In America, It's Easier to Ban Lawn Darts Than Assault Weapons

Dec 17 2012 Published by under Featured News

In a response to a thread by SoCalDem titled “This deadly item is banned in the USA (I own it..I’m not even allowed to re-sell it.. too dangerous)” at Democratic Underground, trailmonkee at came up with this:

Yes, apparently there was a lawn dart game called Jarts that got banned after killing two children (one was killed by “an altered lawn dart”, proving that lawn darts just didn’t have the lobbyists guns do). But to be fair, they did injure 3,200 people in eight years.

Oh, wait, MATH:

“Every year, nearly 1,500 children die from guns and many more are seriously injured. The American Academy of Pediatrics believes the best way to prevent gun-related injuries to children is to remove guns from the home.”

So, yes.. Absurdities that arise courtesy of the propaganda money can buy. As Trailmonkee pointed out in the thread, you’re never going to hear “jarts don’t kill people, people kill people”. Big money can buy invincibility and a failure to be responsible for pretty much anything.

Conservatives are super upset about the deficit we’re leaving our grandchildren. This is their big moral dilemmia of our modern times (they never admit that they built that deficit). Somehow, guns for kids, guns against kids, death of children — these facts do not factor into the worldview that calls itself “family values”” and co-opts our “kids” in order to justify defunding them in the name of a fiscal responsibility that always seems to elude Republicans when they are in power.

(A note on the “fiscal cliff”: Once again, we see Republicans threatening to not pay our bills via the debt ceiling. I am unclear how a lower credit rating from defaulting on our bills helps our grandkids, but it does teach them that if we get really mad because we can’t have Our Way on Everything, we don’t have to pay for stuff we already used. Family values.)

Lawn darts are banned. Assault weapons? Not so much. Assault weapons and guns = freedom for the family values crowd. Surreal? Oh, no. Arm the teachers. That is the real answer to the lawn dart problem.

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