Corporate America Takes Notice as Facebook Protesters Rise Up Against GMOs

Dec 12 2012 Published by under Featured News

In this new era of food convenience, one needs to stop and wonder; what exactly is a GMO? This is a question that deep pocket corporations are consistently trying to avoid. Genetically modified food has taken over the shelves in grocery stores. But that’s only a bit of the issue. The issue is these corporations are standing to secrecy on what is in the product they sell.

Claiming that not labeling ingredients of products is for the greater good of the consumer and we shouldn’t worry. It’s a bit hard to believe any corporation cares more about the safety of the consumer. The General Mills Facebook page has recently demonstrated the lengths they’ll go to keep those ingredients to themselves.

After the discovery of an over $1 million donation to the “No on 37” prop in California, the GMO Inside Campaign has encouraged Facebook users to visit the Cheerios page and speak their thoughts.

Being the wholesome product that claims to “nourish everyone by making lives healthier, easier and richer” why would they devote so much funding into something that would simply allow the ingredients to be viewed by the consumer via the Nutrition Facts Label?

That was the same question of many Americans. So many Americans that Cheerios stopped updating their Facebook status (which they strive to do every two days) for more than a week after all the unanswered questions came pouring in. Visiting the site now will still show you some of the posts that are/were being placed (most are being removed. Especially the photos of that could be made using Cheerios’ trademark font) . Consumers simply want to know what it is they’re putting into their body.

General Mills and other large corporations (with no surprise Monsanto being the largest contributor) have dispensed astronomical amounts of funding into leaving off the ingredient labels claiming it’s a scheme; a scheme that will only cost the consumer more money on their grocery bills.

“No on 37” claims that more than 400 studies have shown that GMO’s can safely be consumed. At what extent we don’t know. It seems we should just have trust in our American corporations. Cheerios has shown that by… not responding to Facebook questions.

And it what it all comes down to is that we simply want to know what it is we’re consuming. I try as much as possible to shop locally and avoid the products that come in by freight. And I think we all know it’s a bit harder on our wallet to shop at this level. But the freedom and ease that comes to mind as I consume these products is well worth the extra few dollars spent.

Targeting the poor farmers of our nation, the Schwarzenegger like Terminator Seed has been introduced to our agriculture by the government. This seed is engineered to only flower once, forcing the farmer to purchase new seed year after year. It won’t germinate. It simply grows once and the strain is then coded to die. What does make sense is the hidden answer as to what it is they’re putting in the seed to alter the ordinary path of a seed in nature. The hidden answer is the treasure. We are on a need-to-know basis, and agribusiness is telling us we don’t need to know.

So maybe Cheerios is right? Perhaps we should be good little underlings and not question our superior. After all, most of our food is coming from the Terminator Seed and I’m certain that the Terminator Seed was developed by a large Austrian robot from the future that has seen the apocalypse.

That makes as much sense as we should trust the corporate America’s request that we not question GMO’s because they say they are safe.

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