There is No Known Party Link To Florida Voter Hoax Letters

Oct 24 2012 Published by under Featured News

Officials in Florida continue their investigation to find who is responsible for Hoax letters that question the voter’s citizenship and suggest there is a threat to that recipients vote on Election Day.

As I reported previously, earlier reporting suggested the hoaxers targeted Republicans. However, other subsequent reports revealed that some Democrats have also received the letter.

The letters appear to be coming from Washington State. Floridians who receive these letters should not open them. Rather they should contact the FBI or Florida State Law Enforcement.

A PoliticusUSA reader, @Reynardine, offered some additional useful advice by suggesting that the unopened letter should be photographed. If the photos are digital they should be backed up on a flash drive. @Reynardine also has some advice if you open a letter that appears suspicious.

If you find it is questionable after you open it, slip a clean plastic grocery or produce bag over your hand and, handling it as little as possible, photograph both sides, put it back in an envelope or fold it back the way it was, and deliver it to the FBI or FDLE. In either case, show the photos to the Supervisor of Elections and, if you get the wrong answers, also take them or Email them to whatever local press outlet you trust. I am assuming these are digital photos; store them in your computer or on your flash drive as well, but if you use roll film, have multiple copies printed, date them, and keep a set for yourself.

As information unfolds from county election officials, the only thing that is clear is there is the letters do not appear to be targeting people from any specific political party
The Bradeton Herald reports that Several County Supervisors said there is insufficient data to draw any conclusions.

Asked if he had any theories about who the fake letters were being sent to, Manatee Supervisor of Elections Bob Sweat said, “I really don’t.”
He has been checking whether voters of a certain political party are receiving the fraudulent letters, many of which bear postmarks from Washington State, but said he does not have enough data to conclude anything.
The office of Sarasota County Supervisor of Elections Kathy Dent today reported similar results, saying no pattern has emerged.

These developments make last night’s tweet by Florida’s Republican Chair, Lenny Curry, all the more curious. Maybe there is something he knows about the letters the rest of us don’t.

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