Labor Day: The Republican $400 Million Buy-Out

Sep 03 2012 Published by under Featured News

Welcome to Lipstick Liberal‘s  video celebration of Labor.


Happy American Labor Day Tea-partiers, Republicans and conservative Americans, today as you celebrate this American day off those un-American lazy bastards forced you to take!

We are celebrating two of your America Working Man heroes!

These Selfless men are single hand-idly taking down POWERFUL anti-American/anti-labor forces and giving THAT POWER back to HISTORICALLY pro-American/pro-labor forces.

They spread their humble American message pie through your American grassroots movements, and you walked 1000’s of American miles, for nothing in return!

Just to prove what Americans are truly worth, and NOW you have given them the unlimited strength they needed, to fight against Political Corruption, Communism, Socialism and un-american activities!

They are like the AMERICAN Eagle they fight so hard to protect!

So, join me Tea-Partiers, Republicans and Conservative Americans as we honor your American Working Man heroes as they bring back YOUR American Right To Work!

Happy American Labor Day!!

Until next time Lipstick Liberal says

(blows kiss) mmmmuuuuuuaaaa!!!!)

End of Transcript

After a week of Orwellian politics brought to you courtesy of the Republican Convention, we spend this weekend celebrating the people who make their living through the sweat of their brow.  People who the Republican Party claims want too much.  People who literally work for everything they have.

Labor Day is about celebrating the people who make it possible for corporations to profit.

So much of the Republican pre-coronation celebration was centered on the theme “we built it.”

They overlooked who did the building, who made the widgets, who cares for the sick and who educates our children.  This weekend for the real builders of America, the real labor that makes it possible for corporate America to earn their profits.

If corporate America had its way, Labor Day would be replaced with a “Job Creator” Day during which those who provide the labor would pay homage to the almighty “god” the “Job Creator”

There would be no minimum wage, let alone a living wage.  Work safety standards would be a faint memory.  They talk about the dignity of work, without recognizing that the dignity comes from the ability to provide for one’s family as a result of one’s labor.  In Republican speak, this concept is equated with communism and socialism, as we hear story after story about the hardship that results when the money you inherited isn’t growing fast enough to buy a car elevator.

This weekend is about recognizing that the true American heroes are the people who labor every day to make life better for all of us.  It’s about celebrating that while dollars only build fortunes, Labor built America.

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