Not Even Fox News Can Save Mitt Romney's Sorry Sunday

Sep 23 2012 Published by under Featured News

Today was brutal for Romney. The Democratic National Committee put together a montage for you of mostly conservatives bashing Romney on the Sunday shows. It’s called ‘Romney’s Sorry Sunday’ and it’s best summed up as even Fox couldn’t carry that water.

Watch here:

Here is roundup of Mitt’s sorry Sunday,

Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday), “Mitt Romney has had a tough week trying to explain secretly recorded remarks he made at a fundraiser last May, in which he said 47 percent of Americans don’t pay federal income taxes and think of themselves as victims.

David Gregory (Meet The Press), ” They see themselves as victims. He now says that he’s really for the 100 percent in America. Is anybody going to buy that given that dim vision of half the country?”

Chris Wallace (Fox News Sunday), “He seemed to write off. He didn’t say, well, you know, these are people who are on hard times but they want to get our of hard times. He was basically saying, there are 47 percent, they’re victims, they feel entitled, and they are never going to vote for me anyway, so I’m not going to worry about them.

Bill Kristol (Fox News Sunday), “And if you’re, quote, “dependent on government,” which includes senior citizens getting Medicare and the like, well, then I can’t really, you know, expect your vote, it just — it was a blow, actually, honestly.”

Brit Hume (Fox News Sunday), “The rest of it, though, about people seeing themselves as victims and dependent on the government and all that, is not true, and therefore very unfortunate.”

John Dickerson (Face The Nation), ” I talked to a number of Republicans this week, one strategist who has been involved in a lot of these campaigns said when he saw that video it was the first time he thought he was seeing the real Romney. That’s a problem when your most troubled moment is the one people think is the most authentic moment.”

Candy Crowley (CNN State of the Union), “This is a man who has said a lot of things that cause voters out there to go, whoa, he doesn’t get me at all, including the 47 percent.”

Jorge Ramos (ABC This Week), “I think it’s a defining moment in the campaign. Who’s — who’s the real Mitt Romney, the one who said that he didn’t have to worry about 47 percent of the people or the one who told us at a Univision meeting that he wanted to be the president for 100 percent of Americans? The problem is that back in February, if you remember, in an interview with CNN, he also said that he was not concerned about the very poor. So honestly, as a journalist, he has to get out of that box.”

David Gregory (Meet The Press), “But here’s the reality–he offered political analysis but policy analysis on forty-seven percent of this country, including a lot of Republican voters, people who see entitlements through social security and Medicare that they paid into and he’s talking about this group of people will not take personal responsibility. It portrayed a lack of understanding of how the government works, how America works, the American work ethic, do you think he needs to go beyond saying that this was inelegant to saying that he was flat wrong?”

This was the week when even conservative David Brooks called Romney “the least popular candidate in history.” Ouch. Broooks might be jumping ahead. Polls showed Romney with around 47.9 % unfavorables before his 47% comments and mid Libya debacle (Sept 5-17), certainly placing him as the most unpopular candidate since the 1980’s, but “in history?” We await the new polling and note David Brook’s cruelty. Stop it, David. Just stop it. This is hard.

When even Fox News can’t sell your Republican disdain for half of America (ironically, Mitt’s “victims” make up much of the Fox News audience but that has never stopped Fox before), something’s rotten in Denmark. But this won’t stop Romney from waxing desperate with imagination regarding the beautiful clouds and his great campaign. The fundamentals of the economy are strong, my friends.

Republican blood was spilled today on the Sunday shows. The more Mitt Romney gets associated with seeing Americans as victims, the more troubling it is for Republicans down ticket. That’s because he’s not alone in parroting the 47% meme, which Fox News has been propagandizing for so long that even Republican politicians seem to believe it. When you’re running on an openly-hating-Americans platform, it’s hard to sell tax cuts for the rich on the backs of the poor.

Mitt Romney had a great fall… and even Fox News can’t put Mitt Romney together again.

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