House Republicans Are So Serious About the Fiscal Cliff that They are Going Home for Christmas

Dec 20 2012 Published by under Featured News

House Republicans keep warning the country about the fiscal cliff, but they refuse to stay and work through Christmas to avoid it.

The cliff is upon us. The end of fiscal days, or so House Republicans tell us. The House Republicans want you, the American people to know that they are serious about the fiscal cliff. They are so serious that they have decided to go home for Christmas.

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor tried to hide the hypocrisy by tweeting out the news that they are bolting town.

Did anyone really expect anything more
from the laziest legislative body in American political history?

The Republican led House works an unbelievably light schedule. They are only scheduled to work 126 days in 2013. There was absolutely zero chance that the welfare queens sucking up taxpayer dollars who lead the House of Representatives would miss Christmas. That’s a holiday, sort of just like the other 239 days that the House won’t be in session.

Consider that our nation is supposedly facing a crisis that could plunge the country back into recession, but McDonalds workers will be putting in more hours on Christmas Day than the House of Representatives.

House Republicans are so lazy that unlike the Senate, they won’t even set a return date. Forget about the House storming back into session to keep the nation from plunging off the cliff. House Republicans will only work, “when needed.” (This House passes so little legislation that it might be time for a national debate about just how needed they actually are.)

If House Republicans were serious about the fiscal cliff, they could earn some of those millions that we pay them every year and actually do what is expected of most Americans. They could work on a holiday.

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