Team Obama Tells Foreign Policy Bumbler Romney to Bring It On

Oct 07 2012 Published by under Featured News

Mitt Romney is set to play foreign policy expert again on Monday, when he will give a speech at the Virginia Military Institute. The Romney campaign assures America that Romney will at long last draw contrasts between his policies and Obama’s, in addition to the awkward contrast Romney has inadvertently already drawn. Romney’s stumbles, shambles, gaffes, and national security risk fumbles have made entertaining but troubling news thus far.

The Romney campaign promises more vague platitudes strength against the weak fictional Obama they’ve been fighting, “Where President Obama has shown weakness, a Romney Administration will demonstrate strength and resolve. Where President Obama has shown equivocation, a Romney Administration will demonstrate clarity and never hesitate to speak out for American values.”

Romney must feel that alienating our allies is an American value, or perhaps in his mind politicizing an attack on Americans in order to divide the country so that he can score a few cheap points is a value we all share.

Obama for America spokeswoman Lis Smith issued the following statement today in advance of Mitt Romney’s foreign policy speech, “If Mitt Romney wants to have a debate about foreign policy, we have a message for him: bring it on. President Obama has decimated al-Qaeda’s leadership, responsibly ended the war in Iraq, is bringing our troops home from Afghanistan, and is standing up to China’s cheating.” Ms. Smith continued, “To date, all Mitt Romney has offered is bluster and platitudes. He’s erratically shifted positions on every major foreign policy issue, including intervening in Libya, which he was against before he was for.”

Smith points out how far the Bush staffed Romney’s foreign policy is, “‘Mainstream’ foreign policy isn’t what Mitt Romney is putting forward: having plans to start wars but not end them; wanting to keep 30,000 U.S. troops in Iraq indefinitely; exploding our defense spending to levels the Pentagon has not asked for, with no way to pay for it; insulting our allies and partners around the world on the campaign trail; and calling Russia our number-one geopolitical foe. If that’s where Mitt Romney thinks the mainstream is, he needs to find a better compass. It’s clear that on every measure, Mitt Romney fails the commander-in-chief test.”

If only Romney would start focusing his attacks on the real Obama instead of the fictional Right wing version of Obama, he would know that last Wednesday’s debate was the most vulnerable Obama would be. When it comes to foreign policy, President Obama has been amazingly successful and has broad support and trust from the American people.

Even after the debate, the public judged Obama to be the candidate “tough” enough to be President, and that was after Romney spent the debate showing off his frenzied attack dog mode.

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