Best Ad Ever: Obama Schools Romney on Being Taken Out of Context

Sep 20 2012 Published by under Featured News

Best Obama ad ever. It’s called “Mitt Romney Out of Context.” Oh, yeah. It’s good.

Mitt Romney keeps whining that he’s been taken out of context about his disdain for half of America. That’s rather rich coming from the King of Out of Context, whose own ads and attacks have been repeatedly fact-checked as “lies”. The latest attack was his desperate attempt to brand Obama with a deceptively edited video. Romney’s reputation for taking things out of context precedes him, and the media “have come to learn through experience that video coming out of Boston must be viewed with caution.”

But heck. If Mitt Romney wants to know what out of context means, and how it feels, Barack Obama will oblige.

Here you go, Governor. Watch it and weep:

Hey, Romney, how do you like us now?

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