Romney Supporters Started the Class Warfare but We Will Finish It

Aug 04 2012 Published by under Featured News

A slew of glitzy Romney fundraisers started at Revlon Chairman Ronald Perelman’s estate and ended at the Koch estate in the Hamptons a few weeks ago. The elite of the elite showed up to pay $25k per person for lunch and $75k per couple for dinner so that Mitt Romney would lower their taxes even more than they already are. You can imagine how much they think they will save if they’re willing to dish out that kind of cash for lunch.

Porsches and Range Rovers cluttered the drive. A reporter interviewed some of the Real Americans, most of whom wished to remain anonymous so as not to hurt their businesses, lest You People find out just how little they care. One of them announced that You People, you “common people”, you just don’t get it and “I just think if you’re lower income — one, you’re not as educated, two, they don’t understand how it works, they don’t understand how the systems work.”

Here’s the money quote from the LA Times:

A New York City donor a few cars back, who also would not give her name, said Romney needed to do a better job connecting. “I don’t think the common person is getting it,” she said from the passenger seat of a Range Rover stamped with East Hampton beach permits. “Nobody understands why Obama is hurting them.

“We’ve got the message,” she added. “But my college kid, the baby sitters, the nails ladies — everybody who’s got the right to vote — they don’t understand what’s going on. I just think if you’re lower income — one, you’re not as educated, two, they don’t understand how it works, they don’t understand how the systems work, they don’t understand the impact.”

The common people who do this woman’s grooming and caring for her children just don’t get it. If you’re lower income, you’re not as educated. Really? And what is Mitt Romney going to do about that problem, if it’s true?

Let’s see… Republicans want to kill off public education and send all of our tax dollars to charter schools, with all of their problems and biases. So even this fallacious statement is riddled with inconsistencies. Who doesn’t “get it” and why does she assume that what’s good for her is good for the other 98% of Americans?

What are these systems we don’t understand? The way Mitt Romney’s tax plan is going to hit us the hardest while saving this woman more money? Or does “these systems” refer to the elusive, trickle-down promise of gold in this barren riverbed?

Perhaps we commoners would also like a tax break. Perhaps we would like jobs that were secure. Perhaps we would like a congress that actually did something, unlike this latest tea cluster that already went on break, leaving most pressing issues unaddressed although they did manage to put on their 33rd show of pretend to kill healthcare, wasting 50 million dollars and at least two full weeks of precious time. Time that has now run out for drought stricken areas and the post office. Not one jobs bill, though. No farms bill. Boehner won’t even put it up for a vote, so when I say do-nothing Congress I mean this Tea Party House, where bipartisan Senate bills go to die.

They have found time to try to defund Planned Parenthood and get rid of abortion and birth control. They let the Post Office wither on the vine, failing to protect it for the first time since Benjamin Franklin invented it. But no time for us common people.

Some of the uneducated, unwashed commoners that she so loathes are going to vote for the party that is only using them, jacking up a few social issues in order to hide their sinister agenda of creating more tax loopholes for the very rich and corporations while trickling their rancid piss down upon us. I wonder if they know just who the elites are who look down upon them with such contempt.

I’d like to introduce this woman to her President, who, though not born rich, managed to educate himself at Harvard where he excelled. It’s called the American dream.

Some of us commoners still believe, and that’s why we know better than to follow the cheap slogans of the 1% as they try to get us to chase them off yet another cliff.

If only You People didn’t read, then you wouldn’t know what Those People really think about you. At least they can trust that the 30% who are brainwashed by Fox News still run frothing after the shiny ball of social issues and white resentment, but you have to wonder how the party of “real Americans” has so quickly morphed into the party of rich, cynical, bitter haters who can’t even disguise their sneering disdain for the rest of us.

There’s a word for people like this woman and many of Romney’s “friends”. It’s a snobby, but well-earned, pejorative in Romney’s circles. This woman using phrases like “common people” to a reporter is a nouveau riche vulgarian — someone with all of the financial means but none of the character or honor of her status. Someone with no concept of noblesse oblige. She wants the rest of us to take a hit for her, and she’s wiling to spend $25k on lunch to get her way. For this, she is contemptuous of the masses.

Sure, maybe she isn’t technically new money, but this current crop of Greedy Babies calling themselves the 1% have no grasp that with wealth, power and prestige come responsibilities to the less fortunate. Without that, they are just another mob feasting on the carcasses of the “weak” and thinking it speaks to their entitlement rather than their morality. She sounds as clueless and unrefined as Sarah Palin, who got there by accident but thinks it’s all about how God loves her best.

Class warfare, they say? We didn’t start it, but we’ve got a mind to finish it.

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