Fox News Pressures Romney to Let Human Disaster Sarah Palin Ruin his Convention

Jul 19 2012 Published by under Featured News

Fox News began their campaign to get Sarah Palin a speaking slot at the Republican Convention with Bill O’Reilly laying out all the reasons why Palin should be speaking in Tampa.

This one has to be seen to be believed. Watch Sarah Palin nemesis Bill O’Reilly argue for Palin speaking in Tampa (via Mediaite):

O’Reilly said, “Bad blood may be overstating it, may be overstating it. Because what happened in the primary season was that Sarah Palin was obviously not for Mitt Romney. And the Romney people obviously recognized that, and now say, you know we got it. Do we really want her around? And the answer so far is no.”

Panelist Michelle Fields of The Daily Caller claimed that the Romney people don’t want Palin because she will outshine Romney, and Bill O’Reilly offered the most crackpot solution ever.

O’Reilly said, “You can give the governor of Alaska a platform on a day that Mitt Romney isn’t speaking. You could have her rally the tea party folks who adore her, and what’s the downside of that? They don’t even have to see each other really.”

The whole spectacle gets ever stranger when you consider that Bill O’Reilly has barely been able to hide his distaste for Palin when she has been on his show. O’Reilly has humiliated her numerous times on his program, so why is he now soft selling Sarah Palin to Mitt Romney?

The answer is that Fox News wants to get something back on their Palin investment. Sarah Palin is worthless as a political figure right now. She tried to revive the Palin brand with Bristol Palin’s ratings disaster of a reality show, and with a new vice presidential nominee being selected soon, Palin will be just another failed running mate.

Fox News needs her to speak at the convention. The Romney people need her to stay far, far away. The main reason why she is not invited is because Romney holds Palin up as an example of what not to do when selecting a running mate. The Romney campaign has made it very clear that they think Sarah Palin was a total disaster.

It is clear that Fox News wants Palin speaking at the convention. So far Mitt Romney has caved to every right wing demand, but a speaking slot for the Alaska lunatic who trashed him during the GOP primary might be too much.

In the end nobody should be surprised if spineless Mitt caves to Roger and Rupert, and gives Sarah the Obama Stalker 15 more minutes of undeserved fame.

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