New Ad Slays Romney for Calling the American People Victims

Sep 19 2012 Published by under Featured News

Here come the ads. Priorities USA released a new ad today called “Doors” in which they skewer Romney with his own words.

Priorities USA Action: “Doors” — Watch here:

They roll with an image of the mansion where Romney made his now infamous remarks, with the narrator saying, “Behind these doors, Mitt Romney calls half the American people (roll Romney’s quote calling Americans victims) victims?!”

“And behind these doors,” the narrator says as we close in on an average American home, “middle class families struggle, and Romney will make things even tougher.” They flash the assessment from the Tax Policy Center that determines that Romney will raise taxes on the middle class, as the narrator says, “Raising taxes on middle class families by as much as $2,000.00 to give multi-millionaires a $250,000.00 tax break.”

Then they roll the even more damning Romney quote, “I’ll never convince them to take responsibility for their lives” to which the narrator responds, “and Mitt Romney will never convince us he’s on our side.”

“If Romney wins, the middle class loses”.

This is just brutal. They tied Romney’s words from the secret video to his policy, and that’s something Mitt Romney can’t afford, because it proves that it wasn’t a gaffe. It’s how Mitt Romney sees the world, and how he wants to fundamentally change America to be the land of the sniveling plutocrat being served by a besieged middle class and the poor.

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