According to Victoria Jackson 20 kids murdered in a school shooting is just like abortion

Dec 14 2012 Published by under Featured News

Photo courtesy of: Shannon Hicks/The Newtown Bee

The shooting in Newtown Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School has sent shock waves through out the United States and around the world. According to the New York Times 26 people are dead including 20 children. The shooter, according to the Times came in to a classroom and started shooting.

According to NBC News, when the shooting started, three employees left a meeting after hearing “pop” “pop” “pop” and of the three one returned explaining what happened. The witness said she heard 100 rounds going off.

Times also wrote:

The gunman, who was believed to be in his 20s, walked into a classroom where his mother was a teacher. He shot and killed her and then shot 18 students in the classroom. He also shot seven other adults.The gunman then killed himself inside the school.

The shooter killed his mother and 20 students.

Apparently, with 100 rounds going off, the shooter may have legally bought a larger clip to cause this shooting or had multiple clips. I am for gun control and a firearm owner. I own a Mosin Nagant, an old bolt-action WWII sniper rifle. I shoot targets and keep the rifle in a safe at a gun store. I have no access to it because I choose to not have access to my rifle and am considering selling my rifle.

But go to any conservative site, and read how they pray to the Sky-Spook and argue that if the children had firearms or worse, compare this heinous crime to abortion, like conservative Christian Victoria Jackson said in her Facebook post:

…Christian conservatives make me puke blood!

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