Paul Ryan Goes Rogue and Channels Sarah Palin With Cheesy Workout Photos

Oct 12 2012 Published by under Featured News

These pics were someone’s idea of a great way to sell Paul Ryan, who is apparently 2102’s Sarah Palin; Republicans’ idea of a home spun jock, healthy wonk type who actually doesn’t know much and sometimes fibs about their running times.

2008 was not an anomaly. The Republican party really has come to this:

And worse yet:

The pics were published in TIME yesterday, on arguably the most important day of Paul Ryan’s political career. Wise?

They’re reminiscent of Sarah Palin’s ill-advised short shorts picture, where she leaned on a flag in an attempt to sell Republican sex as healthy, all-American emptiness with sparkle patriotism for the sentimental (if incorrect) word-of-the-day toilet paper types; aka: wonks in Republican circles.

Poor Paul Ryan. These pics scream spoiled frat boy who never grew up. And it’s kinda clear that he sees himself as a mischievous, edgy but pure leader of a right wing revolution when in reality he’s a middle aged corporate tool whose blind belief in his adolescent goddess Ayn Rand renders him easy prey to be used by the plutocrats. He doesn’t know what he doesn’t know. Bless his heart.

Oh god, the pain.

Images by Gregg Segal for TIME.

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