Media Cowards Refuse to Condemn Romney's Anti-Obama Racism

Jul 26 2012 Published by under Featured News

Few would argue that no remark or comment from a campaign is off-the-cuff or unintended, and meant to do anything other than appeal to specific voters. In fact, one can assume that every comment is carefully crafted to engender support for a candidate, or to impugn the character of their opponent with subtle inferences that may elude the general population, but are quickly grasped by the target audience.  Willard Romney’s campaign is predicated on his ability to create wealth for investors, but as facts emerge that American’s jobs were sent overseas or eliminated to enrich the wealthiest 1%, Romney is morphing his message to appeal to the base instincts of many Americans; racism.

First, it is crucial to acknowledge that Romney himself is a racist based on his lifelong religious indoctrination that dark-skinned people are cursed. Willard was 31 years old before Mormons received the memo from god, and the federal government, that blacks, although still cursed, were not to be openly discriminated against. However, after 31 years and success with racist voters, Willard got the memo that racism sells and his subtle race-baiting is becoming the center-piece of his campaign. It is possible the increased scrutiny into Romney’s secretive business dealings and refusal to release his tax returns is the motivation to make this election about race, but it has been a major facet of his campaign from the beginning of the Republican primary and it appears it will be the dominant message from now until November.

Republicans have asserted for over three years that President Obama is an interloper who sits in the Oval Office illegally, but they couched their remarks to avoid the appearance of blatant racism. There have been opportunities for Republicans in Congress to put birtherism to rest, or the fallacy that the President is a Muslim, but they have used carefully crafted, and deliberately ambiguous remarks leaving the question open to bigots unable to accept that African Americans are legitimate citizens. For the past two weeks, Romney’s campaign has went from subtle race-baiting to defining the choice in November as between a real American (read WHITE), and a foreigner who cannot possibly comprehend what it means to be American because he is Black, and as all racists are aware, genuine Americans are Anglo-Saxons with European heritage.

The Romney campaign has embraced the message that President Obama is a “foreigner” and spent no small amount of time cultivating racist umbrage with comments such as Romney senior advisor John Sununu’s message that, “I wish this president would learn how to be an American,” or Romney’s assertion that “Obama’s course is extraordinarily foreign.” Romney’s address to the NAACP impugning African Americans as “wanting more free stuff from the government” was lifted from Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum’s comments that President Obama was robbing wealth from white Americans to give it to Black people, and his use of the KKK slogan was aimed at Southerners still harboring white supremacist sensibilities. Romney’s campaign certainly knows about the underlying feeling among a very large segment of the population that there is a coming race war to cleanse America of non-European ancestry once and for all to “take the country back” to America’s founding when immigrants to America were white Anglo-Saxons.

The statement this week from the Romney campaign that, “We are part of an Anglo-Saxon heritage, and he feels that the special relationship is special,” and that “the White House didn’t fully appreciate the shared history we have” was without a doubt a direct appeal to racists in America and not intended to engender trust and affection from Downing Street. Romney’s campaign denied that the comments reflected Romney’s beliefs, but according to the Telegraph that reported the remarks, the advisors spoke anonymously because they did not want to appear to criticize the President in the foreign media. However, the remarks, like Romney’s address to the NAACP, were meant for American racists and not the foreign press or the English government.

That the Romney campaign blatantly appeals to white supremacists and racists is pusillanimous and divisive to say the least and informs that America is still as racist today as it was in the 1950s. Americans love their Black athletes and entertainers, but when they are out of uniform, they are thugs, lazy, and certainly not real Americans. It may not be politically correct or proper decorum to use terms like nigger in public, but the sentiment is rampant in a disturbingly large segment of the population. In a recent poll, 19% of non-blacks were certain African Americans did not “try as hard as other races to get ahead,” and it is those voters Romney appeals to with comments that African Americans “want more free stuff from the government” that the “other guy” is robbing from “real Americans.” Romney alluded to President Obama giving away wealth in an interview where he claimed the President believed “we ought to take from all and give to one another, it is  very strange and foreign to the American philosophy.” It is a very strange philosophy that President Obama has never espoused and Romney, the pathological liar, knows it.

It is a sad, pathetic commentary on America that Romney’s remarks are tolerated by the media and the people, and that there is a large segment of the population that agrees with the notion that dark-skinned people are foreign, not of us, and as Mormon ideology taught until 1978, cursed by god. America’s curse is racism and white supremacy rooted in the fallacy that blacks are inferior regardless they are born in America, helped build this country, and yes, won the Presidency of the United States, but are still considered interlopers, not of us, and illegitimate because they do not have Anglo-Saxon heritage. Despite the alleged progress this county has made toward equality for all its citizens, America is a racist nation that will never achieve President Obama’s vision of a united America working to achieve greatness and prosperity for all its citizens.

Willard Romney is a racist. Maybe a Mormon racist, but he is a racist all the same. His heritage is founded in racism going back to the beginnings of the Mormon cult, and extending long into his adult life as he learned that Blacks were cursed by god until age thirty-one. Romney is also a deceptive wealth creator and it is possible that without inquiries into his time as head of Bain Capital, he would have kept his racism in check, but it is highly unlikely. Remember, before the increased scrutiny into his lies about when he left Bain Capital, he made good use of the Ku Klux Klan slogan in his campaign, and appealed to racists with charges the Obama Administration took white Americans’ wealth and gave it to Black “people.”

The real travesty is the media’s failure to report and condemn the race-baiting throughout the Republican primary continuing with Romney’s blatant racial appeal to Americans with Anglo-Saxon heritage.  The foreign press is not remiss to report on the rampant racism in America, and on a personal note, this author works with people and has colleagues from nearly every country in the world, and for the past three weeks they are appalled at the bigotry exhibited by the Romney campaign and the silence of the media and American people. The first alert about the Romney campaign asserting their Anglo-Saxon heritage and credibility came by way of a phone call from Cornwall England within minutes of the Telegraph story wondering “what the Hell is wrong with America?” The only response was that “America is very sick right now.” In retrospect, one wonders if America will ever heal. It is tragic and disheartening, but until every racist is wiped off the face of the continent, this country will be eaten from the inside as long as men like Willard Romney are allowed to use race as a campaign strategy with approval and complicit assistance from the media and the Republican Party.

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