President Obama Needs You: The Final Push Is on Us

Nov 03 2012 Published by under Featured News

The Obama camp needs your help. They wrote, “Across the country, there are people that know that by working together they can change the world for the better. That’s what they did in 2008. And that’s what they will do in three days–but it’s going to take each person doing their part to keep moving our country forward. Today Obama for America released a new video, “The Final Push: It’s On Us,” capturing the enthusiasm and spirit that President Obama has been seeing every day out on the campaign trail. Voters across the country understand the clear choice in this election between going back to the same failed economic policies of the past decade that crashed our economy or continuing to move forward with President Obama. From the first time voter in Virginia to the neighborhood organizer in Iowa, Americans are rallying behind the President because they are willing to fight with him, press on with him, and finish what we started in 2008.”

There are less than 72 hours until Election Day. Now is time to get involved and help re-elect President Barack Obama: http://OFA.BO/7gYq7L

Confirm your polling location here: http://OFA.BO/U6HcxB
Get all the information you need to vote here: http://OFA.BO/wQHU9f

Be a part of history. Vote, Take your friends to vote. Volunteer to drive folks to the polls. Make calls. Do your part to protect your fellow citizens from the sure doom of a Romney presidency. If you’re feeling lazy, just remember the Bush years. Do it for your family, do it for yourself.

Do not allow your vote to be stolen from you. The more they try to intimidate voters, the harder voters should fight back.

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