Romney's Latest Reboot is to Pretend He's Barack Obama

Sep 26 2012 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

The DNC’s new ad, “Those People” cruelly uses Mitt Romney’s own private words in juxtaposition with his public words. Not fair, Democrats! This is hard. Sadly for Mitt Romney, the DNC ad is mocking Mitt Romney’s new, shiny image ad “Too Many Americans”, in which he purports to care about the poor. Yes, caring about the poor is Romney’s new image. Wait till the conservatives find out.

Watch here:


Mitt Romney: Too many Americans are struggling to find work in today’s economy

Romney: I like being able to fire people

Romney: Too many of those who are working are living paycheck to paycheck

Romney: I’ll tell you what, ten thousand bucks?

Romney: President Obama and I both care about poor and middle class families

Romney: I’m not concerned about the very poor

Romney: The difference is, my policies will make things better for them

Romney: And my job is not to worry about those people – I’ll never convince them to take personal responsibility and care for their lives

Romney: I’m Mitt Romney, and I approve this message

End transcript.

Romney is running away hard from the 47% Romney and the primary Romney and the general Romney. This is the New Romney, y’all. And he cares about the poor. How do you know? He told you so!

Also, please forget all of the nasty things Romney said about the President. He just realized that the country likes Obama more than they like him, and that fact alone was quite a jolt given Romney’s surround sound Fox talking points. But now that he knows that YOU like Obama, well, he does too.

So no more Obama isn’t Anglo Saxon and Obama welfare ads. Romney’s going soft on the poor and soft on the President. His new strategy is to be MORE LIKE Obama, only different, because he’s not Obama. This is just like Romney’s foreign policy advances and retreats, wherein he always ends up in the President’s lap after making a sorry fool of himself. But at least Romney can honestly claim he led on ObamaCare.

Oh, that’s right. He can’t say that or his base will disown him because healthcare for more people is a bad thing what with emergency room care being all the rage according to Romney. Well, there’s always the auto bailout. Er. Okay, that would have worked in Ohio and Michigan only it seems they haven’t forgotten Let Detroit Go Bankrupt. Meanies.

Romney is going all in on being Obama, but with a different name and without the policies to match his words. Copying Obama’s words since he finally figured out that Obama is where it’s at, how can Romney fail?

Cough. One way Romney can fail at this is if his base gets wind of it, which they did today. Apparently when Mitt told them he liked Obama and Obama was not the anti-Christ, they were unclear how to respond. Perhaps Fox News will update them tonight that the New Message is Obama is no longer the black Hitler. This could work, as the Fox audience has proven susceptible to wildly conflicting messages so long as they get their hit of rage.

Romney is being forced to change his entire approach and message at a time when many voters are already casting their votes. Romney is being forced into softening his attacks on the President, while meanwhile the President and the Democrats can run Mitt Romney talking all day long without damaging their own brand one bit. After all, using Mitt Romney’s words within context is hardly going negative.

As Romney backs down, Obama launched a devastating new ad that reinforces the Romney we heard on the secret tapes. The ad centers around the widely agreed upon theme (polling from both his time as Governor and current polling reflects this sentiment) that Romney was not an effective governor.

Jay Kaufman, Massachusetts State Representative for the 15th Middlesex District, shares in the ad, “You will hear this from Republicans and Democrats: Mitt Romney was not an effective governor.” Another adds, “It was almost like there was a moat system around the Romney castle.” Worse still, “He had aides walking around with fake ear pieces in their ear, pretending that they were secret service agents. He put up a velvet rope in front of the office, made sure no one had access to the governor’s office whatsoever.” Ouch.

There goes the White Obama image. Darn it.

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