Obama Calls Romney Out for Playing a Politician with Character Instead of Being One

Oct 07 2012 Published by under Featured News

Obama for America’s new ad calls Romney out for his spectacular debate “performance”. When the cameras rolled Mitt Romney’s performance began, but the problem is that’s all it was.

Watch here:

The Obama campaign described the ad, “Whether he was talking about taxes, healthcare, or almost anything else, Mitt Romney didn’t tell the truth in the first presidential debate. He denied the very existence of his $5 trillion tax plan weighted toward the wealthy and made dishonest statements about his plan for people with pre-existing medical conditions. Maybe that’s because his real plans would mean devastating consequences for the middle-class, like raising taxes on them in order to pay for tax cuts for the wealthy. With so much at stake, America needs a president with character, not a politician who just plays one.”

Obama is a thoughtful man, a person of substance and character. He didn’t treat the debate like a boxing match, and pundits say he lost because of it. I’m not so sure that’s true. I suppose it’s how we define win. Is winning a debate beating up your opponent with lies, or is winning a debate taking your case to the people?

Mitt Romney has been branded fairly with the stamp of dishonesty by virtue of the first debate alone. And he was clearly playing a character, as he abandoned almost his entire platform from the past year in the debate. What did we learn about Mitt Romney in the debate? Only that once again, he wasn’t being straight with us.

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