Romney is Rooting Against the Economy and Depressed Over Improving Numbers

Oct 05 2012 Published by under Featured News

It’s understandable that Romney would be bummed when the economy is seen to be improving, but when did we get to the place in politics where Republicans were so openly rooting for the further destruction of the American middle class that upon hearing of the improved job numbers, the Romney camp sat “stone faced” and “quiet” on their plane?

The AP describes the mood on Romney’s plane as cheering and clapping the day before, saying the “euphoria ended after the morning report that the nation’s unemployment rate had dropped to 7.8 percent, its lowest level in Obama’s presidency. Romney and his team sat stone-faced and quiet on the flight to Virginia’s coal country, taking in the good news for the country that’s bad news for their political prospects.”

Once they landed in Virginia, Romney attacked Obama on jobs in spite of the improving jobs numbers, including attacking Obama over jobs in the coal industry, which have in fact grown to their best numbers in 15 years under Obama.

Even the AP pointed out that the reaction leaves the Romney camp open to accusations that Obama’s economic plan is working and Romney is rooting against the economy. “The report gave Obama fresh evidence to argue that his economic policies are working. It also gave the president an opportunity to suggest that Romney is rooting against the economic recovery.”

While rooting for America’s demise has been all the rage among conservatives since Obama took office, it doesn’t play well in a national campaign. That demise in this case includes real Americans with very real and much needed jobs. Romney needs to step up his game and find a way to convey the impression that he is happy that more people have jobs.

This is just right back to Mitt the Twit level behavior. Does Romney need weeks of rehearsal to figure out how to comport himself?

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