With 8.8 Million Hits Romney Secret Video Annihilates Right Wing Super PACs

Sep 24 2012 Published by under Featured News

Proving that money can’t buy you love, Romney’s 47% remarks have been viewed 8.8 million times in 7 days, in contrast with a combination of the Romney and SuperPAC “Fine” ads, which only got a combined 2.3 million views. The Romney campaign’s biggest ad buy of the election, the “Fine?” ad, launched in mid June and only got 1.5 million views by September 18.

Jansing & Co reported this morning that the leaked secret footage of GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has been viewed 8.8 million times and has 50,000 comments.

Watch here via MSNBC:

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On September 18, the day after the Mother Jones video was leaked, Visible Measures reported that Romney’s 47% video had 2.4 million hits. To put this in context:

We also looked at Romney’s biggest ad campaign of the election season, Fine?. It takes advantage of Obama’s political gaffe, when Obama said that the “private sector is doing fine.” Fine? has driven 1.5 million views to date (it launched in mid June), nearly 1 million views less than Romney’s 47% footage has generated in less than 24 hours.

Proving that money can’t buy you love:

We also compared the 47% footage to all the republican campaigns capitalizing on Obama’s “doing fine” gaffe. Combined, the “doing fine” ads by Romney, the RNC, super PAC Americans for Prosperity, and super PAC Restore our Future have secured more than 2.3 million views. Romney’s 47 percentage footage has already surpassed 2.3 million views.

“Eastwooding” had 550,000 hits in the first 24 hours, but Mitt Romney’s 47% video had 2.4 million hits in the first 24 hours. Barack Obama’s “Firm” placed fourth of most watched brand videos last month on Visible Measures, with a true reach of 10,268,172 hits, behind DC Shoes, Google, and Nike. In the same month, Mitt Romney’s “These Hands” came in tenth at 5,130,983.

However, under the category of viral videos from last month, the conservative SuperPAC ad “Has President Obama Earned Your Vote?” placed 8th, getting 1,194,354 hits, with no Democratic/Obama ads placing in the top ten.

Further data from Romney’s You Tube page reveals Romney’s most popular video over the last 24 hours “Mute Button” has 73,552 views. His most popular video over the last week, “The Romney Plan” has 108,445 views. Most popular over the last two weeks is “Mitt Romney: Introduction” with 152, 260 views.

Thus, Romney’s most popular videos over the last month have done 25% of David Corn’s video.

“Nothing’s Free” has 1,206,909 views and “America’s Comeback Team” has 1,204,738 views versus David Corn of Mother Jones’ 8.8 million. Romney’s two most popular videos have 2.2 million hits.

In the end, all of the Romney supporting SuperPACs and his campaign haven’t been able to match the power of the secret Romney video on the Internet. Mitt Romney’s 47% secret video was leaked by Mother Jones on September 17, and as of today, already has 8.8 million views and 50,000 comments.

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