Sensata Asks Romney If Transferring Wealth to the 2% Creates Jobs, Where are They?

Oct 19 2012 Published by under Featured News

A Sensata worker has a question for Mitt Romney, ‘If transferring wealth to the top two percent creates jobs, wouldn’t we be swimming in jobs?’

Here is the video from MSNBC:

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In a night full of powerful segments, perhaps the most powerful came at the end when Sensata workers themselves were asked by Ed Schultz what they would say to Mitt Romney if they were asked. The first worker asked a question that every voter who is thinking about voting Republican should ask him/herself. The Sensata worker wanted to ask Romney, “If transferring wealth to the top two percent creates jobs, wouldn’t we be swimming in jobs?”

Other Sensata workers called Romney the Devil’s twin brother, urged him to save their jobs, and told him to just be honest. Voters should consider the story of Sensata a big screaming siren trying to warn them about what they can expect from a potential Romney presidency. Mitt Romney has always been about making money. Romney’s entire career has put profit over the middle class.

Ed Schultz’s broadcast from Freeport, IL was a rare hour of cable news television devoted to the impact of outsourcing, but the key question that Republicans have never been able to answer remains if tax cuts for the wealthy create jobs, where are the jobs?

Romney has tried to dodge this question by claiming that his tax plan does not cut taxes for the wealthy, but his lie is laughable, and is now being openly mocked by President Obama as Romnesia.

Republicans like Mitt Romney keep coming to voters and telling them that just like Linus waiting for The Great Pumpkin, if we all truly believe that the jobs will come after we cut taxes for the rich, they will rise up out of the pumpkin patch of employment, and bless us with tens of millions of new jobs.

The reality is that the jobs didn’t come when the George W. Bush cut taxes for the wealthy. They still didn’t come when Obama was ransomed into extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy, and we’ll still be waiting for them if Romney wins, and signs off on an even larger tax cut for the rich.

Sensata is a warning to every working person in this country. Don’t listen to Romney’s words, look at his deeds, and echo that Sensata worker’s question to Mitt Romney. If cutting taxes for the “job creators” creates jobs, where are they?

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