Mitt Romney Tells You That You Don't Want to See His Tax Returns

Aug 19 2012 Published by under Featured News

In a desperate attempt to change the subject, the Romney campaign is now claiming that you don’t care about his tax returns.

Here’s the video:

Transcript from CNN

ACOSTA: And Eric, very quickly, Mitt Romney came out and volunteered earlier this week that he hadn’t paid less than 13 percent as an effective tax rate in his taxes. Why won’t Mitt Romney prove it and just put his tax returns out there?

FEHRNSTROM: Well, I’ll tell you, Mitt Romney put out — he has said that he will put out two years worth of tax returns. He’s put out his full 2010 return, hundreds of pages of tax return information that is on his website. He’ll put out his 2011 returns once it is complete and filed. He has had financial disclosures going back to 2002 when he was governor of Massachusetts, and those, too, can be found on Mitt Romney’s website.

Look, taxes are not an issue. It is not what the American people are talking about. Just last month, we learned in July that 44 states saw their unemployment rates go up, and what is Obama’s answer to that? Higher taxes and more spending. If you are unemployed in America, you must feel like a drowning person who has just been thrown an anchor.

Mr. Etch-A-Sketch was speaking for Mitt Romney, and expressing the candidate’s delusional belief that people really don’t care about his tax returns. Fehrnstrom has worked for Romney for a long time. He is close to the candidate. If he says that the American people don’t care about the tax returns, that is exactly how Mitt Romney feels.

Mitt Romney is going to ignore all of the polling that shows vast majorities of Americans want to see his tax returns. The Romney campaign views this as a distraction issue, but the tax returns are all about Mitt Romney’s character.

The campaign’s latest destined to fail gambit on the question of the tax returns is to try to tell the American people what they think. Romney still has the voter candidate relationship all wrong. The candidate does not get to make demands of voters. The candidate doesn’t not get to ignore what the voters want. The candidate who doesn’t understand that they are asking the voters for support is destined to lose.

It is like the Romney camp trying to pull some Jedi mind trick. The Romney campaign fancies themselves some sort of political Obi-Wan Kenobi who thinks that they can wave their hands and make voters believe that they don’t want to see Romney’s tax returns.

Once again, another Romney surrogate interview was derailed by the tax returns question. The American people do want to see Mitt Romney’s tax returns. Every time they answer the question without releasing more returns is a win for the Democrats and Barack Obama.

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