Ann Romney is Worried that Mitt is Cracking Up

Sep 28 2012 Published by under Featured News

This is not a ringing endorsement for the man who is running to hover over the red button. Mrs. Romney told television station KTVN Thursday that her biggest concern with Mitt was his “mental well-being”.

“I think my biggest worry would be for his mental well being. I have all the confidence in the world of his ability, his decisiveness, his leadership skills, his understand of the economy, his understanding of what’s missing right now. The pieces that are missing to get the jump started. So for me I think it would be the emotional part of it.”

As she was being attended to by her hair and make up people, Mrs Romney said she never wanted her life to be like this (so hard), but she was driven out of worry over Obama. “I think all Americans should be worried if he’s re-elected because this economy has been under his control for the last four years and we’ve seen no jobs. It’s been a jobless recovery.” Apparently no one has told Ann about the millions of jobs waiting to be created in Obama’s American Jobs Act that Republicans, including her husband’s running mate, have killed.

No one asked Ann how giving “job creators” more tax cuts on the backs of the middle class was going to create jobs.

But take heart, America. The woman who knows Mitt best has confidence in him, but is concerned about his ability to handle the job emotionally.

I daresay she might want to look in the mirror, because after her “stop it” debacle, I’m not quite sure she’s up to it either. I know she thinks campaigning is hard, and it is, but governing is worse. (Just a heads up to Ann re the “victims” in this country — starving isn’t so great either.)

That is, after all, why we force candidates to go through the rigors of campaigning. No matter how she really feels though, this is not a message of confidence. This is not the message she should be sending to the voters, suggesting that Mitt is emotionally fragile. A brief glance through the headlines right now should reinforce why she shouldn’t have said this.

Ann Romney’s comments dovetail with the already existing national narrative that Mitt is a wimp, is too insecure to be president and is too desperate to be liked to be an effective president. And now we also know that Ann Romney is no secret Mitt weapon, unless they finally found the weapons of mass destruction. We suggest they put Ann back in hiding post haste before she sucks all of the imaginary Reagan glory out of Mitt’s pre-debate coverage.

And things were going so well today for Mitt. Et tu, Ann?

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