Mitt Romney's Latest Endorsement (satire)

Oct 07 2012 Published by under Featured News

Mitt Romney has a new endorsement and it’s based on the business experience Mittens is too shy to talk about. Even better for Mittens, this is a real endorsement. None of that luke warm stuff like the one Sarah Palin gave him.
Here is Lipstick Liberal’s Vicky Ruggiero to announce her family’s endorsement for the baddest gangsta around, Mitt Romney, as president of the United States!



Hello, this Vicky Ruggiero, alternate cast member
Look at em, those bitches still and got no class, like me.
I am hear today to give my familia’s endorsement for President of these United States of America TO that bad mother f***ing gangsta!
My world is so now your world!
I mean, Romney was f***ing artist with his version of Mafia bust outs! Like us, he knew, you gotta use other peoples money, then go after neighborhood businesses – already turning good buck.
Those poor bastards had no idea the kinda bosses they were getting, and the only way PAY those kinda of guys, was to stop paying their kind a guys!
And when THAT money runs out, Well, then it’s time to reach out to a few friends, you know what I’m saying?
Then when those “FRIENDS” come for their money? You take the cash, merchandise and slip out the back. That’s a very good day!
If there is an unfortunate fire and you get the insurance money too? That’s a very good day, but you gotta invest in a few legit businesses to keep the feds off your ass,
We use the Term “Waste Management”, but we all know, waste management is not how Johny paid for my goodies.
I’m sure its not how Mitt PAID for his either!!!
Here’s the kicker, all that stuff he did PLUS leaving the tax payer with the tax bill, well that’s just make him gangsta. The fact that he did the exact same thing to those New York Wannabee’s (Massachusetts)!
Well, that just makes him a bad mother-f**er! I’m telling you, my world is now your world!
End of Transcript
Now that’s an endorsment!
Mitt maybe shy about his history at Bain, but now that he has Vicky on his side, she’ll do all the talking about Mitt’s business experience for him!

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