Mittastrophe: Mitt Romney's Campaign is a Bedroom Farce

Sep 17 2012 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

Martin Bashir took Mitt Romney to task tonight for failing to deliver the specifics his campaign promised us would be coming today when they “hit reset”.

Calling the Romney campaign a bedroom farce, Bashir pointed out that instead of specifics, we got more vague refusals to talk specifics such as which loopholes they would close in order to balance the budget.

But it gets worse. The reset that wasn’t coincided with a heaping of internal criticism from within the Romney campaign, suggesting that in spite of their well crafted narrative, Mitt Romney is not much of a manager. Mitt Romney dismissed these criticisms as “process stories” meant to divert attention, when in fact they came from within his own campaign.

Watch here:

Bashir, “Vote for me and I’ll tell you my plans after the election.”

Bashir, “This is becoming like a bedroom farce. He promises us he’s the man to run the economy, but then but then he hides in the wardrobe when we ask how he’s going to do it. ”

Clarence Page on the campaign, “They are admitting that there’s something wrong, and they are also revealing that they don’t know what to do about it.”

The panel dug into the damning Politico story, which revealed a campaign heading off of a cliff with finger pointing for the inevitable failure starting already. A Romney official said, “None of this is going to be fixed. This is the organization, and this is who Mitt is betting on to win. There aren’t going to be further changes.”

More damning was this:

(P)residential candidates get the campaigns they want. And Romney, who in an interview with POLITICO last month said his leadership style very much centers on having a variety of smart people offering advice and him being the decider, has taken a very active role running his own campaign.
In a way, that’s the problem. Romney associates are baffled that such a successful corporate leader has created a team with so few lines of authority or accountability.

Bashir summed up the Mittastrophe, “Here’s a man who is a CEO, who’s run a business, who’s told us he can run a great campaign, he can manage companies, he can manage businesses. Is he managing this? If this is evidence of his managerial skills, he made an awful lot of money by duping people, because he doesn’t seem to be a very good manager to me.”

Romney can’t even manage his own campaign. But we’re supposed to trust him with the economy? That’s been the increasingly strident argument coming out of the Romney campaign that still won’t tell voters exactly how it plans to achieve its shiny promises, although policy experts have found that Romney will balance the budget with tax increases to the middle class and tax cuts to himself. No big surprise there — why do you think he won’t tell us about it?

Speaking of which, after the secret video that David Corn of Mother Jones exposed today, Americans have a good idea of how Romney would “handle” the economy, and with how much contempt he views even his own base. It turns out, Mitt Romney loathes about half of this country right out of the gate. Not born to rich parents? He hates you. You are worth nothing, and not entitled to food, shelter, or healthcare.

His base keeps defending Romney, so smug are they with their disdain for the “parasites”, never realizing that he was talking about them.

The sweet irony is that the Mother Jones video came on out the day Romney both promised us and denied us specifics. Sometimes, things don’t go as you plan, even when you view yourself as the Most Entitled of the Land. What kind of campaign let Romney say this stuff out loud in the first place, even at a closed door function for donors? Have they never heard of video?

We got our specifics today, from a secret video that Mitt Romney never wanted you to see. If the Mittastrophe wasn’t in full force before that video, it is now. Clearly, Mitt Romney couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag.

The bedroom farce was the predecessor to the theatre of the absurd – what an apt comparison it is to the disaster that Mitt Romney’s campaign has become.

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