The Obama Campaign Mocks Romney's Extreme Makeover Mittens Edition

Aug 26 2012 Published by under Featured News

The Obama campaign responded to Mitt Romney’s attempt at Hollywood image makeover with a bit of comedy worthy of wide release.

Here is the video:

The Obama team had this to say about Mitt Romney’s convention reinvention, “This is the exclusive online trailer premiere of the Romney-Ryan campaign’s GOP convention reinvention of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan: “The Do-Over.” Romney advisers believe he’s viewed as “stiff, aloof and distant” and that the GOP Convention will be “a chance for a fresh start”. Their plan includes Mad Men “slick packaging” and a “theatrical,” Hollywood-style reinvention. Opening this week in Tampa, Florida—Mitt Romney’s convention reinvention: “Do-Over”. ”

America got a preview of the convention reinvention today as the Romneys sat down with Fox News Sunday. In this work of fiction. Ann and Mitt Romney love Costco. In fact, Mitt gets his shirts there. By the way, if anybody has ever seen Ann or Mitt Romney shopping alone in a Costco, email me. I want to talk to you.

We also found out that the Romneys love “yummy” pancakes. (Take that you pesky terrorists, Mitt’s got two kinds of batter, and they are both equally delicious.) Nothing says I am fit to lead the free world quite like making pancakes.

The Obama video was just a little reminder of who Mitt Romney really is. Mitt Romney is the same guy who attended the Daytona 500 and mocked NASCAR fans. Who can forget Romney campaigning in Florida by telling a voter that he is also unemployed? And then there was Romney’s insulting of the entire city of London before the start of the Olympics.

Being that the real Mitt Romney is person who has an uncanny ability to make people not like him, the Republican Party decided that it was time give Romney a makeover. The Romney campaign and the GOP have hired set designers, image consultants, and PR people all with the intention of remaking Romney’s image. Mind you this is the same Republican Party that works itself into a tizzy and calls Obama the celebrity president every time he holds an event with anybody in either New York or LA.

The makeover is transparent attempt to hide who Mitt Romney really is. The Obama campaign’s video reminds everyone that Romney is a job killing failure who people really don’t like. The video was clever and the use of fact checking as movie reviews was a very subtle way to get the message across that Mitt Romney has a problem with telling the truth.

Republicans and Romney are doing their best to spin this election as a tie, but the fact is that campaigns that are trailing don’t put out videos like this. The Obama video is a sign of confidence from the Obama campaign. They think their message about Romney is on the right track, and so far the polls agree with them.

The Romney campaign is feeling the pressure, and their extreme makeover Mittens edition has all of the hallmarks of a desperate campaign that knows it is running out of time.

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