Obama Refuses to Allow Romney to Run Away from His Bashing of the 47%

Oct 05 2012 Published by under Featured News

Mitt Romney tried to walk away from his 47% comments last night by calling them “wrong”. Not so fast, says the Obama campaign.

As highlighted in OFA’s new web video, when it comes to Mitt Romney’s disdain for the middle class, “he said, he meant it.”

Watch here:

Mitt Romney is now bracketing himself. For weeks, he’s stood by his comments to high-dollar donors that 47% of the American people see themselves as “victims” who live off the government and won’t take “personal responsibility” for their lives. But now, just like in Wednesday’s debate, he’s not telling the truth about what he really thinks about the nearly half of all Americans, including veterans, seniors, disabled Americans, and middle class families, that he wrote off behind closed doors.

Romney confirmed that he stood by his nasty comments for days after he was busted, but now he suddenly wants to take them back. Too bad he hasn’t changed his policies any to reflect his new alleged sentiments of compassion.

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