Fox News Freaks Out Over Todd Akin's Refusal to Quit MO Senate Race

Aug 20 2012 Published by under Featured News

Fox News is starting to freak out over Todd ‘Legitimate Rape’ Akin’s refusal to quit the Missouri Senate race.

Fox News has been putting pressure on Akin all day.

Brian Kilmeade called the Missouri Senate race lost if Akin stays in:

When Brian Kilmeade calls you a moron, you’re doomed.

Sean Hannity begged Akin to quit and drop out of the race:

Hannity worried that the entire state of Missouri will go Democratic and said, “I think it could be harmful to the whole party, to the whole state, to the whole idea of capturing the Senate, to the whole idea of Mitt Romney doing well in a state he has to win.”

Akin told Hannity that he will not be dropping out, “I was told that there is a decision has to be made by 5 o’clock tomorrow but I was calling you and letting you know that I’m announcing today that we’re (staying) in.”

Back on Fox News’ The Five the right wing pressure campaign continued:

Former Bush Press Secretary Dana Perino told Akin that he should get out and give a Republican another chance. All Five panelists on the show thought that Akin should quit.

Akin knows that there isn’t anything that Fox News and the Republican Party can actually do to get rid of him. Fox is so freaked out that Dana Perino blamed Akin’s primary opponents for not doing good enough opposition research to defeat him. This is all up to Todd Akin if he wants to leave, he can leave. Earlier reports about Akin getting out of the race have had to be corrected as the Republican is adamant that he is staying in.

Mitt Romney already damaged the Republican odds of keeping the House when he selected Paul Ryan. Now, Todd Akin has put the GOP’s War on Women on the ballot. The tea party House has done serious damage to the Republican brand, and now they are out to ruin any chances that the party has in 2012.

The Koch funded tea party that Fox News championed in 2010 has come back to bite them in the backsides in 2012. In all three of the clips above, you can hear the panic setting in on Fox News. If Todd Akin stays in the Senate race, he is going to be the fall guy for the Republican Party’s latest electoral failure.

Things were already looking bad for the Republicans before teabag Todd ever opened his mouth, but the power of the Fox News narcotic is strong with the right. The reality that the Republican Party is now mostly composed of incompetents and extremists might finally be hitting home.

The tea party monster is storming through the village, and not even the Fox News torches and pitchforks can stop the Republican Party’s destruction.

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