Romney is So Screwed: Glenn Beck Calls Ryan Pick Genius

Aug 13 2012 Published by under Featured News

Glenn Beck thinks Romney’s selection of Ryan was political genius. When Glenn Beck is hailing your political genius, you’ve got some serious problems.

Here is the audio from Media Matters:

Some choice quotes from Beck’s eight minute plus gush fest,

“Mitt Romney chose Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan, this should speak volumes to the tea party.”

“This guy (Ryan) was selected for his budget credibility. This to me signals that Mitt Romney is serious about fixing the economy. Serious about fixing the budget. Serious about cutting the size of the federal government. That is tremendous news, tremendous news.”

“You’ve now got the top of the ticket and the secondary part of the ticket that knows exactly where our rights come from. He’s also pro-life…Did you notice he still said in this interview our rights come from God, and not from government? This is a good, good pick, maybe a great pick.”

“Romney is showing how brilliant he really is. Romney maybe, we may have greatly grossly underestimated Mitt Romney and his ability to maneuver here. He is to me striking me as pretty darn near close to politically genius.”

“I have to tell you this I think is a good sign for Romney. First of all, he has nominated I think one of the number one progressive hunters in Paul Ryan. He is a guy who understands Progressivism, understands the disease that it is, and knows it has to be stopped now.”

Beck sidekick Stu, “Paul Ryan is what we hope Mitt Romney actually is.”

This is the proof that Romney made this pick for no other reason than to fire up the base. This was a tea party pander pick.

If Beck, Limbaugh, and the right wing talk radio echo chamber love the pick, then it is a pretty safe bet that the choice isn’t going to play well with almost everyone else.

With the selection of Ryan, Mitt Romney has now been moved so far to the right that he is going to have a hard time winning in November. Ryan appeals to the base and the hyper partisans. The same folks who think that the Republican controlled House of Representatives is doing a great job, also love the Paul Ryan pick.

Much of the same buzz we are hearing about Paul Ryan from the right, we also heard about Sarah Palin. It is becoming a habit of the Republican Party to nominate weak moderates who have to select running mates that fire up the base. It didn’t work in 2008, and it is going to be an even tougher sell to voters in 2012.

Glenn Beck’s reaction speaks volumes about where the GOP base is, and what they expect from Romney.

In short when Glenn Beck praises you as a political genius, you’re f**ked.

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