Secret Video Reveals Romney Bashing Obama Supporters for Feeling Entitled to Food

Sep 17 2012 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

And then this happened. Today, a mystery video of Mitt Romney speaking at a closed-door fundraiser (are there any other kinds?) surfaced on the Internet, in which he claims that Obama supporters “believe that they are entitled to health care, to food, to housing.”

You People are not entitled to food, okay? Healthcare, maybe, depending on the hour you ask Mitt, but food? Get off your government dependency, you swine. And you thought he couldn’t be empathetic?

Just watch! via Mother Jones

Romney is still reeling from his Libya presser disaster in which he couldn’t stop smirking at the death of American diplomats, because hey, nothing says empathy like tasting your victory in the face of death.

Remember when Ann Romney said You People were ridiculous to think that Mitt Romney had no empathy?

Now you KNOW he has no empathy. Does Ann feel better now?

Entitled to food, shelter and basic healthcare? Not on Mitt’s watch, you lazy bums.

Also, we note that Romney assumes that all Obama supporters are on government assistance, when in fact it is the blue states that prop up the desperate red state failures with our generous subsidies (tax dollars). But hey, playing the race card is nothing new for this campaign, which is still selling welfare to work lies in hopes of rousing just one more elderly white male out of his Lazy Boy to the ballot this November.

Again, for the 1 millionth time, white people make up the majority of food stamp users. But then, white people also make up the majority of Obama voters these days, since just about everyone in the country is now voting for the sane guy. Still, the rural South, where food stamp usage among whites is high (a 2009 New York Times map revealed that the top ten counties in food stamp usage were all located in red states), will no doubt not include themselves in Romney’s attack on their sense of entitlement to food. After all, we all know WHOM HE MEANT.

We must never remind Mitt Romney that his own father was a recipient of welfare, because no one is entitled to assistance in America, lest they become what George Romney became – a governor of a state and CEO of an auto company.

Is America ready for Archie Bunker dressed up as a prep school stiff? Are you ready for some Hunger Games? Woo hoo!

About the video: Huff Po reports:

The person who uploaded a series of potentially inflammatory videos from the fundraiser has claimed authorship of them in an email exchange with The Huffington Post. The source said he or she wishes to remain anonymous for professional reasons and to avoid a lawsuit. The videos, which have created a buzz on the Internet, were blurred and at times blacked out to obscure the location of the filming, the source said.


Image: No, that’s not a shoe shine, that’s private security. How dare you think Romney would get a shoe shine on the tarmac of his private jet?

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