Ignoring Romney's Record of Election Theft, Media Dismisses Voting Machine Concerns

Oct 21 2012 Published by under Featured News

Today, NBC’s Chuck Todd called concerns about Romney owned voting machines conspiracy garbage, while conveniently ignoring the 2012 primaries that Mitt Romney has already stolen.

Chuck Todd tweeted:

Normally, I might be inclined to agree with Chuck Todd. Every election cycle we hear about some vast conspiracy that is going to take the election away from one side or the other. (This paranoia is the stinking legacy of Florida 2000. As if Bush didn’t do enough to harm the country while in office, his election itself managed to destroy faith in the electoral process for many Americans.) In this case, I disagree with Todd completely.


Mitt Romney has shown throughout 2012 that he has no qualms about rigging elections, whether they count or not.

Remember the Iowa caucus that the Romney backing Republican leadership was so desperate for him to win that they proclaimed him the winner by eight votes over Rick Santorum, only to quietly correct the record a little more than two weeks later, and admit that Santorum actually won by 34 votes? Between January 4 and January 19 Romney was able to use his Iowa “win” to help him win New Hampshire, and look like the unstoppable nominee. The only problem is that Mitt Romney didn’t really win Iowa.

With his candidacy still floundering in February, Romney trucked in his own supporters to CPAC, so that he could beat Rick Santorum in an utterly meaningless straw poll. According to Santorum, Romney won, “because he just trucks in a lot of people pays for their ticket, they come in and vote and then leave.”

Oh, but Mitt was just getting warmed up. His boldest act of theft came in Maine, where the Romney campaign used one of their own supporters, who just happened to be the party state chairman, to give the state’s primary election to Romney before everyone in the state had voted, “Despite the facts that not all of the state had caucused yet and the margin separating Mitt Romney and Ron Paul was less than 200 votes, state GOP Chairman Charie Webster told Washington County, who had to postpone their caucus today because of an expected snowstorm, and anyone else who didn’t caucus today that their votes will not count.”

And yet, Chuck Todd thinks that Mitt Romney would never, ever mess with the voting machines in Ohio, or engage in any other form of cheating in order to triumph in a state that he most likely can’t win the presidency without.

I think that much of the angst and conspiracy theories surrounding our electoral process are scars left over from 2000, but Mitt Romney has a record of cheating to win. Romney is consumed with a desire to be president. He has been running for the office for six straight years. He has already shown a willingness to cheat, and yet Chuck Todd refuses to believe that Romney would behave this way in a General Election.

Todd wants to paint anyone who is suspicious of Romney as an out of touch tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist, when the reality is that anyone who isn’t suspicious of Romney should have their head examined.

Chuck Todd’s remarks are more evidence that there are two elections going on in 2012. The first election is the one that is being reported by the mainstream and Beltway media that shows Obama and Romney as equal candidates in a neck and neck race to the finish. To buttress their point, they rely on national polls that are utterly meaningless because the popular vote will not decide the outcome of this election.

The second contest for the presidency is being waged on the ground in a handful of swing states. This is the real race that will decide the presidency, and Mitt Romney is losing. Obama has three times more field offices than Romney does, and a huge lead in the ground game. Obama is also dominating early voting.

At other points when Mitt Romney was losing in 2012, he cheated.

Anyone who thinks that Mitt Romney wouldn’t cheat on Election Day hasn’t been paying attention.

This is a man who made his millions firing people for profit. Mitt Romney isn’t even patriotic enough to release his tax returns, and keep his money in the United States.

Mitt Romney has no sense of honor and duty to America, and would not think twice about rigging an election if he thought it would get him the presidency.

If Chuck Todd trusts Mitt Romney, then maybe we ought to think twice about trusting the opinion of Chuck Todd.

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