in looking at the — you know, at the president’s choice — he was chosen before because, you know, when he was first elected. But you know, the thing that strikes me is that — I can’t — you know, it’s Time magazine that says this sort of goofy stuff about, like, you know, whatever — whatever their criteria is for seeking amid great adversity to create a more perfect union — I don’t know what that means, I don’t know. But that’s Time magazine. That isn’t the president. The president didn’t pick those words. That’s Time magazine. So I put the — I put the — I point my finger at Time magazine when it gets a little silly. How about you?

PALIN: Oh, I think that those are some silly words chosen to describe Barack Obama. When I first heard that, first thing that popped into my mind was, What the heck has he done? Really, what has he done except drive us over a fiscal cliff, which we are over, and now it’s time to feel the thud at the bottom of that cliff. It’s just now a matter of degree of how hard we’re going to hit bottom.

But you know, other than that, really, what has he done to unify and make our nation a more perfect union? For the life of me, I don’t know, Greta!

Every once in a while it is fun to check in on the remains of what used to be Sarah Palin. (Before any of you start leaving comments about how Palin should never be written about, I agree. But just like a car crash on the side of the road, sometimes morbid curiosity gets the better of you and you just have to take a look.)

Even by Palin’s usual standard of incoherent ramblings, this one was really weird. It is obvious that the more than four years since she lost the 2008 election have done nothing to ease her bitter jealousy of President Obama. What many don’t realize is that Sarah Palin left jealous a long time ago to become this president’s D-List former celebrity stalker. She appears to be torn between bitterness, and an obsession with every move this president makes.

It seems Sarah Palin is taking that Fox News paycheck and not even making a token attempt to follow the news. She appears to be playing some bizarre word association game that only she understands. BFF Greta said more perfect union, which led Sarah on a verbal jaunt surrounded by the word constitution that made absolutely no sense. (I wonder if Fox News has a drug testing policy for on air talent?)

As strange as that was, what followed next was the most jealous, envious, and ridiculous thing ever to come out of Sarah Palin’s mouth.

She claimed that Obama did not deserve to be named Time’s Person of the Year because he hasn’t done anything.

Obama only saw the unemployment rate drop, the economy grow, ended Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, signed a version of the Dream Act, had Obamacare ruled constitutional by the Supreme Court, and for good measure, he easily won reelection over Mitt Romney.

In contrast, Sarah Palin’s year consisted of watching two reality shows starring family members bomb, becoming the only vice presidential nominee in recent memory not to even be invited to the convention, and being essentially blacked out on Fox News while holding a book signing down the road from the Romney party in Tampa.

Sarah Palin has gone from mean girl to political bag lady chugging Thunderbird under the overpass.

So in case you were wondering whatever happened to Sarah Palin, now you know.

We will now return to our regular programming.

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