Bo Obama Steals America's Heart While Inspecting the White House Holiday Decorations

Nov 30 2012 Published by under Featured News

After a bruising partisan presidential election, the White House has posted a video that everybody can enjoy. Watch Bo Obama amp up the First Dog cuteness factor as he inspects the holiday decorations.

Here is the video:

After becoming the First Dog officially in April of 2009, Bo has largely grown up outside of the media spotlight. His 2012 star turn has taken the Internet by storm. The best part of the video is Bo’s confusion over meeting a larger than life decoration replica of himself. It was a tough election year, and videos like this give everyone a break and a chance to smile.

However, it seems that some people are never happy with anything. Sixty nine people actually have disliked this video on the White House YouTube page. Those unhappy 69 people either hate the holidays, or have an allergy to cute.

The country is going to be consumed the fiscal cliff fight from now until Christmas, but for today, let’s all take a couple of minutes and be charmed by the cuteness of Bo Obama.

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