The White House Silences McCain's Dump Biden Babble With Two Words: Sarah Palin

Aug 16 2012 Published by under Featured News

The White House has silenced John McCain’s calls for Obama to dump Biden by reminding him of who he picked to be his running mate in 2008.

It’s Joe. Always Been Joe.

Oh, and by the way, with all due respect to Senator McCain, if the White House needs VP advice, John McCain is not who they would turn to.

Scathing rebuke, and well earned. Senator McCain probably shouldn’t be talking about VP choices.


Q On the Vice President, one short question. I’m not going to get — I hear exactly what you’re saying, I’m not going to repeat the same stuff, but since the President has given the vote of confidence and you’ve defended the Vice President repeatedly, does this settle it once and for all, all the speculation, this is the ticket? Obama-Biden? (Laughter.) That’s a yes or no, it’s not —

MR. CARNEY: Yes. And that was settled a long, long time ago. And while I appreciate — I have great admiration for and respect for and a long relationship with Senator John McCain, but one place I would not go for advice on vice presidential running mates is to Senator McCain.

To paraphrase Jay Carney, if we ever want advice on how to nominate the worst running mate in history, we’ll give you a call. It takes some serious nerve to unleash the Sarah Palin on the world, and then call for the dismissal of the guy who beat her.

In all fairness the Romney vetting process of Paul Ryan is showing signs of being able to give McCain a run for his money in terms of ineptitude, but until Ryan hits the lowest valley of failure, then drops another level, we can’t take Sarah Palin’s one remaining crown away from her.

What McCain was trying to do was push Romney’s already dead “in chains” controversy. The Romney/Ryan campaign itself killed any chance of that taking off with an awesome one-two punch of incompetence highlighted by Romney reviving the issue of his tax returns, and Ryan claiming he didn’t, but then later having to admit that he did request millions of dollars in stimulus money.

John McCain woke up this morning and was under the impression that he was going to be part of big GOP team effort to create controversy around Biden. Instead, he found himself alone on an island getting smacked around by the White House, while Romney sabotaged his own efforts to get elected.

When America needs bad advice, whether it be on the economy, foreign policy or running mates, we can always count on John McCain show us exactly what not to do.

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