Fox News Celebrates Thanksgiving by Mocking the Poor

Nov 21 2012 Published by under Featured News

How else would you expect Fox News to celebrate Thanksgiving other than to mock those who receive food stamps?

Here is the video via Media Matters:

A Fox News/Business panel could see nothing but political motives and conspiracies in Cory Booker’s decision to take the Food Stamp Challenge. After openly speculating that Booker was using the challenge to build up his image for a future presidential run and that Gov. Chris Christie gave Obama a hug in exchange for the president not campaigning against him during his reelection campaign, Fox News contributor Andrea Tantaros said, “I should try it because, do you know how fabulous I’d look. I’d be so skinny. I mean, the camera adds ten pounds.”

About 50 million Americans, including 16.7 million children, live in households where food security is a problem. (Food security is the measurement of a household’s ability to secure essential nutrition.) The fact that millions of Americans go hungry everyday is a source of great fun and humor for the people at Fox News. Fox News conservatives psychologically distance themselves from wondering why so many people have nothing to eat in a nation like ours by blaming the poor for being poor, and the hungry for daring to be hungry.

Hunger and poverty are not partisan political issues. Mayor Booker has already proven himself to be more of a “man of the people” than anyone at Fox News ever has.

After their election defeat Fox News and the Republican Party are trying to dress themselves up as new and improved, but comments like these show that very little has changed with attitudes of the right. The thought of rich people having to pay 4% more in taxes is criminal, but the idea that millions of Americans are going hungry is an opportunity for comedy.

The Republican Party may be disavowing Mitt Romney’s comments about the 47%, but they are living his beliefs every single day.

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