Mitt Romney Refuses to Answer Questions from Children

Oct 08 2012 Published by under Featured News

We can add children to list of list of victims who are the 47%, as Mitt Romney refused to participate in a Nickelodeon special and answer questions from kids.

According to the AP, “Nickelodeon says Mitt Romney skipped the chance to take part in a “Kids Pick the President” special that includes his opponent. The children’s’ TV channel said Monday that the GOP presidential contender declined be involved in the special, while President Barack Obama participated. The program includes videotaped questions for the candidates from children nationwide. Afterward, viewers can vote for their pick for president”

Mitt Romney is afraid to take questions from children. Perhaps he was afraid they would ask him the kinds of questions they asked President Obama. One of the questions was about bullying, a subject that would be close to Romney’s heart if he indeed remembered bullying his classmate with the long hair, the sight-impaired teacher he closed the door on deliberately, or the teacher he cut off in a discussion on education.

Yeah, those kids can be tricky, being liberal elitists who fudge job numbers and root for the President by changing poll numbers just to get Mitt Romney. Plus, those kids are probably plenty ticked off about Romney going after Big Bird, and when you have unhappy constituents, the best thing for a “leader” to do is ignore them.

Romney apparently has no use for kids, because they don’t vote. What the Republican nominee doesn’t seem to understand is that parents, siblings, grandparents, aunts and uncles do vote. It is as if Romney has no clue that they could undo the damage caused by the governor’s expressed desire to whack Big Bird by spending an hour interacting warmly with children.

Back in Massachusetts, Romney had that gold rope hung around his office door to keep the people at bay, but the lazy children of the 47% have no respect for Romney’s entitlements.

Mitt Romney talks a tough game but he won’t even answer questions from children.

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