War Criminal Dick Cheney Calls President Obama Un-American

Aug 06 2012 Published by under Featured News

On Fox News, former vice president Dick Cheney claimed that President Obama doesn’t believe in things that Americans believe in, and doesn’t understand America.

Here’s the video from Media Matters:

On Hannity, Dick Cheney unleashed a barrage of lies and misinformation about President Obama,

I think as I looked at it back in that time frame, of course, we’re on our way out of office, not running for anything in 2008, and what I thought was, you know, if he wins this is going to be sort of a traditional typical Democratic administration. Liberal, certainly more liberal than I would like. That’s not what it’s been. It’s been way over there on the left. One of the things that’s been most enlightening for me is to read this new book that’s out that is deals with this whole question of competence, and written by Ed Klein who used to be with The New York Times called The Amateur, and it goes into great detail on a whole number of different areas in terms of his philosophy and why he believes what he did, and how he got there, and how he’s managed, or failed to manage in the White House.

I think what’s happened at least in my own convention is here’s a man who doesn’t believe in a lot of those things that I think most Americans do believe in. In terms of a strong international role for the United States of America. We’ve all kinds of developments under way in the Middle East, and he’s heading for the exits.

Our friends and allies over there, Israel, the Saudis, United Arab Emirates, a lot of countries over there who look to the United States who look to the United States, especially when security is threatened, and what they see is the United States heading over the hill pulling out as fast as they can.

I think with respect to the economy, the whole thing was en-captured in that statement the other day to small business you know, if you’ve got a small business, you didn’t build it somebody else did. I’ve got friends that you know, that’s been their success story of their lives. It’s one of the great success stories of America that we can do that sort of thing in the United States, and Barack Obama doesn’t appreciate it or understand it, or have any sympathy whatsoever. He thinks every that happens that’s good in the country comes from government, and he’s just dead wrong.

The book that Cheney cited as the source for his information about President Obama was written by a widely debunked conspiracy theorist, who has no credibility with anyone except Fox News and the former Vice President of the United States.

Considering that his administration ignored the intel on 9/11, started a needless war in Iraq, botched the federal response to Hurricane Katrina, let Osama Bin Laden go free, and crashed the United States economy, Dick Cheney is the last person in the world who should be discussing competency.

It is ironic to listen to Cheney spout off about “big government” Obama when it was the administration that he was a part of that oversaw the biggest expansion of government in decades thanks to their Medicare prescription drug plan.

Cheney rattled off a greatest hits of the right’s lies about Obama. From the classics like Obama thinks government has all the answers to more modern distortions like the completely false you didn’t build that line of attack, Cheney showed himself to be adept master of Obama lies.

The biggest lie of all about Obama was Cheney’s claim that the sitting president of the United States is un-American, and doesn’t understand American values. The truth is that Obama has demonstrated time and again that he understands America better than Dick Cheney, who still thinks that Americans want a perpetual war in the Middle East and getting Bin Laden wasn’t a big priority.

Dick Cheney has been convicted of war crimes, but yet he considers President Obama to be un-American. Dick Cheney has shown the ultimate disrespect to the office of the presidency. Cheney is not only a war criminal, he is as un-American as they come.

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