Obama's Secret Weapon (Rush Limbaugh) Urges the GOP to Stay White

Nov 07 2012 Published by under Featured News

Is Rush Limbaugh working for the Democratic Party? It sure seems that way after Limbaugh told his listeners that the Republican Party doesn’t need to court minority voters.

Here is the audio via Media Matters:

Limbaugh responded to calls within his own party to increase outreach to minority voters by pointing to the minorities who spoke at the Republican convention, “Everybody says that we need to reach out to minorities. We have plenty of highly achieved minorities in our party, and they are in prominent positions. And they all have a common story. They all came from nothing. Their parents came from nothing. They worked hard. Told those stories with great pride. Evoked tears, and didn’t work. And don’t tell me that people didn’t watch the convention, didn’t see it. There’s a reason it doesn’t work.”

Rush Limbaugh offered the Republican Party this horrid piece of advice for a few different reasons. First, his listeners don’t want to hear that they are the past. White conservatives are still trying to convince themselves that they hold all of the political power in this country, but a larger and less talked about reason is that it is in Rush Limbaugh’s best interests to keep Obama in office and Democrats strong.


Rush Limbaugh is the voice of the angry right. If Mitt Romney would have won the election, how would Limbaugh have kept his audience revved up and angry? Limbaugh has already suffered massive financial and ratings losses thanks to the Sandra Fluke boycott.

Can you imagine the impact a happy right would have on his bottom line?

Rush Limbaugh keeps offering terrible advice, which Republicans too often keep taking, because his business benefits when Democrats succeed. Of course, Limbaugh wants Republicans to fail. Of course, he wants the party to stay white.

If Republicans continue on the white path, Rush Limbaugh gets to continue his lucrative career as the right’s preeminent race baiter. If the Republican Party changes, Limbaugh will be on the outs. If the Republican tent could ever include minorities, Rush Limbaugh and his love child of George Wallace and Bull Connor impression would soon find themselves out of favor with a darker skinned conservative audience.

With his Sandra Fluke comments, Limbaugh became the face of the war on women. Before Todd Akin, before Richard Mourdock there was Rush Limbaugh.

Limbaugh helped reelect Barack Obama by calling Sandra Fluke a slut. Rush Limbaugh is the Democratic Party’s secret weapon, and Democrats far and wide hope that Republicans keep allowing him to plant the seeds of their future failures.

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