Obama's Lead in Grows in Three Ohio Polls as Romney's Jeep Lie Backfires

Oct 31 2012 Published by under Featured News

In days since Mitt Romney lied and said Jeep was moving production to China, Barack Obama’s lead has expanded in three different polls.

In the closest of the polls, the <a href="” University of Cincinnati found that since Romney claimed that Jeep is moving production to China, the contest has gone from 48%-48% tie to a 48%-46% Obama lead. In the latest PPP poll, President Obama has gained a point on Mitt Romney in the last three days. Since his Jeep lie, Romney has lost two points in the state, and the president now leads 50%-45%. In the Newsmax/Zogby Ohio tracking poll, Obama has increased his lead from 48%-45% to 50%-44%. In two other polls, Obama’s lead remains the same as it was last week. In the CBS News/Quinnipiac poll, Obama leads 50%-45%, and in the SurveyUSA poll, the president maintained a 48%-45% lead.

The best case scenario for Mitt Romney after he lied about Jeep moving production to China, then doubled down with a misleading television ad, and then tripled down with a lie filled radio ad is that he hasn’t lost any more ground to the president. However, it is clear that Romney is not gaining ground in Ohio, as the president has led the state in 20 of the last 22 polls. There is no momentum for Romney in Ohio. Three new polls show that Mitt Romney has lost support in the state since he decided to try to lie to Ohio’s voters.

The average of all polling in the state gives Obama a 2.4 point lead, but in four of the last five polls Obama’s lead is greater than the average. Mitt Romney’s tactical decision to try to scare voters into supporting him appears to be backfiring. Voters are more often than not in these polls moving away from Romney. He has been roundly condemned for his false statements by newspapers and other media outlets across the state and the country.

Voters aren’t stupid. They know the story of the auto bailout, and they don’t appreciate being lied to.

Romney’s ploy to win Ohio may end up backfiring and turning an Obama lead into a victory on Election Day.

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