MoveOn Ad: Mitt Romney the Pickpocket President of the 1%

Aug 10 2012 Published by under Featured News, Republican Party

MoveOn has a new ad out today entitled Pickpocket. To whom might they be referring? R-Money, of course.

“Mitt Romney’s plan will take money out of your pocket, to pay for tax plans for billionaires,” says a narrator. “He’s not running for president of the United States, he’s running for president of the one percent.”

“Mitt Romney’s creepy hand wants your $2k to pay for tax breaks for his millionaire and billionaire friends. Tell Mitt Romney: Get your hand out of my pocket!”

This might be a good time to debunk some other nonsense about Romney being a venture capitalist, when in fact, as Bloomberg explains, he was (or is? retroactive, baby) in the business of private equity, in which the point is not to create jobs or build a business. So much for the meme of ‘I’m a businessman and I’m here to help create jobs’:

Romney defends private equity by pretending it’s venture capital: the development of new businesses, not the restructuring and streamlining of existing ones. In fact, private equity very often involves laying people off, closing factories and otherwise shedding unnecessary labor costs.

If you concede that the purpose of a business is to provide well-paying jobs and solid benefits, then you cannot defend private equity. Private equity defenders must stand up for the idea that firms do not have a social obligation to retain and pay their employees; their function is to produce products and profits and getting them to do so more efficiently is good for consumers and for the economy as a whole.

With the Koch brothers butt-hurt over the blistering expose of their political hackery (aka, a comedy) in The Campaign, directed by Jay Roach and starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, perhaps MoveOn thought it was time for some humor everyone could appreciate.

After all, Republicans hate criminals, too. Right? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I kid. The party of white collar criminals and voter suppression does not want You People hip to what’s going on.

Vote Mitt, ‘cuz everyone in this economy can use his tax plan to impoverish them just a bit more. Heck, the 1%ers need more of your RomneyHood money!

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