A Good Housekeeping Approach to Gun Control

Aug 03 2012 Published by under Featured News

It’s Friday, and time for our new weekly series of Lipstick Liberal  videos!  Today, Lipstick Liberal takes on Gun Control as only she can.

In the name of full disclosure, I’m someone who doesn’t like guns.  I don’t want them in my house and I’d like to take my dog for a walk feeling reasonably secure about our safety.  The notion that someone who may be less than emotionally stable owning and using a ak-47 with thousands of shells is a bad idea regardless of my personal preferences concerning guns.  With my limited knowledge about guns, I’ll speculate that one doesn’t need 3000 shells to go hunting, or defend their safety, the safety of others or their personal property.

Just the mention of sensible gun control gets the NRA in a tizzy.  The same goes for politicians from both sides of the aisle that are beholden to the NRA. Whether it’s common sense ideas like keeping guns out of the hands of people who are emotionally disturbed, to enforcement of existing regulations, a panic ensues with declarations that gun control is about banning gun ownership.

Moreover, contrary to the hyperbolic rhetoric by the usual suspects on the right, our President has not shown any evidence of a desire to “come after everyone’s guns.”

Lipstick Liberal’s latest video highlights the issues mixed in with some great humor.  Let’s watch.




Messy, messy, messy, Republican leaders,

Now, Lipstick Liberal’s not blaming you for all these big messes that keep happening by some very unclean people.

But, obviously you need a Good Housekeeping lesson…ON how to STOP these messes from happening from day, to day, to day!

I mean, Your not helping by allowing unclean things up on walls,

it just attracts flies

Your not helping, letting your obnoxious friends throw-up garbage anytime they want, it just spreads stinky hot-air!

And you are definitely not helping, by making it easy…for lots of stinky dirty people….to easily get the worst kind of dirt……who can easily make a mess of lots of things.

Nobody likes messy children!

So, Republican Leaders, grab your feather dusters and get to work on those Public Places….Go to your cupboards and throw out anything that’s expired……as always clean the ground area thoroughly!

If you start wavering just a little bit, Remember Lipstick Liberals Good Housekeeping motto…..DIRT….BEGETS DIRT…..Begets more dirt.

If I didn’t know better,

I would think there is some dirt manufacture making a whole lotta money off all these messes. How Silly!

Until next time, Lipstick Liberal says…

End of transcript

In the end, we’re talking about profits – the professed love and dedication to the second amendment is merely a secondary benefit.


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