Former Republican Says Give Obama Four More Years to Protect Women's Freedom

Sep 05 2012 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party, White House

Small government, conservative Maria Ciano kicked some serious Republican bottom tonight at the Democratic National Convention when she urged Americans to give Obama four more years, saying, “When women’s rights are threatened, President Obama doesn’t hide. He stands up-not just for women, but with women, amplifying our voices and defending our rights.”

Stay at home mom Maria Ciano made the point that she grew up in a conservative Republican family, but she no longer believes in the Republican Party because of their attacks on women’s rights, “My name is Maria Ciano. I grew up in a conservative Republican family in Aurora, Colorado. Many of my relatives can’t believe I’m doing this. I guess I can’t either. I still believe in small government, but I no longer believe in the Republican Party.”

Ms. Ciano, who has been a registered Democrat since 2006, pointed out that the Republicans are no longer small government, “Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan want the government to have a say in my family planning. They want employers to decide what kind of birth control coverage I have-or if I can have it at all. They want to put insurance companies in charge of my health care. They want to deny me the power to make the most personal decisions about my life. That’s not small government. That’s not the America I love.”

Maria spoke passionately about freedom, “The America I love respects the dignity of women. The America I love is a place where, when we say “freedom,” we mean my freedom to make decisions about my life, not someone else’s freedom to make them for me. And that’s the America President Obama is fighting for.

When women’s rights are threatened, President Obama doesn’t hide. He stands up-not just for women, but with women, amplifying our voices and defending our rights.”

Standing for women across this great country, Ms. Ciano urged Americans to give the President four more years, “Give him four more years, and our right to make our own most personal decisions will be safe for another generation. Give him four more years, and he will protect the freedoms and the America we all love.”

After the relentless Republican attacks on women’s right to access to birth control and medical decisions over our bodies, it’s comforting to see even conservative women who believe in the alleged values of the old Republican Party will not stand by and condone the theft of women’s liberty and freedom.

Women will unite for their rights, and they know who has their back. President Obama and his administration has fought for women’s rights from equal pay to the Violence Against Women Act to the Affordable Care Act’s protection of women’s health like free well care, including mammograms.

The Democratic National Convention is showing the Big Tent philosophy in all of its powerful glory tonight. Yes, sometimes Big Tent hurts. But tonight, Democrats can see the beauty of the Big Tent. There is room within the Democratic Party for all Americans, and while we might not agree on how to get where we want to go, we agree to debate the issues with dignity and respect for all Americans. We agree that we love this country more than we love our ideology. We agree that we will always fight for the the foundation of this country — equal opportunity for all.

As President Obama said, “Women are not an interest group and women should not be treated that way. Women are half of this country and half of the work force.”

Feel that pain? That’s the Republican Party getting beaten to a pulp by its war on women. Rape is rape, birth control is a health issue, and the women of America do not want a Republican government mandating unnecessary ultrasounds onto our bodies.

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