Fox News Based Their Wrong Romney Victory Predictions on Wisconsin Recall Polls

Nov 07 2012 Published by under Featured News

Fox News VP Neil Cavuto admitted that all of his network’s pundits were all wrong about Romney defeating Obama because they based their predictions on the Wisconsin recall polls.

Here is the video:

On Imus In The Morning, Cavuto explained that all of the Fox News pundits were wrong about Romney defeating Obama because of the Wisconsin recall exit polls, “You were focusing on polls that a lot of people were focusing on the fact that they didn’t represent an adequate number of Republicans.” Imus told Cavuto that they did, and the Fox News VP then gave the basis for their belief that the polls were wrong, “Ok. Now it’s easy to be Nostradamus…Do you remember the time of the Wisconsin recall? The polls were dead even going into the final weekend. It turns out he won by five or six points, so there was a sentiment expressed that maybe there was something wrong these polls, and maybe they undercount Republicans.”

Fox News thought all of the national polls were wrong, and based their predictions of an overwhelming Romney victory on nothing more than the fact that pollsters were off the mark on the Wisconsin recall election. Instead of looking at what the data was telling them, Fox News and the rest of the right wing media dreamed up a reason for the polls to be wrong.

Hysterically, Cavuto went on to say that viewers should trust the predictions of Newt Gingrich, Dick Morris, Karl Rove, and rest of the Rupert’s crew because of their track record. (Cavuto conveniently ignored that the Fox’s track record is a laughable history of wildly inaccurate predictions.)

Cavuto and Fox looked for a reason for the polls to be wrong, and then converted their bogus reasoning into predictions of a big Romney victory. The ability to twist facts to fit their reality is one of the dominant traits of current right wing thought.

Just like when the intelligence didn’t justify invading Iraq but Bush and Cheney twisted the intel into a justification for war, the data didn’t justify a prediction of victory for Romney, so Fox News twisted the data until they got the result that they wanted.

The biggest problem facing conservatives and the Republican Party today isn’t President Obama’s reelection. Their biggest issue is the culture of systemic denial of reality and facts that they have built up around themselves. Until the right gets on the same page as the rest of the country, they will not win another national election.

The right’s Fox News fueled war on facts has pushed the Republican Party to the cusp of national irrelevance.

Fox News isn’t the solution. It’s a big part of their problem.

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