Ann's Rafalca Debuts Same Day as Romney's Middle Class Tax Plan

Aug 02 2012 Published by under Featured News

You people will be pleased to know that Ann Romney’s Olympic dressage horse that gives tax deduction gifts also performed beautifully today, coming in 13th with a score of 70.243% in European Dressage, like a real American.

Smiling equestrian Jan Ebeling rode Rafalca in the first day of team and individual dressage event, as the attendees sipped champagne and contemplated being a job creator while Ann Romney cheered form her VIP stand in Greenwich Park.

Certainly it was poor timing that Mitt Romney was wooing the middle class with his cocktail napkin tax plan (including his failure to mention the middle class in same speech) on the same day as one of his wife’s horses competed in the Olympics, prancing around with plaited hair, gloved, top-hatted rider astride, in a scene that evoked the long weekends of those born to the manor. Yes, there are dressage etiquette rules for the audience and you won’t see the plastic ponchos that so offended Mitt Romney at NASCAR.

Mitt Romney has been running as far away as he can from the hoity toity world he inhabits, telling NBC that dressage is his wife’s thing…

I mean, check it out, this is so not something W would have done and clearly not something at which a Romney will have to encounter one of You People:

But according to rider Jan, Romney picked the music for Rafalca. In other words, it’s another Mitt– before he was not into it, he was into it and so on. Romney lived in Massachusetts, but he didn’t live there. Utah was his primary residence but it wasn’t. He was at Bain but he wasn’t at Bain. He voted here but lived there.

Course, as with all things Mitt, these conflicting stories finds their murky permanent resting place awash in facts that don’t add up, as dressage music is apparently a rather technical thing that only insiders can really do well, leaving Americans to wonder if Jan got it wrong or Mitt Romney really does know all about music for dancing horses.

Spot the irony: Ann Romney praised Rafalca’s performance, calling her “consistent and elegant.” Consistent, you say?


It’s all piaffe and passage to me.

For our country’s sake, we hope Ann Romney has all of the time in the world to continue her passion for dressage, and Mitt all of the time to pick the music while he scavenges greedily through his myriad of financial interests in search of another way to avoid paying taxes. Much better to let them do what they do best, after all, then to let Romney’s cocktail napkin ideas anywhere near the White House.

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