What Enthusiasm Gap? Still Got a Crush on Obama

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If Day One of the Democratic National Convention didn’t dispel the media myth that there’s an enthusiasm problem for Obama, maybe this will.

Vocal artist Leah Kauffman decided to revisit the original “Crush on Obama”. She says, “I’ve still got a crush, and he’s got my vote. Hope you enjoy!”

It might occur to the media one day that what they saw yesterday on Day One of the DNC was Americans from all walks of life (including non-political people and former Republicans) sharing their stories of how Obama’s policies have helped their lives. The personal is political.

If they’re wondering why they can’t hear regular Americans, they ought to think back to the massive coverage they gave the Tea Party disruptions of the Healthcare Reform townhalls or the way they staff up with known bigots whose voices of hate drown out regular Americans.

No one thinks Obama is perfect, but are we crushing on his policies and compassion? You betcha. And the media could have heard us if only they’d gotten outside the beltway, where tea was the height of populism. Out here in the real world, support for ObamaCare was high until it was lied about relentlessly and without push back. Out here, support for Obama’s banking regulation efforts and stimulus was high, until the bitter Republican chatter drowned out the voices of sanity.

When the media cite polls suggesting that Americans don’t like Obamacare, they fail to mention that in depth polls show that many Americans wished Obamacare had gone further. In addition, when Republicans won Lie of the Year two years in a row over healthcare lies, and the media allowed those lies to permeate the discussion, it’s hardly a wonder that Americans are confused over what Obamacare does and does not do.

Maybe, just maybe, the problem is who the media chooses to amplify and the fact that they need to create drama in order to generate cash.

While I realize that one song is hardly scientific proof of enthusiasm, taken in context with the wild passion for this President from day one of the convention, I’m suggesting that the alleged enthusiasm gap might be more proof of Obama supporters being silenced and shut down by the usual Democratic tendency to buckle when under attack rather than being indicative of the voters real feelings. I hear from voters every day who tell me that they have to listen to their irrational, rage-filled teabagging “friends” and family, and don’t feel that they can voice their true feelings. Conflict avoidance is not new to liberals or Democrats, who tend to value finding common ground rather than starting a war.

The DNC was a night of inclusive American spirit, with nary a nasty lie said about the other side. Every speaker had too much good to say about this administration to be bothered spending their entire slot bashing the other side. The contrasts that were drawn were always prefaced with “he’s a good man” type of comments.

Some of us choose to identify with a party that respects all Americans, regardless of their beliefs or whether we agree with their personal decisions. We call it patriotism, and it was on fire last night.

America is still crushing on Obama, whether the media wants to admit it or not. And no, it’s not just because he has charisma, is gorgeous, brilliant and the kind of husband and father every woman dreams of, but because he is a measured, responsible thinker who hasn’t forgotten how he got where he is today and wants to make sure that every American has the same opportunities. President Obama is a president of the people, but one who balances populism with pragmatism and always chooses the right thing over the easy thing, even when it upsets his base; e.g., he prioritized extending unemployment benefits in 2010 over winning a battle over giving the Republicans an extension on the Bush tax cuts. This was the right thing to do, but Democrats were enraged.

We also like that we can feel good about Obama, because he listens to all Americans, whether they voted for him or not. That is as it should be.

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